Saturday, October 27, 2018

Something Saturdays (10/27/18)

Hihihi guys!!! I'm in a super good mood because this week has been quite lovely. Last weekend I loved having the entire time with my boys. Saturday we ran a few errands and ended up checking out a new bakery near-ish us that just opened up which I was cautiously excited about: Studio Bakery. NO CAUTION NEEDED. I lovelovelove it. It's a beautiful, modern, airy space and half of it is just an open area where you can see the 2 owners (one is the pastry chef, the other the decorator) at work. Both the owners are SO nice and sweet. And everything is made fresh with real and oftentimes local ingredients. In other words, everything I'm about. They also gushed about how cute James is so that's always a win, lol. I got their Chocolate Mousse Bombe and Michael got their fruit tart, and we shared a chocolate eclair. The chocolate bombe is pure chocolatey PERFECTION. Every bit of it is high quality and the texture and taste are amazing. Michael really loved the tart and the eclair was nice (but honestly compared to the other two's amazingness it's hard to focus on it). I actually returned again yesterday and got a chocolate peanut butter cupcake, another chocolate bombe, and a personal cherry pie for Michael. The cupcake was insane-the frosting is so peanut buttery and the cake was light and chocolatey. Michael doesn't even care for cupcakes but he went gaga over the bite he had. And he love love loved the pie. Look...suffice it to say...we're obsessed. I'm so happy. 

Other than that I just spent quality time with the boys last weekend, and mostly did the same with James this week. I did attempt to do some cleaning on Tuesday didn't go well. My little man lost his marbles at the fact that he wasn't allowed in the bathroom with me while I cleaned. So, that's my situation. Otherwise, though, he was just so happy and affectionate and I love the little cutie. I did work Thursday but that's the only day this week I work! I have this weekend off so I can fully enjoy the festivities of my little buddy's 1st Halloween! Wish us luck!

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This Is Us-This show is just so good at taking you on a journey that really lets you see how people become who they are, like it did with Toby. Also I'M SO HAPPY KATE IS PREGNANT. Fingers crossed it works out.

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These are all from the aforementioned Studio Bakery!
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