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Healthy Recipes to Start 2013 Right!

Happy New Year you guys!

2013 is here! Can you believe it? It's like WE'RE LIVING IN THE FUTURE!

That's what I'm thinking anyway.

Do you make resolutions? I don't really, but I do want to, like I'm sure many of you, lose some weight.
When I saw my cousin, Lindsey, request clean eating recipes for the blog, I thought it would be a fabulous idea to do a round up of the some of the healthy/healthier recipes on here! Some of these recipes are not so much healthy but they are from-scratch versions of the processed gunk that many of us use regularly. I firmly believe in eating food that tastes great, but is homemade and real. I hope you guys find some new favorite recipes here, and I'll keep trying to supply you with more!

Healthy Recipes to Start 2013 Right!
 Banana Oat Breakfast Cookies
       Sugar free, low fat, and full of good stuff! Cookies...for breakfast!
Crisp and Fluffy Whole Wheat Waffles
       The best waffles I've ever had-and they're made with whole wheat flour and good for you coconut
       oil (or canola oil if you prefer).  
Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookie Pancakes
       Vegan, fat free, dairy free, soy free, and low in sugar, these pancakes are super good for you-but
        taste sinful!
Chocolate Chip Cookie Baked Oatmeal
       Vegan, gluten free, fat free, sugar free, and soy free-and this oatmeal tastes like a cookie!!!
Waffle Iron Hash Browns
        No more frozen, fried, processed hash browns! These are crispy, quick, easy, and use only potatoes!
Whole Wheat Greek Yogurt Pancakes
        Greek yogurt is such an asset when trying to make food healthier! These pancakes are fluffy and
        moist, and much healthier than conventional! Serve these with fresh fruit or peanut butter.

Healthy Recipes to Start 2013 Right!
       Homemade applesauce that you make in the crockpot is super easy and tastes so much amazing!
       The mashed potatoes are very minimal on the fat-really they're just potatoes, some skim milk, a 
       little butter, and Parmesan cheese.
       Never ever ever buy peanut butter again. Homemade pb is simple, tastes great, doesn't have oil 
       separation like other natural peanut butters, and doesn't have all those awful additives of 
       These granola bars are delicious, quick, and only require 4 ingredients-but there are so many great 
       add ins you can use (ie flaxseed, dried fruit, etc.)
       The safest, easiest, fat free way to make your own popcorn at home-without all the awful 
       Vegetables. I actually posted green veggies on my blog *pat on back*
       Potatoes & olive oil. That's it. That's all you need to make this soft and buttery and easy side dish!
       Use this recipe in place of one can of that awful processed cream of chicken soup-it's simple and 
       so much better!
       Tasty, buttery, homemade crackers! I love to spread homemade pb on these for a snack!
       A much better for you, just-as-scrumptious, version of the popular restaurant appetizer. Heavy on 
       the veggies and seasonings, light on the fat.
       Quick, crispy, yummy tortilla chips, that aren't fried and soaked in salt and oil!
       Almonds are even better for you than peanuts. Making almond butter is just as easy as making pb.
       Flavorful garlic mashed potatoes with fiber from the potato skins, & the nutrients of kale!
       OK, these aren't exactly healthy. But they're much better than the processed kind you buy.
        Like the other potatoes, it's more like these just aren't bad for you. And they're garlic-licious!
       Who loves tater tots! *raises hand* me too! These are a MUCH healthier alt. to the fried, breaded
        kind! You just need potatoes, pop chips, some milk and flour, an oven and you're in business!
       Homemade jam made with real fruit.
       Again, not so much healthy-just better than the stuff you'd buy. If you have someone who loves 
       chocolate milk, do yourself a favor and whip up some of this stuff to use for it!

Healthy Recipes to Start 2013 Right!
Homemade Flour Tortillas
       Simple, easy, unprocessed tortillas that you can use in countless ways!
Whole Wheat Cinnamon Swirl Bread
       Fluffy whole wheat bread with a delicious cinnamon swirl in the middle.
Whole Wheat Biscuits
       Hearty, delicate biscuits made with 100% whole wheat flour!
Whole Wheat Double Corn Cornbread
       Comforting cornbread made with actual corn and whole wheat flour.
Whole Wheat Challah Bread
       The perfect bread for french toast, made healthier with whole wheat flour.
Whole Wheat Thin Pizza Crust
       My go-to, thin crust, whole wheat pizza crust recipe. I've changed up the ratios of whole wheat to
       AP flour countless times, and I encourage you to do the same, until it is to your liking!
Quick Wheat Baguettes
       Making whole wheat bread can be so quick and easy!
Whole Wheat Rolls/Garlic Knots
       You get the idea, whole wheat flour is better for ya!

Healthy Recipes to Start 2013 Right!
       Crisp and juicy chicken nuggets, with the smoky flavor of asiago, and baked, not fried.
       If you use whole wheat linguine this simple dish can be quite healthy.
       Some of the most crunchy, delicious, homemade chicken strips I've ever made, you'll be shocked 
       they're not fried!
       Homemade pizza can be extremely nutritious and delicious!
       To me, this really does taste like the classic fried chicken I love-but it's not!
       Throw in some chicken and veggies and chicken broth and/or wine and let it cook! Easy peasy!
       Whole wheat fettuccine, zucchini "noodles" and a lighter, healthier sauce make up this delish dish 
        This dish tastes like it'd be bad for you, but really it's just whole wheat egg noodles, chicken, 
        broth, & a lil bit of cheese and milk! It's like mac&cheese meets chicken noodle soup...but healthier!
        Swap out fried breaded chicken and thick globs of cheese for crispy baked wontons stuffed with 
        spinach, chicken, sauce, and a little bit of cheese.
        Yepp...another baked, faux fried, chicken recipe. They're a great staple!
        This baked chicken dish uses olive oil and garlic to adhere the breadcrumbs and parmesan...mmm.
        Flavorful chicken and herbs (etc.) baked in parchment paper.
        This recipe is courtesy of "Eat This, Not That" as a better version of chicken fingers.
        And this recipe is from the show "Cook Yourself Thin"-use healthy cornflakes for the crunch!

Healthy Recipes to Start 2013 Right!
        Having a bunch of this caramel corn is better for you than having 1 little snickers bar. Do the math.
        My girl Kristina whipped (haha...get it?!) these up so you know they're healthy! 
        Gluten free cookies made with healthier for you stuff like oatmeal flour, nuts, etc.
        Another gluten free cookie, I highly suggest you use homemade almond butter in these!
        Whole wheat flour, oats, & applesauce are a few of the things use to healthify these classic treats.
        It's the fruit and Greek yogurt that make this sorta-kinda cheesecake dessert not so bad.
        Perfect, classic chocolate chip cookies made with healthy coconut oil instead of butter.
        A lighter version of the decadent treat: I used the whole wheat challah bread listed above and 
        then just dark chocolate and cocoa powder give it that chocolatey flavor.
        Peanut butter takes the place of butter in these cookies!
        This decadent tasting dessert contains only dark chocolate, water, and a small amount of sugar.
        Ok...this one is more low-cal than healthy. But it tastes so amazing!
        Whole wheat and peanut butter lend a healthier twist to this chewygooey cookie! 
        I found this recipe on a diabetic friendly site, so they're low in sugar and pretty wholesome.
        Use some homemade/natural pb, some pretzels, then cover the whole she-bang in 
        anti-oxidant rich dark chocolate & you have some of the best little morsels of goodness ever!
        Whole wheat flour and oil (instead of butter) make these extremely gooey cookie bars healthier!
        As far as desserts go, the light, low-cal nature of popcorn makes caramel corn a decent option.

Want more healthy recipe options? 
Here are a few blogs that specialize in those kinda thangs:
And there are tons more, you just need to look! :)

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I love it when you try & want to share recipes you found here! Please just rewrite in your own words, use your own photos, & always link back to me! Thanks!

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