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Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog, "The Cooking Actress". I started The Cooking Actress during a particularly lonely part of my life, and through it I have made so many wonderful friends and expanded my prowess in the kitchen. I love nothing more than creating delicious food and sharing it with all of you!

I grew up in Ohio and then moved to NY to pursue my dreams of acting. I had a wonderful experience and learned so much and grew so much as an actor, as a cook/baker, a blogger, and as a person. In 2014 my then-fiance' (Michael, you'll hear about him on this blog a fair amount) and I moved back home to Ohio. In 2015 we got married, 2016 we bought a house, and in 2017 we welcomed our sweet baby boy-James. Then we got a second helping of love in 2020 when our daughter, Rose, was born.

I hope you enjoy this blog, enjoy the recipes, enjoy my banter, and enjoy eating! Thank you for being here and reading this silly blog about a Cooking Actress!

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P.S. If I ever mention a brand name, unless otherwise noted, assume they are not paying me and I am not officially endorsing them. I just want to be honest with you about what I used. Thanks. :)

Recipe Format Notes:
  • I live in the US so my measurements reflect that. When I refer to an oven temperature, assume it is Fahrenheit. 
  • All my recipes use standard, large eggs (unless otherwise specified)--I also generally use organic, cage-free eggs.
  • 99% of my recipes use unsalted butter---unless I state otherwise or, sometimes, if I do not specify it means either will work.
  • The all purpose flour I use is always unbleached--it is less processed and does a better job in baking. Just buy unbleached all purpose flour.
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I love it when you try & want to share recipes you found here! Please just rewrite in your own words, use your own photos, & always link back to me! Thanks!

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