Saturday, July 18, 2015

Something Saturdays (7/18/15)

This week was pretty full. Sunday I worked, went to my grandma's, and then to Michael's mom's. Monday we attended the grand opening for Savor (which I discussed on Wednesday's post). BUT-the big focus of the week was this: my brother, Josh, has decided to enlist in the airforce. He's been wanting to end up working in the FBI (he has a criminal justice degree--and apparently there are programs within the service for him to prepare for that) and he wants to travel and...I don't know-he has reasons. He's also not just like starting out at the bottom, due to his experience and education. So...he's excited. My family is divided on how they feel-but everyone is pretty much supportive. I was (and am...but I'm working on it) very upset. I'm going to miss him a lot and I'm very worried about him. But anyway, all of that business took up a lot of this week's mental and emotional allowance. And I'm just going to soak up all the time I have left with my brother.

Today is Michael's uncle's wedding (him and his soon-to-be wife Kimmy have been together for like...20 years or something and are finally tying the knot)-I'm so excited to sit back and enjoy a wedding, stress-free! :P And tomorrow we're heading to Conneaut Lake (where Michael's family spends a week every summer) to hang out with the Croffords and enjoy some family time :)

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Recipes from the blog that I made this week
Ritz Cracker Chicken Casserole

Recent links bookmarked (visit my Pinterest for more)
Phyllo Potato Pie (Sandra's Easy Cooking)
Buttery pastry filled with tasty potatoes=yum!
S'mores Tartlets (Sally's Baking Addiction)
Delish lil bites of s'mores heaven!

Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
Jurassic World-DINOSAURS! I loved it. I loved Blue. I loved Rexxie. I loved Owen most of all. I'm not saying it was the best movie ever but I really really enjoyed it :) (Michael probably gives it a B- and I give it an A-?)

Horrible Bosses 2-Solid. Not amazing but...pretty solid. And I love Chris Pine.

They Came Together-Um....this is one of the weirdest movies I've ever seen. I love Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler was too much.

Tammy-I actually liked this way more than I thought I would:Melissa McCarthy is so funny!

Catfish-I don't think I've ever more wanted to reach through the screen and throttle someone as I did watching this week's episode with Tracey. That chick is INSANE.

Another Period-Are you watching this show yet? You need to. The cast is awesome and the show is hilarious. It's like the late 19th century Kardashians :P

Instagram Latel(a few highlights from this week on Instagram)

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