Saturday, August 17, 2013

Something Saturdays (8/17/13)

Ughhh I am so stressed right now, I'm in the middle of a 4 day (7 hours a day) promotion that has had so much drama and just...ahhh. I don't even wanna think about it. I haven't been able to cook or bake since it started either which is just sad. Especially for Michael looking at me with his puppy eyes like, "What am I supposed to eat?" So let's speak of happier things.

Buahahahaa. If Disney Princesses had Instagram :P

Oh man guys...right? How bad was middle school? Bad.

Don't forget, you have until Wednesday to enter my organic coconut giveaway!

Oh yeah, and I have to give one big, giant THANK YOU Zainab from Blahnik Baker. After hearing/reading me whine about not about the Cookie Dough Lover's Cookbook....she sent me one! I am so excited and so so so grateful! I love my food blogger friends SO much :)

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Coconut Ice Cream-EASY, 4 ingredients (Edward & Sons Organic Coconut Products Review and GIVEAWAY)
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Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
True Blood-I really liked this episode. All the vamps got freed and (most) survived. Terry had a beautiful (but sad) funeral. I thought Bill was gonna die there for a second but, hooray, he didn't! I gotta say though, when Eric ripped off that doctor's...manhood....oh boy. That was pretty graphic and shocking, lol.

Orange is the New Black-HOOKED! This Netflix series is based on the book/life of Piper Kerman (named Piper Chapman in the show) and seriously, I was shocked by how into it I was. I blew through the first season and now I am dyingggg for the second season!

Dexter-soooo....I like Hannah & Dexter. So I'm pretty pleased about the way that's going. I also love Matskuka and his daughter (even though the boob bar was weird). But...poor Cassie :(

Teen Wolf-I adore Stiles. Some epic things are happening though, I'm super worried about the consequences from everything that happened this ep.

Pretty Little Cece supposed to be the show's version of Courtney? Are they not gonna do the twin thing? And poor Ezra :( Mean Aria not answering his call!

Instagram Lately (a few highlights from this week on Instagram)

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