Saturday, July 25, 2015

Something Saturdays (7/25/15)

Well I have been B-U-S-Y! Last Saturday, Michael's uncle & aunt's wedding, was super fun and sweet. And then we spent the next few days at Conneaut having lots of fun. Especially since, while there, Michael's cousin Chelsea got engaged! Here we go again :P I actually got super excited and had so much fun helping her out and giving her advice/info (girl is moving fast, she booked the church one day after they got engaged!) Otherwise we mostly just had fun family time.

On Wednesday Michael and I had to come home. First we stopped at this ADORABLE place called Campbell's Pottery (we had a wedding gift to exchange and they have only the one location-which was only half an hour from where we were but is a few hours from home). Later that night Michael's and my friend from NY, Christian, flew in and then we spent the next couple days eating and having fun! On Thursday we had breakfast at Flury's Cafe and then explored downtown Cuyahoga Falls before walking to JC Comics & Cards (He loves comic book stores!). We then ran a couple errands and had Swenson's (and Akron, OH area MUST) for lunch. We then just relaxed at the house for a little bit before heading to Hudson and checking out the shops there and then having dinner at FlipSide (yay burgers!). Yesterday we went to the Akron Zoo and then to Burntwood Tavern for lunch. Then I worked while the boys went to the free concert series they have downtown (yesterday's was a Billy Idol tribute band).

And today? Today is our "friendception"-a party that's just for fun and to celebrate our marriage with our friends (since the majority of them weren't invited to the wedding due to our massive families). I'm super excited and hope everyone has fun!

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Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
Trainwreck-Most of Michael's family went to go see this Tuesday night. There were mixed reviews-nobody loved it. Some people hated it. Me? I liked it. I thought it was cute and funny and I liked the end. I think a lot of people had high expectations that it didn't quite meet. And others just hated it (although Michael-one of the haters-definitely laughed and smiled during a couple parts...mostly whenever John Cena & Lebron were on, and he hates Lebron so that's saying something.) with that as you will.

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