Sunday, December 29, 2019

Something Saturdays-on Sunday (12/29/19)

Happy last weekend of the decade! It has been a super busy and super wonderful couple of weeks!

My brother and sister-in-law came into town the Thursday before Christmas. It had been 2 years since I'd seen Josh and 3 years since I'd seen Jill (she'd never physically met James!) and the second they got to my house from the airport we got back in the car for an ultrasound appointment I had! It was so fun having them with us and seeing baby girl moving and being cute (she was doing a lot of stretching again and also lip pursing/pouting. At one point her foot was by her face and it looked like she may have been trying to suck it lol). Friday night we had dinner with them and my dad's side of the family, then after James went to bed Josh and Jill came over and hung out for a bit. Saturday I had to work but then we hung out at my mom's for a bit and Sunday I also had to work but my mom's family's Christmas party was that day and-even though we couldn't make it in between work and James' bedtime-I went to an after party game night after James went to bed. Monday my mom and Josh and Jill came over to hang out for a bit before James' nap (because I then had to work again after). Tuesday was Christmas Eve! I picked up Josh and Jill from my mom's and we picked up brunch on the way to my house. Then we played a board game while James napped and after nap we made cut out cookies, my mom picked up dinner and came over after work, we had hot chocolate/hot cocoa (hot chocolate for me, hot cocoa for everyone else), and watched Muppet Family Christmas. After my mom and siblings left we had James open a present of Christmas pj's and we put out the milk and cookies for Santa. Christmas arrived and I had a very excited toddler on my hands. We opened presents (and boy he has become a pro at ripping wrapping paper) and then played for a little bit before my mom and Josh and Jill came over for breakfast and presents. I made Baker Bettie's overnight cinnamon rolls plus bacon (and my mom brought hash browns) and then we all enjoyed our time together. Michael's mom came for a bit too and James opened more presents. Then naptime came and everyone left (and we said our big goodbyes to Josh and Jill since their flight left that evening). I made some turkey and cheese sliders, applesauce, and mashed potatoes for our Christmas dinner and then Michael's dad and stepmom came over for...more presents lol. James was so incredibly stoked on the entire day (he honestly almost didn't fall asleep for his nap, it was dicey). The next day Michael was supposed to go back to work but then James looked at him and said "Daddy play with James?" and he decided to work from home. Little guy was clearly exhausted because he slept in that day and then took a long nap too. Since then we've just been doing more visiting with various out of town relatives and now Michael's brother and sister-in-law are here too. James and I got brunch with them and some of their cousins and we might be having dinner with them and Michael's mom and sister tomorrow. So yes lots lots lots going on but so much fun!

And also now cracking down on pre-baby prep! AH!

Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
The Witcher-Ok I'm only 1 episode in and Michael is significantly more into it than me but I like it? I'm intrigued for sure. And I love Henry Cavill.

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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Something Saturdays (12/14/19)


It has been crazy. Thanksgiving happened (and was fun, although James ate like 2 rolls and apple pie and that's it lol). Then it was just crazy time getting ready for his birthday! His birthday party was last weekend and it went perfectly (I'm actually planning on sharing a post about his party!) Then Michael was home Monday and Tuesday (his actual 2nd birthday) and we ate lots of yummy food, decorated for Christmas, and on Tuesday went to go see Santa which was magical. James was starstruck, it was so sweet. So now we're just doing more getting stuff done and preparing for next week: my brother and sister-in-law come into town (YAY!) I haven't seen my brother in 2 years and my sister-in-law in 3 years so I can't wait to spend a ton of time with them and then it will be Christmas so yeahhh the business just keeps on going!

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Recipes from the blog that I've made lately
Just Chicken Pot Pie

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Best Breakfast Pancakes (Once Upon a Chef) - we actually made these together on James' birthday!

Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
The Good Place-FINALLY caught up with where we're at in the current season and I just wanted to say this show is amazing and I love it. That is all.

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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Baby #2 Update- 28 Weeks

How far along:  28-29 weeks (I measure 6 days ahead of my due date, blah blah blah)

Due Date: (officially) March 1, 2020

Baby's Size: According to my apps an eggplant or winter squash (or a puppy...)

Total weight gain/loss: Mmmm not 100% sure....20-25 lbs?

Maternity clothes: Mostly with some larger or flowier non maternity clothes.

Stretch marks: No new ones yet.

Sleep: Not good but it's not pregnancy related lol-I've been going to bed too late because we've been crazy busy after James goes to bed and he's still getting up early (not as bad as he was though).

Best moment of this week: James birthday stuff and also there have been a couple times where Michael sang to her and she always very visibly moves to the side of my stomach he's on. It's super cute. Oh! And we bought our first little girl clothes so I'm excited to get those.

Miss anything: Not being sore and out of breath probably lol.

Movement: She's really started moving more lately! I'd say she's still fairly chill compared to James but I can see her movements and feel her pretty frequently now.

Food cravings: Yeah I just don't really have cravings I feel like.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope!

Have you started to show yet: I'm large lol.

Gender: Girlyyyy

Labor signs: No!

Belly button in or out: In mostly but there's a little bit of trying to poke out in the middle

Wedding rings on or off: On.

Happy or moody most of the time: I'm overwhelmed by how much there is to do but I wouldn't say I'm moody! Still mostly happy.

Looking forward to: Christmas! Then getting more stuff for her and hopefully getting all prepared so it doesn't stress me out ha.

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