Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Rose-4 Months!

Eeep! This one is super late. I've been really busy + we didn't have her appointment until the 29th.

Date: June 20, 2020

Height: 24.29 inches (as of her appointment Monday)

Weight: 14 lbs. 14.5 oz. (^as of Monday)

Sleeping Pattern: So a bunch of stuff kind of hit and changed right around when she turned 4 months and I barely remember what she was doing before. I think she had approximately hour long waketimes during the day, with 4 naps and sometimes a 5th catnap. And then some nights she sleeps through the night and some she doesn't! It's sort of variable. If she wakes up it's usually between 4 and 5:30am. But, schedule change ups aside, her routine is pretty solid. She gets put in her sleepsack and swaddled with her arms out while singing to her, then we usually just transfer her right to her crib for naps (she usually has already assumed her sleepy-time stance at this point: sucking her right thumb while her left hand holds onto/plays with her hair). Bedtime is a diaper change, getting dressed, sleepsack, then I sing while I nurse her also. Sometimes she falls asleep while nursing and sometimes she doesn't, but she always goes right to sleep after I put her in her crib. She's such a sweet girl.

Eating Habits: Typical of her age, Rose started struggling more with eating. Getting distracted, unlatching a lot, stuff like that. Some of that has been solved recently when I changed her schedule and eliminated a feeding so she's hungrier. But she's still a nice quick eater: usually she wants to stop after 5-10 minutes, but I try to make her eat for at least 10 or more. I always worry that she hasn't eaten enough (even though she's such a cute chunk). 

Development & Firsts: The big one is that little lady had her first laugh! On May 29 we were coming down the stairs and James was stomping and going "STOMP! STOMP!" and she just started giggling like crazy. Oh man it was sweet. She responds to her name. Object permanence has happened which means she has had some occasions where she gets upset that you're not paying attention to her or have left her (like for nap time). We've been playing peek-a-boo to work on it, and I think it's getting better! She's started sleeping in her own room all night and has her arms free of the swaddle. Other than that, she's gotten into toys and can grab them and pick them up and hold them aaaand most of all chew on them. Teething has really ramped up, too. And she still occasionally rolls from front to back. Sometimes she'll roll to her side while on her back but that's about it so far.  She's big on scooting, she frequently rotates herself 90 degrees to get to the items I put next to her on tummy time (in my attempts to encourage rolling).

Mischief: Honestly the most mischievous thing she does is when she won't eat because she's too busy smiling and cooing at you hahaha, it's the sweetest kind of mischief! She also usually thinks my reaction to finding a poop in her diaper is pretty funny, but in all is lol. Oh and she does the talk-yell arguing with me and chews on everything. The best is she also likes to give BIIIIG kisses but also sort of try to chew on my face in a semi-attacking manner lol.

Cuteness: It's pretty  much all the same as last month-she's gosh darned adorable and sweet and happy almost all the time. I love her cute chunky cheeks and kissy mouth and tiny boop of a nose and big eyes and AHHH the hair (which has begun getting long enough that it's not really sticking up anymore-at least not naturally. Now it sticks up because she grabs at it in her sleep). Rose's sleep pose is so cute: right thumb goes right to her mouth and left hand grabs her hair. A sure sign she's feeling sleepy and she stays pretty much frozen in that position while I'm getting her in her sleepsack and then transferring her to her crib. I love it. And the fact that she just has to stop eating to smile and coo at me like...what. What did I do to deserve this pure and precious being?? Her eyes smile so sweetly, like, even if you can't see her mouth (or if its ya know, eating) you can tell she is smiling. Her big gummy happy grins are everything. She just loves to be in mine, Michael's, and James' presence. Rose has in fact gotten a bit clingy-she'll really hold on to you when you're holding her (usually a shirt but in my case it's usually my hair and OUCH-it's cute, but painful). She'll even sort of put her hands out to you to tell you she wants to be held or that she wants to grab you face (for kisses, of course. She still coughs for her kiss demands). Rosie discovered James' baby doll the other day and she immediately just cradled it like she was holding a baby and kissed it's head (admittedly in a much more drooly fashion than one normally kisses a baby's head) but I was blown away by this baby holding a baby. She also enjoys when I play with her feet or tickle her or make her dance or talk in silly voices or rub my head on her belly or when she's naked or gets dressed up or sees a toy or stuffed animal she likes or.....yeah. She's happy a lot of the time. Her talking is so funny because she has like two modes: sweetly and gently cooing at you (goooo, ahhhh, blowing little bubbles, etc.) or loud and assertive lol. It's either an enthusiastic "GAHHH!" or her talk-yelling where she is just making sure we are aware of her thoughts and feelings. It's good, she'll need that strength when dealing with her brother. OH MY GOD SPEAKING OF HER BROTHER. Rose and James...I can't handle it. They're too sweet. Too cute. She gets stoked AF over him-like she sees him and flips out she grins SO HUGE. He'll hold her hand when we walk downstairs after getting her from a nap and she's in heaven. He gave her her 1st laugh by stomping behind her on the stairs. He's frequently coming over to talk to her or cuddle her and she just loves it. He's her absolute favorite, she's always watching him and trying to coo and smile at him to get his attention. It's the most amazing thing and makes my heart swell. One day we had like a family dance session with each of us holding one of the kids and I swear she said "iiii" (like hi, ya know) to James and also was like "sing" cooing. She's perfect. 

Nicknames: Rosie, Rosie Rose, Rosie Posy, Baby Rose, Baby girl, Pretty girl, Lady, Ladybug, Chunk/Chunk-a-munk, "Little Chub/Chubby" (James calls her that), Scoots (Michael calls her that), Fuzzy Head, Sweetling, Sweetie-girl, Cutie-girl, Honey girl, Honey bun, Little miss, Missy, Ma'am, Sweetness, Love, combinations of all of the above...

Talking: Lots of sweet cooing still (especially when trying to get the attention of her beloved big brother) but she's really found her voice and sass this month. She'll put you in your place and make sure you know how she feels about things lol. It very much feels like she is talking to you in an assertive fashion. Her cough requests for kisses are still going strong too. 

Favorites: JAMES, mommy, and daddy. Anything with a face (baby doll, stuffed animals, caterpillar on her activity gym, her grandparents on Facetime.) Smiling and being smiled at/attention in general. Mirrors. Kisses. Her feet being clapped together/played with. Being held and snuggled. Eating. Sleeping. The activity gym. Toys (I think her favorite might be this one but she likes having a variety). Being naked and being dressed up. Getting dirty diapers taken off.

Dislikes:  Teething, shots (obviously), not getting enough sleep, and being left for too long? Maybe getting bored with doing too much of one thing (or when her brother gets too rough with her but she has a pretty high tolerance for his shenanigans)....other than that yeah she's still pretty happy generally.

Concerns: Same as last month-nothing really just constant concern over COVID and hating that she doesn't get to socialize or be loved on by our friends and family.

A Day in the Life: Her schedule has been all over the place this last month thanks to leap 4 and just getting older and stuff but it's the same gist as last month. And next month's schedule will probably be more accurate for where she is now. Essentially she wakes up, eats, we play, then sleep again. A cycle of that + taking care of her brother. Then she sleeps (in her crib, in her room) from 7:30/8 until morning or wakes up usually 4-5:30am. 

Monday, June 1, 2020

Rose-3 Months!

Man this feels late, so much has already changed since this little lady turned 3 months but better late than never! Here's all about our 3 month sweetie pie:

Date: May 20, 2020

Sleeping Pattern: Schedule has gotten pretty steady-I did play around with cutting a feed and nap but I don't think she was quite ready so we went back. She eats every 2-3ish hours and her wake times start at 50 minutes, getting longer throughout the day (she's usually awake about an hour and a half before bedtime) and SHE STARTED SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT! Woo! It's not all the time, she'll spoil me with like 4 days in a row and then like a week where she can't quite make it. But it's frequent and earlier than it happened with James so I can't complain! Her routine has become so easy, too, since she started sucking her thumb. I sing to her while I get her in her sleepsack, and I leave her arms out now and she usually starts sucking her thumb and closes her eyes. I then just put her in her crib and either leave or if she hasn't started sucking her thumb or has her eyes open I might kind of stroke her arm and keep singing for a tiny bit. And that has been working-although every day is a new adventure. Some days she naps amazing, others less so. Nighttime sleep is great, though! (Edit: after writing this, of course, naps went to crap. So I changed her schedule up! But more on that next month.)

Eating Habits: She's a good eater, quick! She just eats for about 10ish minutes then usually just starts trying to smile at me and I try to have her eat more just in case she stopped because she was distracted lol. She has 7 feedings during the day and then maybe 1 in the night.

Development & Firsts: Rose slept through the night for the first time on April 30 (8-6:30) and has sporadically been doing it since. The little cutie has started occasionally grabbing/holding on to toys. Although she's much more likely to grab and hold my hair, face, or shirt. She's started really focusing on things and people. She'll stare so intently at her grandparents, etc. on facetime and she discovered her feet and is always looking down at them. She very clearly knows Michael, James, and I and greets each of us with giant grins when she locks in on our faces. And then if we don't look at her for like a few seconds then look back she does it again as if we've just returned. She's noticing patterns in her life (mostly this is evidenced by her protesting/crying/griping when I start putting her in her sleepsack now that she realizes it means sleep time is imminent). She's super strong and holds her head up great and her upper body up on her arms. She's ALWAYS scooting, like she really wants to crawl. A lot of times she ends up rotated like almost 90 degrees. She also tries to stand when we hold her upright and crunches in like she's trying to sit up sometimes. But yeah that's mostly it! Not many firsts due to current circumstances being what they are-she only leaves the house for doctor appointments :(

Mischief: Ummm....I got nothing. Mischief is the purview of her brother.

Cuteness: I don't know how we got so lucky. Rose is the happiest just most pleasant and adorable baby. And, because she's our child, she's getting super expressive and her faces are just so good. I can't get over how often she smiles and grins. Like she just rewards you with pure joy about the fact that you exist and are looking at her. She'll straight up scrunch her shoulders up and giant open mouth grins at you, interspersed with coos frequently, just because you are paying her any attention. Me, James, Michael-she loves us and gifts us with her sweetness and it's just the most wonderful thing (seriously I can't get over Rose and James together. He's always trying to hug her or cuddle her and saying sweet things to her and she just staaares at him and gives him so many smiles). She also straight up POSES. If she sees me lift my phone up she 90% of the time all of a sudden turns it on and starts grinning and posing or blue-steeling it. She's insanely photogenic and it's so funny. Like the other day she was fussing then when she saw I was about to take a picture-BAM serious face then smiles and poses! And she's so laid back and lets us cart her around or lay her down and is honestly pretty cool with whatever, she rarely gets upset, but then she'll get SO INTENSE when she wants something. She will cough at you and/or grab at you for kisses and love. She'll also talk at you in a loud disgruntled manner if she's been left in tummy time too long or is too sleepy. Rose has recently discovered she has feet and she loves to stare at them, she also thinks its super funny when I pretend to eat them or if we clap her feet together. The lady is drooly (woooo probably teething...) and usually has drool hanging from her cute little lip. She'll also blow little bubbes (I was going to say when she's happy but I've seen her do it even if she's starting to fuss) and sometimes BIG bubbles with aforementioned drool combined with her cooing. She really latches on to little animal characters and toys with faces and if she's doing tummy time and sees them she tries to scoot to them. Her favorite is probably the caterpillar on the mat of her activity gym, her face lights up and she grins at it so happily. Something else that makes her happy, which surprised me, is getting dressed and undressed. James HATED that (and diaper changes) and she just gets like excited and smiles huge as you're changing her. A pleasantly weird thing lol. I think she both enjoys being naked and enjoys playing dress up, haha. I think getting her diaper off always feels like a relief, too. She doesn't protest being wet but I can tell she prefers it when she isn't. And I mean...she just always is looking around with wide eyes and awe (her eyebrows are always rising up like "oooh what is that?!", she's such a happy sweetie pie, and even her sucking her thumb is pure cute. Love love love this lady.

Nicknames: Rosie, Rosie Posy, Baby Rose, Baby girl, Lady, Ladybug, Chunk/Chunk-a-munk, "Little Chub/Chubby" (James calls her that), Scoots (Michael calls her that), Fuzzy Head, Sweetling, Sweetie-girl, Cutie-girl, Honey girl, Honey bun, Little miss, Missy, Ma'am, Sweetness, Love, combinations of all of the above...

Talking: She still coos a bunch and sooo sweetly. And it's sounding more and more like she's trying to talk to you. She's also started serving some sass. I swear sometimes you're like "ok clearly you're telling me something, you are protesting your current situation." she just like gripes at you with little talk yells. She'll also cough at you with an open mouth to demand that you give her kisses. So the lady knows what she wants and isn't afraid to tell you.

Favorites: Mommy, daddy, and big brother. Smiling and being smiled at/attention in general. She hasn't had much exposure to other people but I think she just likes people. She stares so intently and sometimes smiles on video calls and is obsessed with "the baby in the mirror" (aka her). So yeah, mirrors. Kisses. Her feet. Being held and snuggled. Eating. Sleeping. The activity gym-especially the caterpillar and butterflies she sees during tummy time. Being naked and being dressed up (she is smiley either way). Getting dirty diapers taken off.

Dislikes:  Teething (I assume), not getting enough sleep, and being left for too long? Honestly she doesn't have many dislikes. She's happy 99% of the time.

Concerns: Nothing in particular, just always making sure she's sleeping and eating and feeling ok and then just COVID stuff. I hate that she doesn't get to see anybody and meet them and gain more people in her tiny world.

A Day in the Life: Rose wakes up between 6 and 7 (I always hope for the 6:30-7 range). She eats and I get James from his room (either before or after Rose eats, depending on time). We play for a  bit, change her diaper and then she has a nap after about 50 minutes of being awake. She usually sleeps until about 9:30-10am. Feed her, play, diaper change, down for nap. Then she wakes around 12pmish (generally right after I've put James down for his nap, sometimes before though) feed, play (without crazy brother distracting me), diaper change, down for nap again. Then wake up around 2-2:30, I get James from his nap, feed Rose, play, diaper change, nap again. Wake and eat at 4:30ish then play, diaper change, and one more nap. 6-6:30 she's up and eating then we play until about 7:30ish (James is in the midst of his bedtime routine at this point) and it's Rose's bedtime. If it works with James' routine we'll all read a bedtime story together. Then I put Rose in her sleepsack, nurse her again, and then lay her down in her crib (usually falls asleep around 8ish). She's still sleeping in the cradle in our room at night and Michael stays up later than I do, so he brings her to our room before he's going to bed and then she either sleeps until morning or maybe wakes up and eats once in the 3-5am zone.

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Something Saturdays (5/9/20)

Well hi there everyone. Sorry it's been awhile since we've really chatted. How are all of you doing with all the craziness of the world now thanks to COVID-19? Thanks to being in newborn phase it honestly wasn't a huge change of living for us first but now that life is starting to get more manageable I'm definitely missing being able to go places (and poor James just wants to go to the museum or zoo so so bad). It's also hard not being able to have the grandparents come over, they miss James and Rose and are worried she won't know them :( But we're all currently safe and healthy and functioning which is more than so many people, so we're doing ok. 

And we're settling in to life! We have our routines, Michael's been working from home since his paternity leave ended, which has been nice. James has learned to love his sister (although he could stand to be a touch gentler lol) and Rose is the light of all of our lives. And tomorrow is my 1st Mother's Day as a mama of 2! It'll be low key obviously but I'm looking forward to it. 

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Thursday, May 7, 2020

Rose's Birth Story

It's taken me awhile to share it but I am so excited to talk about Rose's birth story. It is honestly so different from my first labor and birth experience (which you can read about here) and I am so happy with how it went. To the point where I couldn't sleep that first night after she was born, I was just happily reflecting on how it had all gone and I had to write up my experience. I have no regrets, it went practically perfectly. So I'm so happy to share it with all of you!

(Disclaimer-there's legit labor and birthing talk here. If you're uncomfortable with that kind of stuff I'd probably skip this lol). 

For about a week or so before I went into labor I'd been feeling like it was going to happen any minute (we'd been pretty sure most of my pregnancy that I'd go a little early). I was starting to feel more and more uncomfortable and at an appointment with my midwife a couple weeks prior I'd been told I was already a couple inches dilated and 80% effaced. So every day that came and went with no labor was starting to be frustrating, just waiting around wondering when it would start.

Then I woke up Thursday, February 20, 2020 and while I was getting James breakfast I started noticing that I may be having some mild contractions. I, luckily, had an appointment that Michael and James were coming to so I figured I'd find out more information when we were there. At the appointment I had borderline high blood pressure and this was the 2nd week in a row so when my midwife came in she said they would have to induce me. But, after she checked me, she said I was already in active labor (4-5 cm dilated and 90% effaced) so she just approved them to break my waters and told us we could go home, get everything sorted out, then head to the hospital. So we went home, called Michael's mom to come stay with James, and got everything together (while also giving our sweet boy lots of kisses and I tried not to cry about the fact that these were our last moments with him as an only child).

We got to the hospital around 11am, checked in, and got put into our birthing room (I requested one of the ones with birthing tubs and oh my lord it was epic-ly large). We met out nurse, Lauren, who was so sweet and right from the get-go so conscientious about checking in with me about my preferences and needs and just really supportive in general. She also added some mood lighting to my tub and picked pink because we were having a girl-which we found super adorable and hilarious. My blood pressure was good, my contractions were there but not bad AT ALL (like period cramps). We met with my midwife that was on call that day, whom I hadn't met before. Her name was Laura and she was absolutely incredible. She sat and chatted with us for awhile and got to know us and our situation. She was totally cool with my request to avoid breaking my water and said she'd just wait until my next dose of penicillin (Group B Strep, super fun) to check me and then worse case scenario maybe she'd just strip my membranes if I needed it. She also totally encouraged me snacking on the sly (hospital policy=no eating during labor but I brought snacks to eat secretly and she actually lightly suggested it and I was like "I brought stuff!" Ha! Considering I couldn't even drink water when in labor with James it was so different).

So yeah...then Michael and I watched a little Netflix on his phone, chatted with some people, and I felt weirdly ok for the next few hours. Around 5ish Laura came in and checked me and I was pretty much the same as I'd been at my appointment that morning so she stripped my membranes (she said they were paper thin) and Michael and I went for a little walk around the hallways. Around 5:30pm my water broke in the hallway and things got real. Contractions got much worse. After about an hour I asked if Laura would come check me again to see if I'd progressed enough for me to try laboring in the rub and I was 7-8cm so they started filling that puppy up. The tub felt so great but oh man the contractions hurt (still so much better than back labor-what I had with James-but intense in a different way since I was in transition which was the part I'd had an epidural during with him so it was all just very different and definitely not fun). One thing that was the same as my last labor was my need for poor Michael to provide counter pressure on my back. He was the best. And Laura stayed there and supported me the entire time, she spoke soothingly to me and reminded me all those contractions were moving Rose down, and to just push whenever I felt like I needed to. When I felt the need to push they started getting prepared but then it became clear I wasn't leaving the water (there was no way I was going to be able to climb out of there and I had no desire to leave the delightful water). I had some primal yells come out of me that frankly I never expected and it was all super intense but at the same time I had some nice breaks between the contractions. After a couple pushes Rose's head was like halfway out but then I just had a long rest with no contractions. It was actually nice but super weird to just have her head halfway out. Everyone kept talking about how much hair she had and I could feel it and see it floating in the water (!!!) Then, after a few more pushes, her head was out. I had some trouble with the rest of her so they had me stand and put a foot on a seat of the tub and then one good push and I saw her come out, looking around wildly(so technically she was fully born just over the water, not in it). I immediately recognized she had Michael's eyes. Pushing took about 20-30 minutes and Rose Selene was born at 7:59pm. They placed her on me and she and I just cuddled in the water for awhile (she was screaming pretty intensely the entire retrospect I suspect she was chilly) before they eventually cut the cord and we moved to the bed for all the afterbirth, etc.  And I got to nurse and stare at my brand new baby girl.

She weighed 8 lbs. 2 oz. and was 19.5 inches long-frankly much more of a chunk than I anticipated! A head full of hair that is still the 1st thing everyone comments on (followed by her cheeks, and then how much she resembles her brother). She took to breastfeeding brilliantly and is the perfect addition to our family. We all absolutely adore her.

This birth experience was amazing. I felt heard and supported and empowered and everyone kept saying how amazing it was to watch.  I’m so grateful for how different it was than how it went last time and how fantastic every single person was. Michael was applying counter pressure to my back the whole time, the nurses I had were so incredibly sweet, and there aren’t words for what a positive force Laura was for me in this labor. And I did it...I got to have an entirely natural labor where almost everything went the way I wanted and hoped. I’m so happy and so relieved and it really was redemptive.

And our hearts are so full. ❤️

Monday, April 27, 2020

Rose-2 Months!

Date: April 20, 2020

Height: 23 inches (as of her appointment today)

Weight: 12 lbs. 14 oz. (^as of today)

Sleeping Pattern: We've gotten on a good schedule (eats every 2-3 hours and is awake for about 50 minutes before naps) and the little lady has started giving me some super good night sleep! The night of her 2 month birthday she slept 9 hours (8pm-5am) and it was glorious. I usually just sing to her while I get her in her sleepsack, then we just sit until she starts to doze off and then I put her in her crib. Naps are hit or miss, she frequently wakes up and needs soothed and put back down, but then for bedtime (which I nurse before putting her down) she sleeps really well. I'll get into more specifics in the schedule, but overall she's a good little sleeper.

Eating Habits: Still a really good eater! During the day she eats every 2-3 hours still. She enjoys eating but isn't nearly as intense about it as James, haha. She's taken 3 bottles so far and has done well with those too (and doesn't even care if I'm near her so that's good).

Development & Firsts: As mentioned above, Rose had her first bottle. She's also rolled over from her front to her back 5 times so far (WHAT?) and frequently scoots herself forward during tummy time too. She is crazy strong. Really holds herself up well, and she's so alert and attentive now. First walk in the stroller (going outside helps combat going stir crazy during this quarantine business). First Easter (very low key, due to aforementioned quarantine). She is starting to show interest in toys, she loves the things that hang above the activity gym. And...I don't know she mostly just chills and smiles at us when we look at her. Not much going on developmentally to report on-oh except that she may have started teething? She's gotten quite drooly and gets fussy sometimes and chews on her hand or your finger like craaazy. Which-ugh. SO early.

Mischief: Still not big on the mischief, aside from getting her little hand out of her sleepsack to suck on lol. Or getting her hands in the way when nursing.

Cuteness: SHE IS SO CUTE. Her tiny button nose and pretty little lips. Her big old chubby cheeks (which might have a dimple in the right one but they're so chubby it's super faint lol). Her big pretty eyes of a yet to be determined color. ALL OF HER HAIR! Her chunky baby thighs and belly and delicate little fingers and toes. *sigh* She's also ticklish and is so close to laughing. I can feel it. She'll do what we call a "proto-laugh" which for her sounds like a little hiccup (James' sounded like a loud inhale lol). Rose is just so sweet and happy, honestly. She is rarely cranky and even when she is she is obviously trying her best to be calm. She's such a good sport while that crazy brother of her gets all in her face and climbs all over her she just stares at him and somehow still lights up when she sees him and gives him smiles. There is nothing like the feeling when she locks eyes on you and immediately bursts into so many HAPPY happy sweet grins. Her eyes immediately crinkle and a giant smile takes over her face-sometimes her little shoulders and hands will even come up for maximum glee. It's irresistibly adorable. And then she starts talking and cooing, especially if you give her kisses, which makes the cute smiles somehow even cuter. She's started doing this thing where I'll hold her by my head and she just starts aggressively giving me kisses and grinning and loudly exclaiming between kisses (I translate that she's saying "more! more!" when she goes "GAH! GAHHHHH!") Somehow this baby also likes tummy time (I mean...until she gets fed up about how long it's been since she was held/cuddled/kissed). She'll just sit there, pushing herself up, looking around, totally content and then she'll straight up smile! I'm so pleasantly surprised (James despised tummy time). When she's on her back on the gym she gets so excited to see the elephant and lion that hang above her and she gets very playful as she swats at them and swings her head around with a smirking open mouth. She still acts like "Oh what a treat!" when she gets to eat and has recently decided she quite likes being naked so is now pretty darn pleased about diaper changes. I also think she enjoys it when I dress her up in outfits (which she usually wears for like 5 minutes so I can take pictures and then she's back in a sleeper *sigh*) because she'll just smile and act so excited as I put the clothes on her-and she never does that for sleepers. I'm pretty stoked about it. She's so pure and wonderful and made of cute.

Nicknames: Rosie, Cozy Rosie, Rosie Posy, Baby Rose, Baby girl, Lady, Ladybug, Fuzzy Head, Chunk/Chunk-a-munk, "Little Chub/Chubby" (James calls her that), Sweetling, Sweetie-girl, Cutie-girl, Honey girl, Honey bun, Little miss, Missy, Ma'am, Sweetness, Love, combinations of all of the above...

Talking: She's a little baby chatterbox already. Rose loves to just stare at you and smile and coo, especially if you kiss her. It's like *kiss* "Goooo" *kiss* "Ah goo gahhhh" *kiss* "Ooooohahhhhh *gurgle*"

Favorites: Mommy, daddy, and big brother. Smiling and being smiled at/attention in general. Kisses! Being held and snuggled. Eating. Sleeping. Tummy time and the activity gym. Flowers, particularly the painting of them above the couch. Being dressed up (seriously, she smiles as I'm putting outfits on's so weird and cute.)

Dislikes:  Being left alone or away from mommy for too long and coldness. Being overly sleepy. And...that's like it.

Concerns: Just worrying that she may be teething and then the COVID-19 general worry but I feel like that's unlikely so....yeah mostly not much to be concerned about!

A Day in the Life: Rose usually wakes up around 6:30, give or take a half hour. Depending on the time, I may go get James before nursing Rose, or I'll wait until after. We play for a tiny bit, change her diaper and then she has a nap after about 45-50 minutes of being awake. The morning nap is usually the longest one and she typically sleeps until about 9:30-10am. Feed her, play, diaper change, down for nap. Then she wakes between 12 and 12:30 (generally right after I've put James down for his nap) feed, play (without crazy brother distracting me!), diaper change, down for nap again. Then wake up around 2:30, I get James from his nap, feed Rose, play, diaper change, nap again. Wake and eat at 4:30 then play, diaper change, and one more nap. Around 6:30 she's up and eating then we play until about 7:30ish (James is in the midst of his bedtime routine at this point) and it's Rose's bedtime. I nurse her to sleep and then lay her down in her crib (usually falls asleep around 8ish). Since she's currently sleeping in the cradle in our room at night time and Michael stays up later than I do, he'll bring her to our room either if she wakes up or when he's going to bed and then I feed her whenever she wakes up in the night.

Monday, April 6, 2020

Rose's Newborn Photos

My amazing friend Amanda (who also did James' 6 month and 1 year sessions) of Amanda Ellis Photography completely blew me away with all the gorgeous pictures she took of Rose and our family when my little sweetie was only 11 days old. I mean...seriously...can you handle it??!

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Rose-1 Month!

Date: March 20, 2020

Height: 21.26 inches (as of her appointment on Monday)

Weight: 10 lbs. 8 oz. (^as of Monday)

Sleeping Pattern: We're doing a loose Babywise schedule again. She eats (hopefully) every 2-3 hours during the day, could go longer at night (rarely does) and then has very little awake time. She mostly sleeps lol. We've been working on napping in her crib but she also will happily nap when held or put in the rock 'n play (only under close supervision does she do that). Night's are somewhat variable, she usually gives me one stretch where it's 3-4 hours between a feed, maybe another 2.5-3 hours then until the next one. Sometimes she has trouble after that before morning.

Eating Habits: Rose is a super good eater! And, luckily, much better at not overeating than her brother was. She usually nurses on just 1 side for approximately 10 minutes (with the occasional exception of like 20-30 minutes) every 2-3 hours, longer if I'm lucky during the night. She's got a great latch and is always delighted when it's feeding time (really, her face lights up with delight lol).

Development & Firsts: She held her head up for the first time within her first day of life (my babies have good head control, probably because they have tiny heads haha) and can push up onto her arms sometimes. When she's awake she just stares and will track with her eyes (she's started becoming more alert recently!). She also has figured out that her hands affect change-namely by grabbing at me and my hair and hitting the elephant on the activity gym. She also has tears :(. And of course everything is a first when you're a month old. She slept in her crib for the first time when she was a couple weeks old. She had her first smile, her first tummy time, first bath in her infant tub...lots of firsts! First pandemic too, ha ha....ha. Ugh.

Mischief: She's not terribly mischievous yet, just getting her little hands out of her swaddle is the biggest thing!

Cuteness: She is just so sweet and cute. Rose sleeps most of the time and I adore the way her little mouth will hang open (just like James did when he was a newborn). And almost every time she falls asleep she smiles. But then when she's awake her eyes are so wide open and pretty (and might go blue. Still too early to say) and she makes the cutest faces. She has a ton of hair (it's everyone's first thing they comment on...literally starting with the midwife when she was crowning lol) and it's so soft! After she's had a bath it's especially fuzzy and adorable. Rose LOOOVES kisses. Like...she smiles when you kiss her. She will literally move her head and press it into your mouth (or move it so if you just kissed her cheek now you're kissing her mouth). Her favorite kisses are from daddy, I'm saying it's because his beard must be tickly but he also just might be the favorite *harumph* She loves to stare at him, and James, and me, and outside, and the elephant on her activity gym...And she gets a cute little coy expression that is almost flirty, it's insanely cute. Unsurprisingly she also loves cuddles and if you've been holding her and then put her down her arms will be reaching up like she's hugging the air and just waiting for you to fill in the space. And the way she reacts to getting to eat is so funny, she gets all lit up and excited and her sweet little hands will come up almost like "oh my oh gosh little old me gets to eat??!" I can't take her. She's just the sweetest cutest little cutie girl.

Nicknames: Rosie, Cozy Rosie, Rosie Posy, Baby Rose, Baby girl, Lady, Ladybug, Squeaks (Michael calls her this), Fuzzy Head, Sweetling, Sweetie-girl, Cutie-girl, Honey girl, Little miss, Sweetness, Love, combinations of all of the above...

Talking: Just an occasional coo/gurgle (which are SO CUTE), some Abu (from Aladdin)-like sounds, crying, and gassy grunting lol.

Favorites: Sleeping, being warm and cozy, being held, being kissed, eating, activity gym and tummy time, her brother, daddy (like-a lot), and mommy.

Dislikes: Being cold (especially if it's a cold wet thing touching baths must be quite warm or she is displeased), being taken from daddy (seriously she usually frowns or gives me an angry look), diaper changes, and generally having her coziness messed up in any way.

Concerns: Honestly...not much. My biggest concern is that I'm not able to give her as much attention and focus as I'd like since I'm not also dealing with her very demanding toddler brother. I also feel bad that she has that painful newborn gassy-ness but I know it should hopefully pass soon. Having done this before helps with all the worry, I feel much more calm about stuff than when James was new. I'm concerned about the COVID-19 stuff but honestly more in a big picture way and how it will affect the world.

A Day in the Life: 6:30 is the preferable wake up time for Rose, anywhere from 6-7 is possible, though. I nurse her, change her diaper, say hi to James (who wakes up around 7) and daddy, then I put her down for her 1st nap. Then somewhere around 9:30 she nurses again, has a bit of awake time and back down for a nap. Eats again around 12:30 (after big brother has been put down for his nap, hopefully), then I usually keep her downstairs with me/Michael to avoid messing up James' nap and she sleeps while held or in the rock 'n' play. Eats again at like 2:30/3ish, has awake time (usually some tummy time with an enthusiastic James) then nap again. Nurses at like 5:30/5:45ish (hopefully after I've eaten dinner) then she's awake for a little bit before we do her short bedtime routine (mostly just putting her in her sleepsack and then singing a song while I nurse her again). I then hold her for a bit to make sure she burps/is really asleep and then I put her in her crib. She then hopefully sleeps until about 9:30-10 and I change her into her overnight diaper then nurse her in our bedroom and put her down to sleep in the cradle next to our bed and I go to sleep too. She usually wakes up twice in the night to nurse and then right back to the cradle after being held for a bit to help with her tummy (12:30ish and 3:30ish). Sometimes after the 2nd night waking she has trouble and is up a lot until her wake time but every day is a little different!

Tuesday, March 3, 2020


Amanda Ellis Photography
Rose Selene

The cuddliest little lady was born February 20, 2020 (2/20/20!) at 7:59 PM. She weighed 8 lbs. and 2 oz. and was 19.5 inches long. I had a completely natural (and redemptive! Can't wait to share the birth story later) labor and Rosie ended up being an accidental water birth! She is the absolute sweetest, sleepiest, prettiest thing and we all love her so. 

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Something Saturdays-on Sunday (2/9/20)

Hi! Currently no baby but boy oh boy I know it's coming soon and eeeeeeeeep. So we've just been trying to do some last minute cleaning, freezer meals, etc. and enjoy our time together. Last week we had 2 play dates (Michael's cousin's daughter Ava who is a couple months younger than James came over and then later in the week my cousin's daughter Ava-who is 10 months older-came over. We call them baby Ava and big Ava to differentiate lol) and we visited with Michael at work one morning. Michael's mom also came over Friday afternoon and helped me clean a bunch of stuff which was such a big help. This weekend has been awesome-we got to play in the snow yesterday and today Michael and I had our last pre-baby date at an awesome cafe and bakery called Blue Door. I had some delicious chocolate hazelnut crepes and a side of breakfast potatoes and onions that I'm pretty sure I could eat all day. Michael got a massive croissant breakfast sandwich that he still hasn't finished. I'm loving life right now and am so excited to meet our new addition but also anxious about things changing-all totally normal and all stuff I felt before James too. So...yeah. I'll try to check back in next week if there's still no baby, but keep an eye out on my Instagram if you're eagerly awaiting news of when we have a new arrival!

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Baby #2 Update- 36/37 Weeks

Wellll I'm guessing this is my last update. EEP.

How far along:  36-37  weeks

Due Date: (officially) March 1, 2020 (But I consistently measure for around Feb 24th)

Baby's Size: Like a papaya?

Total weight gain/loss: 35ish lbs.

Maternity clothes: YEPP except for pj's and large sweaters, etc.

Stretch marks: Still seems like I've avoided new ones! Woo!

Sleep: Not too terrible-just annoying when I have to get up to pee, and my hips sometimes hurt so it takes me a bit to find a good position, and I need to be going to sleep earlier probably lol.

Best moment of this week: My appointment this week they said she's head down and really engaged in my pelvis and I'm like 70% effaced and 2cm dilated so all in all things are moving along and this baby is gonna be coming soon! It made it feel very real.

Miss anything: I miss not having the soreness (in my hips and back especially, plus that pelvic pressure) and not getting winded so quickly. I also can't wait to not have the acid reflux and Braxton Hicks messing with me.

Movement: She's still so chill compared to James but since she's gotten so big I feel like all of her tiny little movements in there.

Food cravings: Still nothing I would call a craving. I do like always want sweets, though, lol. But that's not really unusual.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nopes.

Have you started to show yet: I'm super large lol. People are nice and say I look good though.

Gender: Girl!

Labor signs: Not yet! Just lots of those Braxton Hicks.

Belly button in or out: Sometimes the center pushes out a bit depending on where she's positioned in there.

Wedding rings on or off: On, barely.

Happy or moody most of the time: Mostly happy, just overwhelmed and also I get a little emotional thinking about leaving James to go to the hospital and just having to share myself with someone else is a little sad.

Looking forward to: Michael and I are having a brunch date this weekend and I'm pretty stoked about that. And just soaking up as much time with James as possible. And then finally meeting this sweet new human, seeing what she looks like, acts like, etc. And watching James as a big brother (pleeeeease let him not flip out lol).

Here's my 36 week update from James (which was my last one with him, since he arrived around 39 weeks).

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Something Saturdays (2/1/20)

It's February which meeeeans-there's a 99% chance we're having a baby this month! Which is why we've been cracking down and getting a lot done the last few weeks. We've been making freezer meals, packing out hospital bags, going over info, finishing projects, etc. AND we finally finished baby girl's nursery!
It's mostly gray and white with a couple pops of pink, and a loose elephant theme (the crib sheets, art work on the wall, plus some toys). I LOVE these prints we got from Lotus Nursery Art on Etsy (we customized the quote in the middle to "Have courage and be kind."

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Something Saturdays (1/11/20)

Well this week has been full of getting lots of things ready and dealing with the fun fun transition of James to his big boy bed. He actually has been doing really well at night but woooo his naps are a rollercoaster (and he frequently skips it entirely which is miserable). But it's going better than I feared it would so yay! And he's so cute.

We also went on the hospital tour today (we switched hospitals from the one where we had James, and this one is a brand new building with birthing suites) and I'm really excited about it! It's lovely, hopefully things go smoothly for us when the time comes lol!

Posts from this week 

Recipes from the blog that I've made lately
Garlic Parmesan Chicken Lasagna (I made a double batch and froze one for post-baby)
Graham Cracker Pie Crust
Peanut Butter Cream Pie

Recent links bookmarked (visit my Pinterest for more)

Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
The Witcher-Well we finished the season. And "Toss a Coin to Your Witcher" will be in my head for all time. Definitely while we wait for season 2 (SO MANY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS!)

Instagram Lately 

Monday, January 6, 2020

Baby #2 Update- 32 Weeks

How far along:  32-33 weeks (I measure 6 days ahead of my due date, etc)

Due Date: (officially) March 1, 2020

Baby's Size: According to my apps a squash or a honeydew. At my ultrasound in December she weighed about 3 lbs 6 oz!

Total weight gain/loss: Like 30 lbs?

Maternity clothes: Pretty much exclusively except for pj's and large sweaters, etc.

Stretch marks: I don't thiiink any new ones.

Sleep: Meh there are good nights and bad nights, I'm usually so exhausted though that when I'm able to sleep I do.

Best moment of this week: It wasn't this week but my favorite moment from the last month was getting to see the ultrasound with my brother and sister-in-law and watch her just pursing and pouting her lips and stretching and being so so cute. This week's best moment is starting to see her nursery come together!

Miss anything: Being able to eat normally-started getting the acid reflux/heartburn if I'm not careful about eating too much in one sitting. And my hips not hurting.

Movement: I love feeling and watching her stretch and nudge and push against my hand. One of my favorite parts of pregnancy for sure!

Food cravings: Meh, still not a cravings person.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope!

Have you started to show yet: I am very big lol.

Gender: Girl!

Labor signs: No-hopefully at least not for another month or so!

Belly button in or out: Technically still somewhat in.

Wedding rings on or off: On.

Happy or moody most of the time: Still really overwhelmed but mostly happy.

Looking forward to: Hopefully getting everything ready so I can just chill and wait for her to get here lol. Also seeing her nursery completely done!

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Something Saturdays (1/4/20)

Finally recovering from the insanity of the holidays! I worked all weekend and then worked on stuff at home during the week-I also got a new phone (woo/blech lol). Wednesday we had breakfast with Michael's dad and stepmom and brother and sister-in-law and then drove to Youngstown during James' nap to spend the rest of New Year's day with Michael's mom's family. It was very fun and very crazy. Thursday some of Michael's aunts and his one cousin who is 8 months older than James (his mom is the oldest of 11 and the toddler's mom is the youngest of the 11 lol) were at his mom's house so we hung out there for a bit too and visited. I'm not working this weekend so looking forward to getting lots done (including James transitioning out of his crib to his big boy bed tonight! EEE wish me luck).

Posts from this week 

Recipes from the blog that I've made lately
Slow Cooker Amish-style Shredded Beef
Perfect Roasted Carrots

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Best of 2019 on Instagram

Here we go, it's time for a new year (and a new decade): welcome to the 2020's!

2019 was a very very busy year full of running around with the most fun toddler ever and growing a sweet new little sister for him. 2020 is looking to be another great one.

 There was a lot of snow.

 And a good amount of brunches at Twisted Citrus.

 Lots of trips to the park.

 Someone discovered a love of ice cream.

 There was Easter.

 And Mother's Day.

 And farmer's markets.

 And the zoo!

 We vacationed at Conneaut Lake with Michael's family.

 And found out we're getting another little nugget!

 James was the cutest Halloween turtle.

 And the best helper.

 I turned 30 and ate delicious things to celebrate.

And we had a merry merry Christmas.

And now it's time to face 2020!
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