Saturday, August 10, 2013

Something Saturdays (8/10/13)

OMG-I looove "Friends" and these 25 fascinating facts you might not know about "Friends" ARE SO COOL!

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Nutella-Swirled Peanut Butter Chip Blondies (Averie Cooks)
There words....*drool*

Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
Man of Steel-Michael and I were both pleasantly surprised by how great this movie was (and he's especially picky about anything Superman or Batman). It was overall done very well. Henry Cavill was a great Clark/Superman and Kevin Costner and Russell Crowe really exceeded my expectations as his fathers. There were a couple fun little details for people familiar with the DC universe (Dr. Emile Hamilton, for example) and enough recognizable faces, without being overkill on star power. There were really only a couple things I didn't love (I adore Amy Adams but try as she might...she just is not capable of being as ballsy as Lois Lane. Her voice is just too sweet sounding. Plus  SPOILER ALERT I hate that they made Superman kill Zod. Yes, he had no choice. Yes, he was properly torn up about it. But the writers did not have to make it that way. Part of his deal is that he doesn't kill and I just wish they'd let him have that.) Overall, though, Michael said if all the subsequent movies are along this level, a Justice League movie might not be so bad (up to this point we'd thought it would just be an awful idea).

True Blood-gahhhh things are not going so well!!! Also, I think Eric may have turned Addelyn into a vampire. Thoughts?

Dexter-mmmm not so sure about this Zach thing. and...OMG HANNAH!

Teen Wolf-I thought it was completely badass when Allison and her dad turned on the Alphas. Now, usually when the bad guys dislike each other-I'm all for it because hey, they can just take each other out. But in this case it's matter what you do one of the bad guys is gonna win. Ughhh so uncooool.

Pretty Little Liars-Poor Emily. Obviously that sweet reverend guy bailed out Hannah's mom. I have no clue about Cece since she's not in the books. Mona's back at Radley. Aaaand....I like Aria's new guy and all but...he's not Ezraaaa!

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