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Savor Restaurant Review {Fresh - Organic - Local} in Canton, Ohio

Savor Restaurant Review {Fresh - Organic - Local} in Canton, Ohio
There's a brand new restaurant in Canton, OH (where I went to high school and I still live near), it's called Savor, and it was opened by my cousin's husband. But let me just start off this review by saying: my opinions are not colored by that fact. All of my opinions are genuine and true (and I received nothing for writing this review-I just want to share my love of Savor!)
Savor Restaurant Review {Fresh - Organic - Local} in Canton, Ohio
Now, let me give you the lowdown on Savor: it is all about whole, natural foods (oftentimes organic). And this little paragraph from their website explains it best:
"You deserve to taste the food the way nature intended it to be, free from hormones, chemicals and additives - foods in their purest of forms and homemade dishes with the simplest of ingredients.  We source ingredients from local farms and farmers markets with local, organic meats and produce.  This not only insures you with the freshest, healthiest options but also helps our local economy.  We are a community driven, and look forward to serving delicious food curated in alignment with the farm-to-table movement."
Uh yeah, even if this wasn't family I would have been obsessed with Savor, it's everything that I love and want! Real, natural, GOOD food!

Savor Restaurant Review {Fresh - Organic - Local} in Canton, Ohio
Monday was Savor's grand opening, so myself and the majority of my family (including my mom, brother, and the hubs) made reservations to eat at 6. Located in a great part of Canton-near the bustling Belden Village Mall-Savor has a gorgeous brick facade and sits back a bit from the street. When you enter you're met with varying shades of grey and white with a bright and open feel (the decor features lots of minimalist, organic, elements and is simply beautiful). The super friendly hosts sat us immediately at a table by a large window (which had such a pretty view to an area where they will be eventually be putting a patio, I've been told) that had THE COMFIEST CHAIRS!
Savor Restaurant Review {Fresh - Organic - Local} in Canton, Ohio
This is in the women's room...I took it because it shows off the decor but also THEY HAVE GUM!
The interior isn't very large-which lends a great feeling of intimacy. And the bar is super cool (lots of wood) and hosts a variety of hand-crafted cocktails (many of which are organic), wines (which are also on tap! -and include organic options, of course), and beers (including craft, local, organic, and gluten-free options). Savor also boasts a fantastic Happy Hour Monday-Saturday (3pm-5pm and 9pm-close!)
Savor Restaurant Review {Fresh - Organic - Local} in Canton, Ohio
Now let's chat about the food. The menu was full of SO MANY THINGS that I wanted to try (including hand-crafted whole wheat pastas and pizzas) and is seasonal, so some changes will be made to it as the seasons change and such. Our entire table started the night off with what they called a BFM (Big Friendly Meatball? Big Fun Meatball? somethin...) that is a giant meatball stuffed with mozzarella and IT WAS PHENOM. Oh meatball of my life. They also brought everyone out a basket of whole grain rolls and some incredible black garlic butter to spread on them. Fun fact: I've been dying to try black garlic. Thank you, Tim, for making this possible for me.
Savor Restaurant Review {Fresh - Organic - Local} in Canton, Ohio
My mom ordered their fried chicken (above) with a baked potato. She raved about it (and I tried a bite-yes...very good. On my list for future orders).
Savor Restaurant Review {Fresh - Organic - Local} in Canton, Ohio
My grandma got the chicken with bruschetta sauce (which seems to be one of their most popular entrees) and everyone adored it. She also got the most beautifully fluffy sweet potato mash as a side. She let Michael use her 2nd side and he got their "root chips"--homemade potato chips using different root vegetables (like yuca, sweet potato, etc.) and I DIED OVER THEM. I may have eaten more than Michael. They were so delicate and flavorful...mmm.
Savor Restaurant Review {Fresh - Organic - Local} in Canton, Ohio
Josh-super healthy as per usual. He also got the chicken with bruschetta sauce but his 2 sides were rice and brussel sprouts (he actually originally ordered spinach but they accidentally brought him the brussel sprouts-but after trying a bite Josh was SO happy that they did because he was amazed at how sweet and flavorful they were. I even thought they were pretty good...and we know how Kayle is about green veggies.)
Savor Restaurant Review {Fresh - Organic - Local} in Canton, Ohio
Michael ordered their most basic pizza (largely because I was debating if I wanted to get it so he was kind enough to share)-it features buffalo mozzarella, roma tomatoes, and basil. It was really great. Michael is usually meh about whole wheat but the crust had a nice texture and hint of sweetness. And when we prepared to take the leftovers home, they even brought us a little pizza box!
Savor Restaurant Review {Fresh - Organic - Local} in Canton, Ohio
I debated and debated but....guys...I had to have the burger.'s me....of course I'm going to get the burger. The actual burger as it is on the menu is a gourmand's dream (it has a farm egg, caramelized onion, fried green tomato, bibb lettuce, and citrust aioli--and you can also substitute a Portabello mushroom if you want it to be vegetarian). But...I'm a picky girl. So I just got the burger with caramelized onion and I had them add mozzarella cheese. And I asked that they cook it medium.
Savor Restaurant Review {Fresh - Organic - Local} in Canton, Ohio
OMGEEEE. Can I just say that I'm so happy they don't overcook their burgers (so many places do)? And how happy I am that this completely juicy, perfect specimen of burger meat was topped with the sweetest, most tender, caramelized onions I've ever tasted? It was heaven in my mouth. And the wonderful burger came with a side of perfect, crispy, fries.

Suffice it to say...everyone loved their food. And was insanely full.
Savor Restaurant Review {Fresh - Organic - Local} in Canton, Ohio
Buuut...I mean...I had to get dessert. Savor uses Mitchell's ice cream (all natural, handcrafted ice cream out of Cleveland that I already knew that I loved) and serves a deconstructed ice cream sandwich using gluten-free chocolate cookies. I could choose between vegan chocolate ice cream or roasted pistachio. I'd heard a lot about the pistachio so I decided to give it a try. Impressions: the ice cream was so creamy and wonderful. Pistachio might not be my fave but that's was still good. And THE COOKIES-so chocolatey. So so so good. 

I was a happy Kayle :)

And our waitress, Kirsten, was the cutest and sweetest! Everyone was so nice and helpful and Savor got packed pretty quickly but was still super comfortable and it was just an amazing night. I can't wait to go back! And if you're ever in the Canton, Ohio area...check them out!

Savor is open Monday & Tuesday 11am-10pm, Wednesday & Thursday 11am-11pm, and Friday & Saturday 11am-Midnight. They accept reservations (and do carry-out). They have Happy Hour every day that they're open, 3pm-5pm and 9pm-close. You can find out more information on their website, their facebook page (which has their menu!), and by following them on instagram and twitter!
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