Wednesday, January 30, 2013

French Silk Brownie Pie

French Silk Brownie Pie
You know what's great?
Mini stuff.
Like me, I'm mini. I'm great, right? Right.

You know what's also great?
And chocolate mousse.
And whipped cream*.
And pie.
*(which I've finally homemade whipped cream...but didn't measure anything so currently I've got no recipe. Sorry guys!)
French Silk Brownie Pie
Put all that greatness together and you've got yourself these babies: french silk brownie pies.

They're impressive and pretty, you'll seem super skilled and awesome if you make these.
They're easily made ahead of time, if you want to serve these for some occasion.
They're also completely delicious and you will revel in the layers of flavor.
French Silk Brownie Pie
When you take a bite, you will embark upon an epic experience of deliciousness: first you get the sweet creaminess of the whipped cream, which gives way to the bittersweet fluffiness of the chocolate mousse and then the whole thing finishes off with the rich, intense chocolatey-ness of the brownie base.
French Silk Brownie Pie
Snowflake Collection  Round Cake Pans
The moral of this story is you should totally make yourself some super amazing, rich and intense, yet light and creamy, mini french silk brownie pies. Or hey, go to town, make a full sized one! I'm cool either way.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Quick Cinnamon Rolls

Quick Cinnamon Rolls
So, I know I just posted cinnamon roll muffins.
I realize you're probably thinking this is just a tad too similar, am I right?

Well OK, yes, these are cinnamon rolls made in muffin cups. And yes, they are a quicker, easier way to get your cinnamon roll fix in the morning. HOWEVER-these are much more like a real, classic cinnamon roll. They just don't rise or involve yeast. So, ya know, you can get these babies in your belly ASAP!
Quick Cinnamon Rolls
Snowflake Collection Pleated Baking Cups
I actually preferred these to the muffins (Michael however liked the muffins better). I enjoy how they're really no different than a normal cinnamon roll, they're just more dense, obviously. But I don't mind that! The glaze is phenomenal as well. You will absolutely love all the cinnamon-sugar goodness without all the waiting.

Oh and I even used partial whole wheat flour when making these, and they turned out great. So that's an option. :)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Something Saturdays (1/26/13)

I just thought this was funny. If you're from Ohio it'll be particilarly humorous to you, and if you're not, then pretend that this is exactly what Ohio is like:

Friday, January 25, 2013

Stoemp (Mashed Potatoes with Leeks):Spotlight on The Girl in the Little Red Kitchen

Stoemp (Mashed Potatoes with Leeks)

Yay! Another Sponsor Spotlight!

Today I want to introduce you guys to the incomparable Susan, The Girl in the Little Red Kitchen. Susan lives in Brooklyn with her husband and adorable pug and she cooks up delicious (and often-times award winning) food in her little, red, kitchen! She and I also have a special bond. For one thing, red is our favorite color. BUT ALSO she is the first fellow food blogger I ever met in real life! You guys remember when I blogged about our fun foodie date at Chelsea Market? Yeah? Great! Then you know how funny, fun, and fabulous (the 3 "F's") Susan is!

Stoemp (Mashed Potatoes with Leeks)

She has blogged sooo many delicious recipes! On the sweets side, I can't wait to try her (award winning) Belgian Supreme Ice Cream, the (also award winning) S'more Nutella Rice Pudding, Homemade Nutella, and her Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie! This girl also knows how to do savory right-like um her post on how to cook steak at home!? And she is queen of risotto (I want this recipe to become the first risotto I ever try). AND yes Buttermilk Oven Fried Chicken and Smoked Gouda Mac and Cheese with Kale and Onions-mmmm!

And, so we can all get to know her better, she filled out a fun questionnaire for us!
(I filled out one for her too, AND she made one of my recipes so go check it out on her site!)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Brown Butter Chocolate Chip & Pecan Cookies: Spotlight on The Messy Baker

Brown Butter Chocolate Chip & Pecan Cookies

So-you guys remember my girl Jennie, right? She's The Messy Baker. She's amazeballs
 (that's her catchphrase!)

Jennie is cool, hilarious, and makes some of the tastiest food you've evah seen!

She and I have been sponsoring each other, and now it's time for another spotlight post!

Brown Butter Chocolate Chip & Pecan Cookies

For this post, I wanted to make a recipe from her fabulous blog.
And could I pass up a post entitled "The BEST Chocolate Chip Cookies...Ever!" ??

Jennie described them thusly:
"...these really are the best chocolate chips cookies I’ve ever sunk my teeth into. How do I know this? Because I’ve baked and tested several different recipes and this is the only one that bakes up soft and chewy on the inside and crispy on the outside. I call that cookie perfection. They’re so good that I’ve been eating them around the clock." 
Brown Butter Chocolate Chip & Pecan Cookies

With a ringing endorsement like that-I HAD to make these!
I just made a couple teensy tweaks.

The recipe already called for melted butter so I was like "Um...let's brown that butter!" because I'm obviously addicted and need help (no I don't, no one should ever quit browned butter). And then I was like "Oooh let's toast the pecans!" And then I went "No salt in the recipe? Let's just sprinkle a smidge on top of there" and voila! Cookies made. And I must say-they totally live up to the hype! We ate these cookies up in record time. Michael COULD NOT stop eating them. He was totally in love with them. And he admitted, "You're right...browned butter makes everything better." THESE COOKIES HAVE WROUGHT A MIRACLE! MIRACLE COOKIES I TELL YOU!  These cookies are chewy and crisp and full of the amazing flavors of the chocolate, pecans, and wonderousness of the cookie (just enhanced a bit with the browned butter :P).
Brown Butter Chocolate Chip & Pecan Cookies

The fact that Jennie came up with this recipe is just a perfect example for how in awe of her I am.

She's like a rock star. And these cookies are delicious masterpieces. Michael proclaimed them to be one of his favorite cookie recipes I've ever made, and I agree!! You should go look and see all the other great things Jennie has to offer:

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Chocolate Peanut Butter Green Monster Smoothie

Chocolate Peanut Butter Green Monster Smoothie
Oh yeah.

I like green monster smoothies.

Well...1 kind of green monster smoothie.
Chocolate Peanut Butter Green Monster Smoothie
Have you ever had a Starbucks Vivano smoothie? 
It tastes like chocolate and banana. 
This tastes exactly the same (+ some peanut butter, which of course just adds to the awesomeness). 
And oh yeah there's like 2 cups of spinach up in there.

And if I tell you that you will not taste the spinach, trust me, you WILL NOT taste the spinach.

Just a choco-pb-banana smoothie with a special little surprise that no one would ever guess was there.

It's a great way to sneak some nutrition in for any picky eaters you may know! And a favorite breakfast treat of mine.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Something Saturdays (1/19/13)

A photo of me in "the dress" with the cast & crew from our 2nd day of shooting the short film "Downsized":

And oh yeah...I finally bought some of this...and may have proceeded to continuously shovel finger-fulls into my mouth (I'm not even exaggerating...that happened).
Get this-Michael doesn't like it! HE DOESN'T LIKE IT!
More for me.

I'm mostly looking forward to making a certain hot chocolate recipe with this. Ohhh yes.

Oh yeah! And, I'm not sure if you guys have noticed but I have made it so if you hover over an image a little Pin it icon appears so you can just click to pin it to pinterest! Do you guys like it? I found a tutorial on Kevin&Amanda that told me how!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Chicken Macaroni and Cheese

Chicken Macaroni and Cheese
Sooooooo good.

This recipe is courtesy of a random clipping of a recipe I had in my old recipe box from my pre-food bloggy (AKA food obsession) phase. I have almost thrown this recipe out a million times but something always stopped me. THANK GOD! I love love love love this. It's a new favorite. I'm 99% sure you'll love it too.

Chicken Macaroni and Cheese

The onions and garlic add a really delicious flavor to the rich and creamy cheese sauce, I adore penne and the addition of chicken makes this a nice easy casserole kind of meal! And don't get me started on the buttery, delicious, soft crumb topping! It's a perfect combination of flavors. Michael loved it. I love it. You'll love it. Your family...will....wait for it..

love it.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Easy Cinnamon Roll Muffins

Easy Cinnamon Roll Muffins
Sorry about being all like...
not here on Monday.

I was so busy I completely forgot to get a post ready for you guys! 
I hope you can forgive me.

Maybe these muffins will help?
Easy Cinnamon Roll Muffins
Who doesn't love cinnamon rolls for breakfast!?
But also...who has the time to make them in the morning? Pretty much no one.

Now, these muffins don't taste exactly like a cinnamon roll. It's more like they're the muffin version of those flavors. They're fluffy and full of that wonderful cinnamon sugar flavor, and drizzled with a simple and scrumptious glaze. These are wonderful warm and gooey. They're also fab. at room temp., if you're a weirdo like me who doesn't usually dig warm cinnamon rolls (I don't know why...I like em, but I like em better when they're a little cooler *shrug*). Anyway, I really hope you make these and like em and forgive me for being such a bad mean food blogger and neglecting you on Monday, ok? Ok!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Something Saturdays (1/12/13)

Here's some Nostalgia.

This weekend I'm finally filming that short film I told you guys about (the one where I got the dress...and a skirt...and shoes :D)-so I'm busy busy busy!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Beefy Rice

Beefy Rice
 I have absolutely no idea what kind of rice this technically is.

I got the recipe from my mom and grandma, who seem to have no idea what kind of rice dish this is either.
I do not know where my grandma got the recipe in the first place but *shrug* whatever. Strangely enough, this is the only rice thing that I've ever really gotten into. I have some fairly vivid memories of eating this when I was young (particularly at my Aunt Shari's...for some odd reason) and then I sort of forgot about it for awhile. Then, this past year, I was at my grandma's at some point and she had made this rice and I ate a little and was like, "Oh yeah, this stuff is good! I bet Michael would like this!" When I tried to describe it to him, however, he did not seem impressed. He was all like, "So...what's in it?....Yeah that sounds bland. Ugh"

Then I made it. And he tried it. And he ate the whole darned dish in record time. He now loves it. And requests it, often. He has since apologized for his doubting me-pshh I know what my boy likes! This is really easy to throw together, pretty much no effort required, and it's a super comforting and full of flavor (beef consomme and onions can go a long way apparently!...and butter). You should definitely give it a try. You'll thank me.

Oh and hey...if you have any clue what this actually is...let me know? (The original recipe has mushrooms in it...if that helps)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Creamy Hot Chocolate

Creamy Hot Chocolate


It's cold out there.

Sometimes you just need a warm mug of chocolatey comfort, don't you agree?

Creamy Hot Chocolate

I made Michael and I this hot chocolate after I returned home from babysitting on NYE, it was a wonderful comforting way to end the year-snuggling on the couch with my honey, watching Smallville, and sipping on mugs of wonderfully creamy hot chocolate. I only regret that I did not have whole milk, so I haven't yet tried this as it was intended, but hopefully soon. The way I made it, it tasted pretty similar to the other hot chocolate recipe I've shared with you guys, but I'll update you if it tastes drastically difference with whole milk. Thus far I still have not had the pleasure to make a hot chocolate that is as good as Max Brenner's...but perhaps....someday....a girl can dream right? Mmm wonderful, thick, hot chocolatey dreams.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Homemade Dark Chocolate Walnut Butter

I know the season of gift giving is sorta kinda over.

But this can totally be a gift for yourself.

Before Christmas I made my cousin, Emily, some dark chocolate walnut butter for her gift. She said walnuts were 1 of her favorites and she loves chocolate was a pretty easy decision! 

It is seriously silly how easy it is to make flavored nut butters. It's like...oh here's some walnuts. And here's some melted dark chocolate. Bada bing bada boom we're in business!

 Michael tasted some and got very jealous that I did not make this for him. This is a great sweet treat, but still healthy (nuts=good and dark chocolate=antioxidants, right? right.) Spread this on toast, dip apple slices in it, or just spoon this dark chocolate walnut butter into your mouth-there's no wrong way to eat it!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Something Saturdays (1/5/13)

A recap of my Christmas season in photos:
Top left: my cousin Emily and I starting a new pre-Christmas tradition-shops at Bryant Park then hot chocolate at Max Brenner's! Top middle: Michael helping me put the star on our tree :) Top right: Having a blast at Michael's dad's house with all his cousins (on that side of the family) that are around our ages (20-26). Middle left: Playing with Connie's (my mom's neighbor) KitchenAid stand mixer (ME WANTS!) Middle: Michael and I on Christmas Eve at his dad's house. Middle right: one of my gifts for my brother-homemade frozen cookie dough (made with aforementioned mixer with this recipe) with instructions for him to bake them. Bottom left: My dad with my aunt & uncle's new puppy, Buttons. Bottom middle: Josh-my brother-and I on Christmas morning for the traditional "hold up 1 of your favorite gifts and smile" picture! Bottom right: One of Michael's gifts from me, a Supernatural ornament-hanging on our tree in our apartment.

Oh and by the way...this is my life.
That's right. I was a banana yesterday. Me and my huge group of fellow bananas marched around New York City, cheering and chanting, to promote Jamba Juice. Ah a day in the life of a promo model.

Friday, January 4, 2013


Hi there! *waves*

Hows your 2013 going so far?

You feeling good about your resolutions and what not?

You want a nice, easy, healthy recipe?

You do?


Avocado is full of all kinds of healthy good fats and what not (don't shy away from the word fat, you need it!). In general, I don't particularly care for avocado in things, but I DO like guacamole. And this is the most fresh tasting guacamole you'll probably ever have! And it's fairly easy to customize according to your own tastes. Think it needs a little more garlic? Throw some in there! Do you prefer the pure, clean taste of avocado? Leave some of these ingredients out! No big! It's your life, eat your guacamole how you like!

And then be all proud of yourself, like, "Yes...I make my own guacamole. And I HAVE lost weight, thank you for asking!"

(Yes, this is the guacamole I made for Michael's birthday-so you finally have all those recipes! Yay!)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Healthy Recipes to Start 2013 Right!

Happy New Year you guys!

2013 is here! Can you believe it? It's like WE'RE LIVING IN THE FUTURE!

That's what I'm thinking anyway.

Do you make resolutions? I don't really, but I do want to, like I'm sure many of you, lose some weight.
When I saw my cousin, Lindsey, request clean eating recipes for the blog, I thought it would be a fabulous idea to do a round up of the some of the healthy/healthier recipes on here! Some of these recipes are not so much healthy but they are from-scratch versions of the processed gunk that many of us use regularly. I firmly believe in eating food that tastes great, but is homemade and real. I hope you guys find some new favorite recipes here, and I'll keep trying to supply you with more!
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I love it when you try & want to share recipes you found here! Please just rewrite in your own words, use your own photos, & always link back to me! Thanks!

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