Saturday, January 19, 2013

Something Saturdays (1/19/13)

A photo of me in "the dress" with the cast & crew from our 2nd day of shooting the short film "Downsized":

And oh yeah...I finally bought some of this...and may have proceeded to continuously shovel finger-fulls into my mouth (I'm not even exaggerating...that happened).
Get this-Michael doesn't like it! HE DOESN'T LIKE IT!
More for me.

I'm mostly looking forward to making a certain hot chocolate recipe with this. Ohhh yes.

Oh yeah! And, I'm not sure if you guys have noticed but I have made it so if you hover over an image a little Pin it icon appears so you can just click to pin it to pinterest! Do you guys like it? I found a tutorial on Kevin&Amanda that told me how!

Posts from this week
Easy Cinnamon Roll Muffins
Recipes from the blog that I made this week/last week
Whole Wheat, Thin Crust Pizza

Recent links bookmarked (visit my Pinterest for more)
Peanut Butter Baklava (Crazy for Crust)
I'm not usually in love with baklava...but peanut butter & chocolate chips is EXACTLY what it's been missing, for me!

Movies/TV Talk
Once Upon A Time- NOOOOO! BELLE!!!!! ( that's how Prince Phillip and Mulan met)

Girls-Ahhh the awkwardness is baaaack. Tell me, fellow 20 somethings, are any of your lives actually anything like this? Because I'll tell you what-mine is not...AT ALL. But I'm not normal so...yeah.

How I Met Your Mother-we've seen the mother's ankle and now...her hand! Also...confetti.

The New Normal-ok, so they guys' experiment to try being stay at home dads wasn't exactly a fair assessment....they were trying to take care of like a 10 year old girl who is someone else's kid as opposed to their own baby boy. Big difference, lol.

Supernatural-Sam made the right choice. If Dean couldn't hack it with Lisa & Ben then Sam can't get the normal life either. Also..I'm pretty bummed about "Alfie" I liked him :( Curious to see wtf is going on with all this angel business.

Criminal Minds-This is not ok. Not ok at all. I am SO upset over the ending of this week's episode! It's not fair...poor Reid :(. I just kept saying over and over again "it's not fair!" to which Michael responded, "Hey it fair?" NO! IT'S NOT FAAAAIR

Project Runway-YAYYYY ANTHONY RYAN!! I'm so happy for him, he totally deserves it. Love his clothes, and when he said if he didn't win he'd have to quit I was like "HE'D BETTER WIN!"

The Vampire Diaries-I did not like this episode one bit. Not one bit. Nope.

30 Rock-ahhhh stuff is happening!

The Office-ahhh! stuff is happening here too! (also omg when Daryl killed the fish O_O)


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