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Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog, "The Cooking Actress". I started The Cooking Actress during a particularly lonely part of my life, and through it I have made so many wonderful friends and expanded my prowess in the kitchen. I love nothing more than creating delicious food and sharing it with all of you!

I grew up in Ohio and then moved to NY to pursue my dreams of acting. I had a wonderful experience and learned so much and grew so much as an actor, as a cook/baker, a blogger, and as a person. In 2014 my then-fiance' (Michael, you'll hear about him on this blog a fair amount) and I moved back home to Ohio. In 2015 we got married, 2016 we bought a house, and in 2017 we welcomed our sweet baby boy-James. Then we got a second helping of love in 2020 when our daughter, Rose, was born.

I hope you enjoy this blog, enjoy the recipes, enjoy my banter, and enjoy eating! Thank you for being here and reading this silly blog about a Cooking Actress!

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P.S. If I ever mention a brand name, unless otherwise noted, assume they are not paying me and I am not officially endorsing them. I just want to be honest with you about what I used. Thanks. :)

Recipe Format Notes:
  • I live in the US so my measurements reflect that. When I refer to an oven temperature, assume it is Fahrenheit. 
  • All my recipes use standard, large eggs (unless otherwise specified)--I also generally use organic, cage-free eggs.
  • 99% of my recipes use unsalted butter---unless I state otherwise or, sometimes, if I do not specify it means either will work.
  • The all purpose flour I use is always unbleached--it is less processed and does a better job in baking. Just buy unbleached all purpose flour.


  1. actors who blog about food! yay!

  2. Such a lovely blog! Thank you for sharing your recipes with us! xx

  3. Really enjoy your blog, can't wait to see what else you come up with. Following you now on facebook and pinterest, looking forward to sharing with you. Best of luck with your endeavors! :)

  4. African Elephants are gorgeous...and way to go Mike for helping you eat through all the yummies ;)

  5. You look so pretty. Such a gorgeous girls and such a delicious blog. Good luck with your dreams.

  6. So happy to have found your blog from Erika at The Pancake Princess! I love your recipes so far and your photos are beautiful. I especially love all your cookie recipes...I love cookies probably more than anything! :)

  7. Just found your blog via the amazing cookies on foodporndaily.com and have just pinned a bunch of your recipes. Everything looks so good and you are gorgeous too btw!

  8. Hi Kayle, just discovered your blog via Erica at Cannella Vita... loving the updates on your journey in the kitchen, theatre and elsewhere! Just wanted to provide even further encouragement in regards to your acting career. Creative arts is a difficult career path - my husband is a young animator who is currently trying to crack the industry (preferably film/games) but it's a bloody hard slog! Especially because we're living in Australia... sigh. Hopefully NYC is a better position for this kind of thing! You are definitely beautiful and talented. Hopefully we'll see you on screens over here some time soon! P.S I'll be trying your browned butter mac and cheese; possibly with additional bacon. Thanks!

    1. aw thank you so much for the encouragement! That's so sweet! I wish you and your husband luck as well (and with the mac n cheese-sounds delish, bacon is always a tasty addition ;)! A film I was in, You Can't Kill Stephen King, will actually be showing in Australia in this coming year so keep an eye out! :D

    2. Haha, I just commented on one of your cookie recipes but... just to let you know, I tried the mac n cheese - ah-ma-zing!! My husband's working on a short film at the moment. Not allowed to spill details but it's exciting! I will definitely keep an eye out for your film... yeeeew! Happy that you're getting more screen time my dear! x

  9. Found your blog while looking for flour tortilla recipes. You seem like an interesting person. Good luck to you! I am a Gramma who used to drive an 18 wheeler but am now battling cancer. :(

  10. Found your blog through Baker Bettie! So fun! Can't wait to browse. :)

  11. You've got a very tasty blog hre..
    keep up your great work!

  12. i have an italian mom who cooks and italian grandmas who cooked so i always had someone doing the cooking for me! it's good you are doing it yourself!

  13. I gotta tell you- totally understand about the genes. I am also Italian and German, but I lucked out with an Italian grandma that could cook. Somehow my Italian genes got the best of me too (they totally missed my brother and sister- go figure). By the way, your pictures at the top of the page totally make me want to bake gooey cookies! Looking forward to reading more of your blog!

  14. It's a shame no recent comments. I think interactivity is what makes a blog more relevant and engaging. Of course, actual blog posts matter too!

    I have an italian mother and grandmother who lived with us when I was growing up, and all I ate was homemade Italian food. I major miss it. All the secrets and feelings about it are bred into me. I literally sat and watched an old woman make dough, roll it, shape it with her hands, and cook it to make Ravioli and Cavatelles-spelling off. The sauce was made from scratch, but that's not what made it good. SIMMER TIME and love! If you saw the recipes you would be like where's the ingredients. There are only 3 lines. What does that tell you? It's all in the making it with a few basic secrets or steps. This stuff was literally better than anything you could get a top notch Italian restaurant. Oh yes, my father was Russian, and barely any of that side took hold in the kids. My sister still follows up with the italian heritage cooking, but nothing beats Grandma. Escarole soup! OMG!

    Just ask if you want to know more, or if you want some recipe suggestions. I'm a sweet tooth fanatic.

  15. Kayle, some of the nicest families I have know had the Italian-on-the-father's-side,Irish-on-the-mother's-side and believe me , the other way around may have food but not always so much fun,(trust me on this one:Umbrian on Mom's side,American Irish on my father's.]
    Whatever all your mix, it worked out beautifully for you!
    I have seen your comments and am only getting around to visiting you know.I will be touring around your posts.
    /http://fourfoxesonehound.wordpress.com/ ]

  16. I know exactly where Massillon is! I have a fried from Massillon named Raven. I live in Wadsworth and we would visit Massillon every year for my son's band competition held at "The" stadium. You have some great recipes here. thanks!

  17. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  18. Hi Kayle! Have you ever done any tv commercials with your voice lended in?


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