Wednesday, September 19, 2018

James-9 Months!

Date: September 10, 2018

Height:  28.74 inches (as of his doctor's appointment on the 17th)

Weight: 17 lbs. 9.6 oz (^ditto)

Sleeping Pattern: Baby boy is fairly low sleep needs so he doesn't actually get a TON of sleep during the day but his nighttime sleep has gotten longer and deeper so I'm totally ok with it! He has 2 naps during the day, that usually last anywhere from 1-2 hours (he usually only sleeps for 2.5-3 hours total) and then he is usually asleep for the night by 8 and he sleeps until about 7am! It's lovely :) His sleep routines are pretty much the same-for naps I just put him in his sleepsack and sit and sing for 1 song (or, lately, like 1 verse of a song) then I lay him in his crib. Then he falls asleep. At night we change him, lotion him, read him a story, then Michael takes him around to say goodnight to everything before reading him his superhero rules and then handing him off to me to put in his sleepsack and nurse before bed.

Eating Habits: Biting during nursing has become a thing so that's made stuff interesting (I've managed to get it much better by being more vigilant about his latch, though.) He nurses 4 times a day, usually for just under 15 minutes. He's been doing amazing on the solid food front! He's eating about 3 times a day now (usually breakfast, lunch, and dinner but sometimes he'll do lunch, pre-dinner snack, and dinner if I can't get myself up and going for breakfast quickly enough). He's had SO MANY different foods and really is doing so well. On the rare occasion he runs out of food and wants more he'll usually smack his highchair tray and sometimes even say "Mo!" (Or if he wants whatever you're eating his eyes will get all big and he'll reach towards you and sort of make a begging sound haha.) When he's done he usually plays with the stuff left on his tray and shakes his head. (We've been doing the baby signs since he was 4 months old but he hasn't really seemed to latch onto them? I feel like he's so vocal he's like...nah...I'll just talk lol. He's actually said "All done!" a few times!).

Development & Firsts: Ok so a lot happened this last month!! James got his top front teeth (his right on August 15th and his left on August 21st). He crawled backwards on August 20th and then actually started crawling (army crawling to be specific) on August 31st. And he stood himself up (via holding onto the laundry basket and pulling himself up) on September 9th! He's on the move, to say the least haha. He also had an actually meal at a real restaurant for the first time! Michael, James, and I all went to BJ's Brewhouse (a localish chain) and we ordered James some potstickers that he loooved.

Mischief: Oh this silly mischievous boy. James always loves to head towards whatever he shouldn't be into and he'll give you this look over his shoulder of like "what? what am I doing?" and/or "hehehe good luck catching me lady." The other day I put a blanket over my head while we were playing, expecting him to take it off, but instead he giggled, went, "yes!" and started speed crawling towards some stuff he's not supposed to get into. He also likes to giggle and speed-crawl away from me when I say "Where are you going? I'm gonna get you!" And this has been the month of biting-due to a combo of getting more teeth and more trying to come in. But I also think he thought (and maybe still sometimes thinks) it's funny. We're working on it and I think it's getting better but oh man the little grin he would give you when you'd say "Ow!" or just "No biting." He'd just stare at you and have the most devilish little grin steal across his face. He shakes his head "no" frequently and also just loves to scream and be an insane person, generally.

Cuteness:  All the same cuteness that he's always had applies!!! I will say, he's starting to look like such a little boy (his hair especially!) and I love it but it also makes me want to cryyyy. But then he's still so the same, I love when he lightly puckers his lips in his sleep, like he's done for as long as I can remember. And ah he's always doing something new and adorable! He's still really interested in Batman and smiles anytime he sees a bat symbol (which is pretty frequently around my house) and will even kiss it if it's on a towel or something. James still loves music and dancing especially but this last month we've started slow dancing and oh my gosh it's the sweetest thing. I'll hold him and we'll sway/dance around while I'm playing a song and he'll just rest his head on my shoulder. Sometimes he'll also sing during it (usually just him going "oooh" but one time he was singing, "maamaa maaa...." and I cried.)  And YES the way he says dada/dad and mama/mum now is SO very clearly him addressing us and we love it and it's adorable and the best. Eating is one of the cutest things, watching how he'll GO TO TOWN on something or just make the cutest mess or study how to best approach something. We gave him a whole apple for the first time and I'm sorry but it's cute as heck to watch a baby hold and eat an apple. He also purses his lips when his mouth is full in the sweetest way (his grandpa says he has good manners, keeping his mouth shut when he's chewing.) Oh and one day Michael shared some of his food with James and then had a very serious talk about how food is best when shared. And after that James started sharing his food with us-he'll hold it up to you with the sweetest, most earnest, expression on his face. It melts your freaking heart. We also pray before dinner, usually, and he loves it. While we do "bless us oh lord" he smiles and looks so happy. What else does he do that's cute....he uses his fist to do the "wah wah wah" thing, a lot. It's so funny. Now that he crawls he also loves to speed off towards things while looking over his shoulder for you and giggling if you chase after him/make it seem like he shouldn't be going there. He has peeked his head around the corner of the laundry room when I've been in there a couple times and it cracked me up. I could hear him crawling on the tile floor and then pop! There's his cute little head and adorable little grin. Every moment of every day is full of cuteness (it's even cute when he's trying to eat my hair). I'm obsessed.

Nicknames: James-y, Jamesy-pie, Nugget (or Nug or Nuggy or Nuggy Nug or Nuggety or Nougat), Noodle, Godzilla, Cutie McCuterson, Cuddle Bug, Snuggle Bunny, Hedgehog, Mister, Sir, Bud/Buddy, Friend, Sweet Boy, Baby, Love (My love, little love, sweet love, lovey), Cutie patootie/pie, My Sweetie/Sweetie-pie, The Baby, Little/Sweet/Baby Boy (or any combo with any of the other nicknames listed-particularly Sir Baby and Mister Boy), Baby-man (Michael calls him this).

Talking: James says a lot of things that may or may not be actual words lol. Pretty sure we've heard him say no, yes, yeah, more, all done, batman, grandma, kiss, and probably some other things. He definitively and emphatically (and frequently) says "dada"/"dad" and "mama"/"mum". He's just such a chatterbox, though. His babbling is sounding more and more comprehensible and intentional and sometimes I swear we just have conversations with questions and responses and everything. (An example of a very short such conversation: "dadaa?" "Yeah dada's coming right back." "Yeh." And other times it's more him doing a very long incomprehensible rant-like thing and I say, "Yeah?" and he looks at me and says, "yes!" or something to that effect.)

Favorites: Me and Michael. His grandparents and Aunt Shannan. Dancing/singing. Daddy's guitar. Being held. Kisses. Spinning. Being tickled. Playing. Hair (particularly trying to ACTUALLY EAT IT lately. He will grab my hair and start trying to chew it. It's so weird.) Listening to/watching mommy sing Itsy Bitsy Spider, Little Bunny Foo Foo, and Wheels on the Bus. His toys and books. Attention, in general. Baths. Food (strawberries, chicken, yogurt, cheese, pastas, pancakes....pretty much everything except vegetables lol)

Dislikes: Sometimes vegetables (gah). Taking anything he wants away from him/telling him he can't have something. The car. Overwhelming situations/big crowds. Not being able to sleep. Teething. Tummy aches (had our first one this month and it was sad). Not being paid attention to in too long. Not being with mommy/daddy.

Concerns: Figuring out the biting situation has been hard but I think we're getting better!

A Day in the Life: James wakes up around 7am (sometimes I'm lucky and he sleeps in until 7:15 or 7:20!) and then I nurse him. We then either go have some breakfast (usually some combo of like fruit, toast, cheese, oatmeal, yogurt, stuff like that.) or hang out and relax and spend time with daddy before he goes to work. After playing and such I put him back down for his nap around 9:30am. I get him up at 11am and nurse him. We then have lunch (which could be any number of things) and after that if we have errands we'll run them or we'll just play or do some playing and some of him playing on his own while I clean/cook/do dishes, etc. He goes back to sleep around 2pm and then gets up anywhere from 3:30-4 usually. I nurse him and then we might have a quick snack or just play/have him play while I cook dinner. After Michael gets home we all eat together and then have a little bit of playtime before our nightly routine. I nurse him at 7:30 and he's usually asleep and in his crib between 7:45 and 8 (sometimes he falls asleep while nursing and sometimes he falls asleep after I've put him in his crib).

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Something Saturdays (9/15/18)

Last weekend was super nice-we grilled some cheeseburgers and spent time together and Michael's dad and stepmom came by to visit on Sunday. The rest of this week has just been pretty normal getting stuff done and hanging out with baby times. I have to work for just a few hours today and tomorrow, but otherwise I'm looking forward to enjoying the weekend! 

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Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
Nailed It-This show on Netflix is SO FREAKING HILARIOUS. I binge watched the whole 2 seasons a couple months ago and am re-watching now with Michael and I just love it. We giggle and giggle.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal Cookies {Baby Led Weaning Recipes}

James is 9 months old which means we've been on our baby led weaning journey for about 2 and a half months. I'm not going to try to sell you on it or be terribly informative I'll just sum it up by saying: when babies are at least 6 months old and able to sit up unassisted you offer them table foods, usually whatever you're having-just cut appropriately(aside from choking hazards, like nuts, or things babies can't have, like honey)-instead of doing purees. There's a bunch to it and I highly suggest you look into it if you're interested, I've loved it. Anyway, thanks to BLW James is an awesome eater and I get to have tons of fun making him lots of different foods. But I also want him to be healthy, so he hasn't had any real desserts yet. His kind of desserts are like nice cream (AKA blended frozen bananas that have the texture of ice cream) and these cookies. Which I'm good with. And, frankly, they ARE tasty. So he's not missing out!

I mean, clearly he couldn't keep his hands off them:
3 ingredients: oats, peanut butter, and bananas. That's it. It's pretty epic. And not just for babies! I would have called them "breakfast cookies" prior to mommy-dom and been perfectly happy eating them then, too. This recipe is super duper insanely easy to whip up and it's also very customizable-you can add in all sorts of mix ins and sub out different nut butters if peanut isn't your thang. You can even add some maple syrup or honey if you feel like they're not sweet enough. Let's be honest, if these had just been made for me they would have had chocolate chips. But James is not ready for chocolate, he'll love it too much. Gotta keep some surprises for him. So for now he'll happily munch away on his special little baby cookies because they're tasty and I'll be happy that they're healthy! Win win win win!

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Something Saturdays (9/8/18)

Last weekend was SO SO NICE! The wedding on Saturday went well and then my boss actually let me come home a little early which was a great surprise! Sunday we went and bought a custom frame for our 16x20 family photo (because we're extra and can't just like a regular frame lol) and also tried out a place near us called Cultured Coffee and Waffles (pretty good, nothing life changing though. We got carry-out though so I'll wait until we dine in to pass final judgment.) Monday we just hung out at home and used James' little pool outside again. The rest of the week went by super fast and nothing terribly eventful happened. This weekend should be nice, too, though because I just work a short little 3 hour shift today and then not at all tomorrow! Yay!

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Something Saturdays (9/1/18)

Happy Labor Day weekend!!! I hope you guys all have some fun plans! I have a wedding today and I was supposed to have one tomorrow but my boss didn't end up needing me so instead I get to just spend some much needed quality time with Michael and James. Yay!

Last Sunday was SO fun. We all went to church and then later in the day we took James out to a restaurant for the 3 of us to all eat for the 1st time and he did really well! Everyone there was pretty surprised to see us order him potstickers and impressed when they saw how he chowed down on them lol. So that was fun! The rest of the week I just spent with James and getting stuff done. (I also took him to the grocery store just the 2 of us for the first time and that went well too! Yay!)

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Sweet Cream Cold Brew Fudgesicles

Sweet Cream Cold Brew Fudgesicles
I've created a cold brew addict.

Michael just started drinking coffee regularly a few years ago (I don't drink it, though) and when I first learned about cold brew I knew it was the thing for him. It's less acidic and harsh on the tummy and higher in caffeine and flavor. Pretty much exactly what he loves-and he's super apathetic about if it's hot or not so I started making homemade cold brew for him (I use this recipe, btw) and his life was changed.

And then I spotted the recipe for these fudgesicles and revolutionized everything.
Sweet Cream Cold Brew Fudgesicles
The only thing Michael likes better than coffee is CHOCOLATE and coffee, bonus points for refreshing. So hi yes these are fudgesicles made with cold brew and then oh yes also a sweet creamy layer.

He was very excited.
Sweet Cream Cold Brew Fudgesicles
You initially taste the sweet cream layer before that gives way to the chocolatey coffee fudgesicle and while both are delicious and interesting on their own, when you can taste both flavors at once it comes together and is just magic. Trust me-these got the full Michael seal of approval. They're epic and you need them. Make them while the weather's still warm! (Or make them when it's cold out, I'm a strong believer in eating what you want no matter what the weather is.)

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Something Saturdays (8/25/18)

Hihihiii! Ok so last weekend was pretty great-Saturday was crazy because the wedding I worked had some MoB dramaaa but Sunday was so nice! James got to play in his little blow up pool while Michael grilled us steaks (and potatoes and cauliflower that I dressed with tahini and chili powder) that we then all ate on the deck (ok...I didn't eat any cauliflower because ick but James liked it!) the rest of this week has pretty much been business as usual.

PS I've been loving these cookies since I was pregnant (I love oreos + pb and these are healthier and tastier!)

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

What Not to Buy for Babies

I feel like there are a ton of posts about what you SHOULD buy for babies (heck, I've written 2 so far) but the more time that passes, the more I think we should chat about the variety of things babies DON'T need. We've discovered that these things aren't necessary over the last few months and are hoping this helps you be able to avoid wasting money on this kind of stuff-whether you're buying for yourself or a loved one! Most of these things are 100% subjective and based upon my personal experience:
  • Baby blankets-fun fact, blankets are a SIDS risk for sleeping babies. So they can't sleep with them (use a sleepsack! I hiiighly recommend the Halo ones). Which means 90% of their function is gone. And baby blankets generally aren't terribly large, so you can't even use them much for play time on the floor (although when they're not at all mobile you could potentially use a large-ish one for tummy time). I have probably 20+ baby blankets, all gifted to us from people for showers or after James was born. I pretty much never use any of them. The only blankets I use are the aden + anais kind and I use them as burpcloths or a few other blankets that I have I use to put on a changing mat on the ground for diaper changes-but super soft fuzzy ones and crochet/knit ones don't work for those jobs so they just don't get used.
  • Too many toys-babies are pretty easily amused. And usually really only end up liking like 2 of the 20 things they're presented. So need to overdo it when they're young. 
  • Stuffed animals-this is sort of like a combo of the previous 2. Stuffed animals are a kind of toy but they're also comfort objects that are a SIDS risk so babies can't sleep with them until they're at least 1. Like..having 1 or 2 stuffed animals is cool but everyone ends up giving them to you and then you have 15 stuffed animals with no purpose. 
  • Baby clothes that are difficult to get them into-I know. This seems random. BUT dressing babies is hard and there are some outfits we got that James wore a total of once because it was just never worth it to wear them again. For example-there were these SUPER cute and warm little like bear one piece outfits that were SO HARD to get him into-you had to wiggle his body all the way down into them from the bottom up. Just something to consider. James pretty much only wore sleepers for his first few months and primarily wears them still.
Exhibit A. He was not happy.
  • Disposable diapers/wipes (if you're using cloth): A bunch of people told me to have disposable diapers and wipes on hand (even though I use cloth)-just in case. After James' circumcision closed we have never once used disposable diapers except for when we went on vacation. Which means we have ended up with a bunch of outgrown unused diapers. Not a huge deal but the point is-we didn't need them. So why get them? And the wipes? We've only used them to clean up a mess he made at a cafe one time, never on him. 
  • Bath/swim toys: Can you say mold? An exception are things that can't get water in them, like those little plastic links like every baby has. 

BONUS-if you're pregnant and you've heard of "padsicles" (maxi pads frozen with aloe and witch hazel)--SUPER don't need them. They just made my whole area feel cold (which was not so pleasant), didn't help with anything lol.

Disclaimer-this is all, obviously, in my opinion.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Something Saturdays (8/18/18)

Last weekend we had a bit of excitement by going out to brunch with James after church-it went pretty well until we were done eating, it then took us 30-45 minutes to get our check and desserts and actually be able to leave (there was only 1 other table in the entire diner and the dessert was just a slice of weird) so poor James went down for his nap super late. But, it all worked out ok. This week was fairly chill-James got his 3rd tooth so that was exciting but also made him cranky for a couple days. But yeah, more boring-ness around here. But the good kind :) I work a wedding today and then tomorrow is family time!

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

James-8 Months!

Date: August 10, 2018

Sleeping Pattern: So this has changed a lot in the last couple weeks. Over this entire month we've sort of started a transition to a new schedule for him. We are now down to 2 naps during the day that usually last 1-2 hours apiece and then he still has his last nursing session at 7:30pm and then sleeps all night. We're in a super good spot right now, generally, sleep-wise! (We had one week in there where he kept crying at random times throughout the night from either nightmares or teething or a combination, it was so sad-and exhausting.)

Eating Habits: Eating is still a pretty lively situation with lots of position changes and baby moving around and grabbing various things but it's gotten a little better now that he's only nursing four times a day (so he's a bit hungrier for his feedings). He now eats solids about two times a day (usually after his 2nd milk feeding of the day and then again at dinner-time) and he's doing SOOO well! He's eaten well over 50 different foods and does pretty great with all of them. He sits in his high chair and we just put whatever he's eating on his tray and we eat together. It's really nice and we're loving baby led weaning.

Development & Firsts: James went on his first vacation to Lake Conneaut in PA and he did really well! He certainly loved all the attention he got from all the family. Unfortunately he also picked up his 1st cold while there, but he was a tough little guy and got through it. While we were there he went to his first "beach" and put his feet in the lake for the first time. He also ate in his first cafe (he had some very yummy yogurt that they were nice enough to give us for him.) He's taken to using rolling (and scooting) as a very efficient means of travel (seriously need to keep an eye on him now! He moves fast), but he's also sort of working on crawling? It's a process lol. He also loves to stand (with help, of course). And he had his first bath in his bath tub-not in the little infant tub! We sit him in a little laundry basket to help keep him from slipping around and he loves it.

Mischief: He's just so ferocious! He's so playful but like screams at you and pulls your hair and attacks your's adorable but also somewhat terrifying, lol. We've had some struggles with biting but I think he's starting to figure out "Oops, I have teeth, need to be careful about those." He also loves to roll toward whatever thing he shouldn't be getting into (as babies do). He'll still give me an impish smile when I try to say no (like when he tries to grab his *ahem* area when I'm changing his diaper or removes the wipe covering it just in time to pee on me). One adorable "mischievous" thing he likes to do is "hide" under a blanket and giggle uncontrollably while you pretend you can't find him, then he'll pop his head out and everyone loves it. He also shakes his head "no" A TON but the vast majority of the time I think it's actually him dancing (I've noticed when I dance I tend to shake my head so...ya.)

Cuteness:  James is just maximum cute (his fuzzy hair, his long eyelashes, his big eyes that are grey and brown somehow, his chubby cheeks, his pretty little lips, all his funny faces and yeah everything.). He still is so affectionate and gives kisses (sometimes sweet and gentle, other times super intense and almost violent) and will lay his head on your shoulder for cuddles. His eyes light up when he sees people he loves and he gets this slow smile that will steal across his face and steal your freaking heart. All his talking is so funny and his giggles are THE BEST. He laughs at us for making silly noises, he laughs when we spin with him, he laughs when I dance with him, he laughs when we come home from being away and he sees us, he laughs just because he's looking at us sometimes. Now that he's taking baths like a big boy he gets so excited and splashes around and squeals and smiles. He's obsessed with his daddy's guitar, he loves "playing" it and if Michael starts playing and singing he'll sort of "sing" too (making little "ooooh" sounds). He takes everything in with big eyes and studies everything. He shakes his head when he's happy, or done eating, or telling you "no". The way he studies and tests out some foods and others he just GOES TO TOWN on is adorable. Lately he's been really into this large picture of the Batman symbol hanging in our loft, he stares at it and smiles at it, and tries to crane around and hang backwards to look at it while Michael is reading him his nightly superhero rules. It's so funny. He claps his feet together in the most adorable way. many things. This section always kills me because HE'S SO CUTE ALL THE TIME HOW CAN I SUM IT UP?

Nicknames: James-y, Littlest Bob, Nugget (or Nug or Nuggy or Nuggy Nug or Nuggety), Noodle, Godzilla, Cutie McCuterson, Cuddle Bug, Snuggle Bunny, Hedgehog, Mister, Sir, Bud/Buddy, Friend, Sweet Boy, Baby, Love (My love, little love, sweet love, lovey), Cutie patootie/pie, My Sweetie/Sweetie-pie, The Baby, Little/Sweet/Baby Boy (or any combo with any of the other nicknames listed)

Talking: He says mama and dada and "heyyy" (or more rarely "hiii"). He babbles and "talks" a ton and sometimes we could swear he says other words or responds to us. It's crazy awesome. He also screams and squeals and yells at you, which is loud but still pretty awesome. He also like gargles when he's cooing and talking sometimes which is just too funny.

Favorites: Me and Michael. His grandparents and Aunt Shannan (and Uncle Kevin and Aunt Emily-they live out of town but he had so much fun being with them when we were on vacation). Dancing/singing. Daddy's guitar. Being held. KISSES.  Spinning. Being tickled. Silly sounds. Hair (he has always been weirdly into hair, he thinks it's so fun and hilarious...??!) His toys and books. Hearing people he loves on the phone. Attention, in general. Baths. Food (yogurt and cheese and toast and chicken...etc.)

Dislikes: Same as last month: Not having attention/doing the same thing and being in the same spot for too long. Mommy and daddy being gone. Teething. Being tired. Noisiness when he's trying to sleep. The car. Oh! And radishes (he made a gagging face from tasting it lol).

Concerns: Not much actually! Just hoping I'm keeping him mentally stimulated enough and that he's happy and healthy and such. 

A Day in the Life: (This is our current schedule that we just recently transitioned to.) Little guy wakes up around 7am and typically just sort of coos and plays in his crib until I get him. I feed him and then we play, spend a little time with daddy before he goes to work, and chill until I put him down for his nap around 9:30am. He then usually sleeps until about 11am. Then I nurse him and pretty much immediately after we have a sort of brunch/snack situation. Then we play! I'll oftentimes also try to let him play by himself a little bit while I get some things done. He goes back down for a nap around 2pm and then wakes up somewhere around 3:30 to 4pm-ish. We play for a little bit and wait for Michael to come home and then we pretty much immediately have dinner. We play a little bit more and then get him ready for bed starting a little bit after 7pm and then I nurse him at 7:30pm and put him in his crib when he's done (sometimes he's asleep already and sometimes he's not).

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Something Saturdays (8/11/18)

Last weekend was great! I worked a beautiful wedding on Saturday but was home in time for dinner with my boys! Sunday, Michael and I went to our favorite local breakfast place (Twisted Citrus) for the 1st time in nearly a year and had SUCH a yummy meal while Michael's dad watched James. Then we came home and just had some family time. This week I've just been working on more stuff and also working on transitioning James' schedule (it's a process). Thursday and yesterday I worked, and I work a little bit today too. Sooo yeah, exciting in a totally non-exciting way. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Soft Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Soft Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies
I love being a mom. Seriously, it's the best. The ONLY thing that I don't love is the fact that I don't have nearly as much time to bake.

It's super sad. I love baking! It's fun! And the results are sooo yummy.

Which is why it's an extra special treat when I actually am able to do it. Especially cookies. They're a fave around here in case you didn't know.
Soft Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies
This recipe is one of my all time (if not my absolute all time) favorite peanut butter cookie recipes. They're soft, they're chewy, they're peanut butter, and there's chocolate. I love love love them. Michael love love loved them. Heck even my family love love loved them when I brought some to my grandma's pool. 

(And someday when I let James find out what a real cookie tastes like, he'll love love love these too. And so will you.)

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Something Saturdays (8/4/18)

Well Michael and James weren't quite over their colds last weekend so I just went to my family reunion alone-which was a bummer but it was nice to see everyone. Other than that, this week has been all about my attempts to get things done (fun fact: I'm terrible at getting things done with a baby). Yesterday I worked. Today I have a wedding. Nothing terribly exciting!

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

James' Sitter Session

James wasn't sitting up well at 6 months so we got his sitter session done at 7 months and even though he hadn't napped well (he had a teeth cut through the next day) Amanda Ellis Photography did an AMAZING job capturing our sweet, silly, weird little boy!! I love love love every single picture, so I thought I'd share with you some of my favorites.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Something Saturdays (7/28/18)

Hey guys! I'm back!! Great news-vacation went really well! James actually slept every night all night (we rigged a sheet between his pack n play and our bed so it was like a makeshift wall lol) and his naps weren't too bad either. He had a great time-he got a bit spoiled by all the attention and WILL NOT HAVE me leaving him on his own for very long now lol. We all really enjoyed ourselves but were exhausted and ready to go home at the end. Especially because poor Jamesy got his first cold :( Luckily he's mostly over it now but it was sad. 

We've pretty much just been recovering from vacation and baby cold (oh and Michael caught it too so now we also have a daddy cold which is probably even worse than the baby). We also got James' photos back so I'll probably be posting those soon! This weekend I work and then tomorrow is my family reunion which should be crazy so wish us all luck!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Baby Must-Haves (1-6 Months)

James is 7 months old and I haven't posted any more must-haves since I posted his 0-1 month favorites. So this is LONG overdue! This is what else we've been loving so far. 

(Disclaimer-there are some Amazon affiliate links which I make a small commission from if you purchase after clicking, with no extra charge to you.)

James started eating around 6 months and we looove our high chair. It is SUPER easy to clean (which is a pretty big deal), the height is adjustable (so he can use it pretty much forever), there are wheels on the feet which makes it easy to move around, and we all just love it. 

Ask anyone who has spent any time with James what his favorite toy is and their answer will be swift: hedgehog. He started loving it right around when he started teething (3 months)-partly because it has TONS of great places to chew on, is really easy to grab a hold of for a baby just learning to grab objects, plus it rattles and is cute and stuff. 

I forgot to write about these in my last post, we've been using them since before James was born. Since fabric softener is a no no for babies we got these dryer balls to still keep his clothes soft and now we use them for EVERYTHING. I love that you can reuse them like 1000 times and it's so much cheaper and better for all of us than fabric softener. Woot!

Another one I forgot to post about last time, this is a BIG one. Everyone complains about doing baby nails and this little electric nail trimmer is a GOD SEND. It's like a baby electric nail file (like the kind they use at nail salons).  It has different file strengths for different ages (although I guess James is tough because he's been on the 12 months+ one since he was like 3 months) and just trims those sharp little baby nails down completely painlessly! I will say it totally eats through batteries super quickly and now that James is older he will fight us when we use it but I feel like he'd do that regardless because he hates to be restrained but at least we aren't worrying that we're going to accidentally cut him with nail clippers!

It's summer so we wanted to get some sunglasses for the little guy and these ones are super cute light, flexible, and practically indestructible! (Plus they support autism charities which is pretty cool).

This was a uniquely 3-6 month must-have. Prior to 3 months pacifiers were a designated no-no due to nipple confusion and since he hit 6 months we've mostly stopped using them so he doesn't become attached to them. But the wubbanubs were perfect because they were the only pacifiers he ever really liked and they were pretty much the only teething item he was able to use at first since he started teething so young. Plus they have those cute little animals to hold onto. We have 2 dinosaur ones plus an elephant. 

If you're breastfeeding and pumping this makes storing milk so simple! I've loved this for building my freezer stash.

James' other favorite play item! This book is soft and has bunches of places to chewy + a mirror, a squeaker, and a crinkly page. It has lots to play with and look at and is just super fun for babies.

Like I mentioned, James had some issues with nipple confusion when he was younger and these have REALLY helped with that when he needs to take a bottle. They're specifically created for breastfed babies and are shaped PERFECTLY for them. They also make pace-feeding easier and really just the entire breast and bottle relationship work better. The website has different sizes but James still uses the XS newborn flow rate because anything faster and he just guzzles it lol.

We actually use these as burp cloths (since it's not safe for babies to really have blankets)-James has always been a pretty spit-uppy baby so the fact that these are large and soft and absorbent makes them a fave. (We use the non bamboo kind also, the bamboo ones are just EXTRA soft!)
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