Saturday, August 24, 2013

Something Saturdays (8/24/13)

I'm obsessed with these 35 Clever Food Hacks!

Go home 1996 Delia's're drunk (ohhh 90's fashion. ew)

Also...OMG...10 facts about The Princess Bride from a live-commentary screening!


My friend Becky, of Olives 'n' Wine, was sweet enough to nominate me for the Sunshine Award! She has 10 questions for me to answer so without further ado..
  1. What is your first memory in life?
    Ok...nobody believes me on this but I could swear that I remember by baptism (I was 1 month old) I don't remember much just this moment where my Uncle (who was a priest) held the shell that had the baptismal water above my head and I remember feeling concerned about that large shell and then the cold water hit me and I was not happy. It was nothing like a bath. I don't remember thinking words because I wasn't developed enough for that. But anyway...people say that's impossible. So at the very least I know FOR 100% SURE I remember going to see my brother in the hospital after he was born and I was 2 and a half. I remember having to wear scrubs and wash my hands really well before going in the Neonatal ICU to see him with my dad (my mom was already there).
  2. What has been the best vacation you have ever been on and what vacation are you looking forward to in the future?
    Disney World. I will ALWAYS love Disney World!! And coincidentally, I'm going for a couple days this December with my family & godfamily. EEE!
  3. What is your preferred type/brand of coffee?
    Blech, I don't like coffee.
  4. Flowers or chocolate?
    WHAT? I can't choose!!! Ugh. Probably chocolate, let's face it.
  5. What is your normal bedtime and wake up time?
    I always want to go to bed at 10 but a certain boy and his need to finish videogames, etc. usually means it's more like 11 or so. We usually wake up at 7.
  6. When going out, do you wear your hair up in a pony tail or down?
    If I wanna look cute, my hair is down :)
  7. Favorite form of exercise?
    Icky nooooone! Lol seriously, though, none. But I do like dancing so that's something.
  8. Favorite place to shop?
    Hm. I don't know? Bed Bath & Beyond? Target? Forever 21? Express? I never shop so it's all like a fantasy, lol. 
  9. Do you have a favorite cuisine to eat when dining out? What is it?
    I usually go for a steak or burger-I pretty much never eat those at home so it's a treat!
  10. Broccoli. Yay or nay?

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Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
True Blood-I've actually really liked this season. I liked Bill becoming Bill again. I enjoyed the twist of "Oops Warlow IS a bad guy after all!". It's cool seeing the 6 months fast forwarded. I'm glad they acknowledged Tara's mom's past. It's sort of sweet that she's trying to make things right by "feeding" a weird way. And I'm happy Sam is gonna be a daddy. But, I'm not a fan of Alcide + Sookie, or that Alcide cut his hair. Or that Merlotte's is now Bellefleur's. Oh and WTF HAPPENED TO ERIC???!!


Teen Wolf-Weird, I did not expect to feel sad when I saw Alphas die. Although mostly that was for the twins, who, luckily-not dead. Scott went all Alpha, so ya know...that was cool, expected, but cool. I hope Derek comes back. I hope Ducalian behaves. Peter is all crazy it'll be interesting to see what happens with that come January. Oh and I thoroughly disapprove of Isaac + Allison.

Pretty Little Liars-Uhhhh choreographed line dance? I'm so confused about Cece because she wasn't in the books so I really don't get her. Additionally, I wish that Ezra and Aria could just be happy (pref. together :P)

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