Saturday, April 12, 2014

Something Saturdays (4/12/14)

Well. I'm alone. *le sigh* Michael is back in Ohio-he starts his new job tomorrow so he'll be there and I'll be here until the big move. And to make my sadness worse-I found out my favorite wedding photographer is booked for our wedding date (there are others that I love too but they're all much more expensive :() and I had to get a new credit card issued because my old one was compromised (luckily Chase caught it before anything happened and it's all fine but still...ugh.)--these are fairly minor things but they only compounded my missing Michael.


Nancy, one of my most favoritest blog friends, posted in her "random crap" post about something called a "Things I Don't Do" list. The idea is-there's a lot of social media envy going on these days. People always seem perfect and together and like their lives are awesome're only posting the good stuff. So this list is to give a little reality check. So here are my Things I Don't Do:
  1. I don't exercise (aside from walking out of necessity). It's not good. I should. I've put on weight. I know I need to exercise buuuut....I HATE IT.
  2. Don't judge me....I don't shower often. Like...I only shower usually if I have something I really want to look nice for (or sometimes if that time never comes...once a week). I know this sounds gross but I swear-it's not that bad! I don't really seem to smell (I promise people have vouched for this) and I don't really sweat (again, I have people to corroborate my story) and it takes about 3 days for my hair to get greasy (I have dry skin get the idea)-and then I just wear it in a bun. So yeah. There. I said it.
  3. I also don't wash the sheets, etc. very often. Having a washer/dryer in my home may change this.
  4. I don't think before I speak nearly often enough. Sometimes this makes me adorable and charming and unique. Sometimes it makes me annoying and obnoxious and suffering from "foot in mouth" syndrome.
  5. I don't go shopping (for clothes or accessories etc.) I WANT to go shopping but my life is one where I do not have a disposable income. I am consistently not having enough money-and that is because it all pays for our home and food and things we need. It sucks and I hope this changes in the not too distant future and my wardrobe hopes so too.
  6. I don't do a good job with twitter. I know. I'm sorry. 
  7. I don't do Google+. I have enough social media going on and I'm really not interested. I do, however, have an account. Against my will. My youtube account asked me if I wanted to make my username my actual name (Kayle Blogna) and I was like "Yeah, great. Make me even more legit for the acting stuffs." Um apparently that created me a google+ account I did not want and deleting said account would delete my youtube. Ughhhh. So I have it but I do not use it. So yeah.
  8. I don't go out. Like ever. Currently I've been making an effort due to the fact that I'm leaving NYC but uhhhhh I'm a big old homebody.
  9. I don't do cool. I am so not a cool girl. I'm jealous of the cool girls-the ones who drink beer and are chill and not like "girly and annoying n stuff" and wear band T-shirts but look crazy sexy in them. Ya know? I'm unapologetically loud and girly and emotional and usually overdressed and I don't even drink and I'm cool. And it kind of makes me sad sometimes. I envy the "cool girls". But, I also like me so *shrug*
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Recipes from the blog that I made this week
3 Cheese White Pizza (with regular olive oil instead of truffle, but with truffle salt)
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I am going to miss the Wafels & Dinges truck so this recipe will have to help me make my own at home!
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Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
Once Upon a Time-Ohhhh so Walsh was the Wizard. That's kind of sad actually. It was cool to see Zelena's origin story too. envious she turned green? Eesh.

Resurrection-I am so drawn in by this show. Like....whoa....resurrected fetus. And um...HOW THE HECK did Caleb just disappear??! WHAT IS GOING ON??!

Glee-I had been wondering about Rachel and NYADA-I can't blame her for dropping out, although I feel like the show may make it come back to bite her. And, while I appreciate what they did with Kurt's storyline and the spotlight on the recent gay bashings in NY, I do feel like the episode got heavy handed-especially when they decided to also squeeze in the biracial dating issue (which I cannot believe is still even an "issue".)

Criminal Minds-Awww Morgan is finally in lurrrrve.

Reign-So I'm like 99% sure the king has syphilis. And I'm happy things seem to be working out for Lola.

Parenthood-Natalie is a skank and Drew deserved better. Hank is very sweet. Gwen dying was sad. Ryan being in the hospital was also really sad. Annnnd AGH I THINK JOEL IS COMING AROUND AND JULIA RUINED IT BY SLEEPING WITH THAT TEACHERRRR! noooooo

Hot in Cleveland-Why did Wilbur age 3 years in the course of a hiatus?

Instagram Latel(a few highlights from this week on Instagram)
(note-That lovely young lady in the picture with me, bottom left, is the utterly fabulous Lindsey of American Heritage Cooking! I was lucky enough to grab lunch with her while she was in the city and I adoooore her!)
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