Saturday, May 23, 2015

Something Saturdays (5/23/15)

This was a pretty good but extremely stress filled week! Saturday I got to hang out with my best friend Alex for a few hours which is always the best--and Michael got to hang with his best friend too and the four of us hung out together. Which was fab. Our RSVP cutoff date was last weekend so I spent a lot of this week hunting down responses (still have about 10 more to go), freaking out about the fact that somehow how guest list is in the 230's which BLOWS MY MIND (because we invited over 300), tallying costs (and scrambling to figure out how we're going to meet the minimum at our reception location now that our guest list has shrunk), starting to put together seating arrangements, making a wedding timeline, and generally just worrying about everything I still have left to do and we're less than a month out. I didn't sleep most of this week (my brain WOULD NOT stop replaying all the things I have to do over and over again...and they weren't even new things! Just stressing about all the stuff I know I need to do). But we also got to go see Michael's sister's choir concert. And last night we went to my grandpa's 80th birthday party-which was so fun! I don't get to see that family often so it was nice and my grandpa was so adorable, pretending to be miffed :P

And today....

ARE OUR BACHELOR/BACHELORETTE PARTIES!!! EEEEEE!!! Michael is going over to his mom's where he and the boys will eat, drink (some of them), play videogames, and do other stuff that is a surprise for Michael so I can't say :P My girls are all meeting me here at our house and we're going to get an early dinner and then come back here to play "Once Upon a Murder Mystery"! It's a murder mystery game set in a fairytale land. I'll be playing Ice White (which is essentially Snow White) and each of the girls have their own characters too! I'm sort of unreasonably excited about it! I'll tell you about how the shenanigans went down in next week's catch up :)

In the meantime-HAVE A GREAT MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND! This marks the opening of my grandma's pool so we'll be heading over for the 1st cookout of the season tomorrow. Hooray!

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