Wednesday, August 15, 2018

James-8 Months!

Date: August 10, 2018

Sleeping Pattern: So this has changed a lot in the last couple weeks. Over this entire month we've sort of started a transition to a new schedule for him. We are now down to 2 naps during the day that usually last 1-2 hours apiece and then he still has his last nursing session at 7:30pm and then sleeps all night. We're in a super good spot right now, generally, sleep-wise! (We had one week in there where he kept crying at random times throughout the night from either nightmares or teething or a combination, it was so sad-and exhausting.)

Eating Habits: Eating is still a pretty lively situation with lots of position changes and baby moving around and grabbing various things but it's gotten a little better now that he's only nursing four times a day (so he's a bit hungrier for his feedings). He now eats solids about two times a day (usually after his 2nd milk feeding of the day and then again at dinner-time) and he's doing SOOO well! He's eaten well over 50 different foods and does pretty great with all of them. He sits in his high chair and we just put whatever he's eating on his tray and we eat together. It's really nice and we're loving baby led weaning.

Development & Firsts: James went on his first vacation to Lake Conneaut in PA and he did really well! He certainly loved all the attention he got from all the family. Unfortunately he also picked up his 1st cold while there, but he was a tough little guy and got through it. While we were there he went to his first "beach" and put his feet in the lake for the first time. He also ate in his first cafe (he had some very yummy yogurt that they were nice enough to give us for him.) He's taken to using rolling (and scooting) as a very efficient means of travel (seriously need to keep an eye on him now! He moves fast), but he's also sort of working on crawling? It's a process lol. He also loves to stand (with help, of course). And he had his first bath in his bath tub-not in the little infant tub! We sit him in a little laundry basket to help keep him from slipping around and he loves it.

Mischief: He's just so ferocious! He's so playful but like screams at you and pulls your hair and attacks your's adorable but also somewhat terrifying, lol. We've had some struggles with biting but I think he's starting to figure out "Oops, I have teeth, need to be careful about those." He also loves to roll toward whatever thing he shouldn't be getting into (as babies do). He'll still give me an impish smile when I try to say no (like when he tries to grab his *ahem* area when I'm changing his diaper or removes the wipe covering it just in time to pee on me). One adorable "mischievous" thing he likes to do is "hide" under a blanket and giggle uncontrollably while you pretend you can't find him, then he'll pop his head out and everyone loves it. He also shakes his head "no" A TON but the vast majority of the time I think it's actually him dancing (I've noticed when I dance I tend to shake my head so...ya.)

Cuteness:  James is just maximum cute (his fuzzy hair, his long eyelashes, his big eyes that are grey and brown somehow, his chubby cheeks, his pretty little lips, all his funny faces and yeah everything.). He still is so affectionate and gives kisses (sometimes sweet and gentle, other times super intense and almost violent) and will lay his head on your shoulder for cuddles. His eyes light up when he sees people he loves and he gets this slow smile that will steal across his face and steal your freaking heart. All his talking is so funny and his giggles are THE BEST. He laughs at us for making silly noises, he laughs when we spin with him, he laughs when I dance with him, he laughs when we come home from being away and he sees us, he laughs just because he's looking at us sometimes. Now that he's taking baths like a big boy he gets so excited and splashes around and squeals and smiles. He's obsessed with his daddy's guitar, he loves "playing" it and if Michael starts playing and singing he'll sort of "sing" too (making little "ooooh" sounds). He takes everything in with big eyes and studies everything. He shakes his head when he's happy, or done eating, or telling you "no". The way he studies and tests out some foods and others he just GOES TO TOWN on is adorable. Lately he's been really into this large picture of the Batman symbol hanging in our loft, he stares at it and smiles at it, and tries to crane around and hang backwards to look at it while Michael is reading him his nightly superhero rules. It's so funny. He claps his feet together in the most adorable way. many things. This section always kills me because HE'S SO CUTE ALL THE TIME HOW CAN I SUM IT UP?

Nicknames: James-y, Littlest Bob, Nugget (or Nug or Nuggy or Nuggy Nug or Nuggety), Noodle, Godzilla, Cutie McCuterson, Cuddle Bug, Snuggle Bunny, Hedgehog, Mister, Sir, Bud/Buddy, Friend, Sweet Boy, Baby, Love (My love, little love, sweet love, lovey), Cutie patootie/pie, My Sweetie/Sweetie-pie, The Baby, Little/Sweet/Baby Boy (or any combo with any of the other nicknames listed)

Talking: He says mama and dada and "heyyy" (or more rarely "hiii"). He babbles and "talks" a ton and sometimes we could swear he says other words or responds to us. It's crazy awesome. He also screams and squeals and yells at you, which is loud but still pretty awesome. He also like gargles when he's cooing and talking sometimes which is just too funny.

Favorites: Me and Michael. His grandparents and Aunt Shannan (and Uncle Kevin and Aunt Emily-they live out of town but he had so much fun being with them when we were on vacation). Dancing/singing. Daddy's guitar. Being held. KISSES.  Spinning. Being tickled. Silly sounds. Hair (he has always been weirdly into hair, he thinks it's so fun and hilarious...??!) His toys and books. Hearing people he loves on the phone. Attention, in general. Baths. Food (yogurt and cheese and toast and chicken...etc.)

Dislikes: Same as last month: Not having attention/doing the same thing and being in the same spot for too long. Mommy and daddy being gone. Teething. Being tired. Noisiness when he's trying to sleep. The car. Oh! And radishes (he made a gagging face from tasting it lol).

Concerns: Not much actually! Just hoping I'm keeping him mentally stimulated enough and that he's happy and healthy and such. 

A Day in the Life: (This is our current schedule that we just recently transitioned to.) Little guy wakes up around 7am and typically just sort of coos and plays in his crib until I get him. I feed him and then we play, spend a little time with daddy before he goes to work, and chill until I put him down for his nap around 9:30am. He then usually sleeps until about 11am. Then I nurse him and pretty much immediately after we have a sort of brunch/snack situation. Then we play! I'll oftentimes also try to let him play by himself a little bit while I get some things done. He goes back down for a nap around 2pm and then wakes up somewhere around 3:30 to 4pm-ish. We play for a little bit and wait for Michael to come home and then we pretty much immediately have dinner. We play a little bit more and then get him ready for bed starting a little bit after 7pm and then I nurse him at 7:30pm and put him in his crib when he's done (sometimes he's asleep already and sometimes he's not).

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