Wednesday, December 12, 2018

James-12 Months!

Date: December 10, 2018

Height:  29.33 inches (as of his doctor's appointment on the 12th)

Weight: 19 lbs. 8.4 oz (^ditto)

Sleeping Pattern: James is still on 2 naps. He usually goes down for his first nap around 9:30 (falling asleep around 9:45) and then gets up around 11, no later than 11:30 though. I put him down again 3 hours after he gets up from the first nap, it usually takes him at least 20 minutes to fall asleep then (part of this week has been trying to figure out why sometimes it takes him foreverrr to go down and I think we may have figured out now that he needs to be really active to burn off energy before this nap). He then is asleep until 3:30, or 4 at the latest. He usually gets 2-2.5 hours (3 if it's a real good day) total between the 2 naps. When he gets under 2 hours it's a rough day, lol. Then nighttime sleep is usually great and about 11 hours.

Eating Habits: He was on the same nursing schedule as normal until last week we eliminated his 3rd nursing session (he'd been trying to squirm away and play very quickly during it and I had planned on getting rid of it first for the weaning process). He hasn't missed it at all. He just eats a snack of real food instead and is perfectly pleased with that. He has 3 meals and 2 snacks of real food and is still a good eater, but it definitely is different every day how good lol. He is currently in a throwing food phase which is annoying but, ya know, what are you going to do. He's eaten out at restaurants a few more times and actually does well, which is great.

Development & Firsts: This was a big one-James had his first birthday (cue all the crying)! He also had his 1st birthday party (and a smash cake but it was healthy and sugar free lol-he did love it though!) On his actual birthday I made chocolate chip cookies (made with coconut sugar, but still)--he'd never had a real cookie or chocolate before and it was a hit (he actually got really intense and a little aggressive about it lol.) He also had his first Thanksgiving. And this was the month where he full on learned how to walk. He can stand himself up from a sitting or crawling (or any) position and just walks everywhere now. Like it's nothing. It's insane how quickly it happened. First it was like "Oh he'll do a step or 2." Then, "Oh wow he did like 10 steps in a row!" "Oh hey he walked across the room!" And then, "Huh I guess he just walks everywhere now." He also got a 7th tooth (bottom right lateral incisor). Other than that he really just super understands when you're talking to him and will respond (he'll choose between options, say "yeah"/nod his head, etc.) and he keeps talking more and more. 

Mischief: James is still super vocal about letting you know he isn't happy with something. He still tries to run away when you're trying to change him (including in the middle of a diaper change--after a couple incidents where he walked somewhere naked and peed there, I am now MUCH quicker about going after him and wrestling him into a diaper). He also still likes to pretend he wants to share his food with you and then quickly take it away and eat it with a smile (he usually does this to Michael, only occasionally does he fake me out). Now when he doesn't want you to pick him up (usually in an effort to remove him from a place he shouldn't be) he'll try to force himself to sit down to avoid you. He's also having that phase where he throws food. It's normal for his age but gah it's annoying. He thinks it's pretty hilarious though and it can be really hard not to laugh sometimes when he's staring at you in the eyes and grinning and then just lobs something. We were out to dinner the other night with Michael's dad and stepmom, Jeanne, and James was playing with a card they'd given him and he tossed it over his head so hard that it landed on the table behind us. Jeanne was crying she was laughing so hard. And of course he loves to go everywhere he shouldn't and get into everything he can't have (and throw books off the shelf...), especially if he thinks you're not looking he'll dark away. Then when you catch him he giggles. It's darn cute mischief. 

Cuteness: Surprise-he's still cute. All of James' talking and little sounds are super adorable, and I love his animal sounds. Watching him just walk around is insane and the slightly unsteady gait he has kills me. He's still a sweet sweet boy who loves kisses and giving/receiving cuddles and hugs. We haven't been slow dancing as often since he's on the move but the other day we were and towards the end of the song he wanted back down to play. When the song ended he pointed to my phone for me to put on another song, when Storybook Love came on (theme to The Princess Bride and mine and Michael's 1st dance song) he smiled and looked at me and when I asked if he wanted to dance again he put his arms around my neck and laid his head back down on my shoulder. I melted. He's started sort of appreciating coziness-if there's a soft blanket or if he's feeling affectionate he'll like nuzzle his head on the blanket or your lap or whatever and lay there for a minute (more like a few seconds since he's rarely still but you get the idea). The way he starts that off, actually, is another cute/weird thing he started doing this month: he'll go down into like downward facing dog/a pre-somersault. I don't understand it but it's hilarious watching him peer at you from between his legs haha. We also like to play the "up/down" game. He'll be standing and we'll say "up!" then he'll squat down, "down!" I think it started when we got him out of his crib one day but he does it frequently now, usually he initiates it by squatting and saying "down!" (He apparently can't say up but he gets very enthusiastic about the "down!") We've started doing a fun thing where when he sees flowers he starts sniffing. He had been pointing to the painting of flowers we have above the couch and I said "What do we do with flowers?" then I started sniffing in his face before saying, "we sniff 'em!" Which he found hilarious so now it's a thing (we also have poinsettias on the kitchen table which helps perpetuate the flower game). I'm in love with his little stuck out bottom lip-he doesn't actually do it to pout, usually he does it because he's exerting effort or sometimes he does it for no reason at all but it's SO CUTE AND I AM OBSESSED WITH IT. He still loves music and will start dancing (he has a new "smart car" toy that has a radio function that plays music which he loves to groove to). He still loves reading and will get so into certain books you read to him (a favorite has been Bedtime for Batman because of course he still loves Batman and gets so excited when he sees anything with him or his symbol on it). If he sees an animal (more accurately, a toy that looks like that animal) he knows the sound of (usually a dog or elephant) he'll start relentlessly making the sound as if to alert you to it's presence/because he's so excited. Oh and this is magical: James loves Christmas lights. When he first saw our neighbors' lights out our front room's window he was rapt and he still is full of wonder each time he sees them. He'll spot them from somewhere else and immediately walk to the window and stare with wide eyes, smiling and dancing. Sometimes as it starts to get dark he'll go check at the window to see if they're on yet. Now that our Christmas tree is up he's even happier. He's so adorable when he's loving his food, he'll do a happy dance/wiggle. He dies things because they're funny and ahhh his grin. And his full on big boy belly laugh/unstoppable giggles. When he laughs a lot he always ends up with the hiccups, poor little thing. But of course that's cute too. He just loves people-he's super friendly and social and relishes attention (ha, that's my baby alright!) and has become fascinated with babies/other kids (in real life and pictures). He's just so fun and funny and silly and happy and sweet and wonderful. I'm so lucky. 

Nicknames: James-y, Jamesy-pie, Nugget (or Nug or Nuggy or Nuggy Nug or Nuggety or Nougat), Goofy or Goof-Nugget, Kid/Kiddo, Cutie McCuterson, Cuddle Bug, Snuggle Bunny, Kookaburra (because he's cooky), Mister, Sir, Bud/Buddy, Friend, Sweet Boy, Baby, Love (My love, little love, sweet love, lovey), Cutie patootie/pie, My Sweetie/Sweetie-pie, Sweet Pea, The Baby, Little/Sweet/Baby Boy (or any combo with any of the other nicknames listed-particularly Sir Baby and Mister Boy).

Talking: He understands things, he responds, he asks questions. We're like genuinely able to (in a rudimentary way) converse. It's insane. And James is always playing around with new words-he recently started to call snow "bow". We've also been working on please and thank you (he's said cheese a few times too, thanks to Michael telling him to ask for the "cheese, please", lol). James has also gotten really good at animal sounds this month-he learned how to do the elephant sound by watching his daddy and aunt and grandpa (they puff up their cheeks and blow air through their lips in a way that I can't figure out how to replicate but somehow my 1 year old did.) He acts like he's chewing for a giraffe, shakes his head and blows out air for a horse, goes "mmmm" for a cow, and pants for the doggy (that and the elephant are his favorites). We're working on fish, saying "blub blub" (he says "bub bub"). Today he started say "bawk bawk" for chicken (although the food, not the farm far as he knows.) He's also starting to get the hang of Santa and ho ho ho ("ta" and "oh" or "ho") and today he just started saying "boppy" (the nursing pillow). He still says "dad/daddy/dada" the most (he usually only says "mama" when he's crying, *sigh*) followed closely by "ball" and "ba-" (aka Batman). He's just a little chatterbox and repeats words frequently (Today I said "pepper" and he said "peppew" for example) and he's learning more every day!

Favorites: Me and Michael. His grandparents and Aunt Shannan. Dancing/singing/music in general. Kisses. Reading. Facetiming. Christmas lights/the Christmas tree. Being tickled. Playing. Particular toys (especially balls and his new push/ride "smart car"). His dinosaurs. His stuffed Tigger. Making silly faces/sounds. Sniffing (either faux-angrily or because there are flowers nearby to be sniffed.) Making animal sounds. Hair. Feet. Running away from you/hiding and then popping back out. ATTENTION. His birthday. Baths. Babies/other kids. Food (new discover=chocolate). Batman. 

Dislikes: Being changed (clothes or diaper)-he seriously wails and sobs (and usually will start freaking out as soon as you lay him down). Being held or forced to stay still if he wants to go do things. Being told no/that he can't have something/be somewhere. Getting hurt. Not being paid attention to. Not being with mommy/daddy. Being in the car for too long, especially if it's dark outside. 

Concerns: Honestly, not really anything! Just making sure I'm feeding him a balanced diet and that he's getting enough activity (he sleeps better when he can burn off his energy lol) and trying to keep the inevitable toddler accidents/boo boos to a minimum. 

A Day in the Life: James wakes up around 7 and I go in and get him (he usually happy dances in his crib when he sees me and wraps his arms tightly around my neck. He also likes to be given his stuffed dinosaur to hold-and then throw-while I take him out of his sleep sack) and then I nurse him. We have breakfast (usually yogurt + something else) and then play, maybe spend a little time with daddy before he leaves for work. I put him down for his nap around 9:30, he usually falls asleep in about 15 minutes and naps until about 11 (11:30 at the latest). After he wakes up I nurse him again and then we have lunch. Then we play, I maybe get some stuff done or run an errand or 2. I give him a snack somewhere between 12:30 and 1. He goes down for his nap 3 hours after he got up from his last nap (so usually 2-2:30) and then he hopefully falls asleep in about 20-30 minutes (or less! But that like never happens). He naps until 3:30-4. Then I give him a snack and we play/I prep dinner. Michael gets home and we eat around 6. Then more playtime before the bedtime routine starts at 7:15. We change his diaper, lotion him, read a story, then Michael dresses him and takes him to say goodnight to things and read the superhero rules and then we sleepsack him and I nurse him until he's super sleepy and full. I put him in his crib and he usually rolls over and falls asleep pretty much immediately (around 8ish) and he sleeps until morning. It's a pretty good life. 

And here we are...the last of my monthly updates! This year has flown, but at the same time it feels forever ago that he was so small. I'm sure I'll do another update at some point (maybe 18 months?) but in the mean time, here's a look back at my cutie cutie's past 12 months.:

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