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Something Saturdays (4/26/14)

For those of you wondering about my going away party last didn't go great. It was ok but....well...5 out of the 50 people I invited showed (but most of them brought at least 1 other person)--and they were staggered over the course of 3 hours. There were usually only 2 people I'd invited (and their additions) at a time. I felt pretty lame and obviously people were expecting a bigger party and the bar was expecting more people hurt my feelings. I understood that not many people might come but there were people who RSVP'd yes and didn't show and just...I don't know. It just drove home one more reason I'm leaving. I just, for the most part, don't have any strong relationships with anyone here (sans my cousin Emily and a couple friends-and my food blogger buds!) So...yeah. I'm so grateful I was able to see the people I did, and I'm sad I couldn't see more people. But it's ok because....IN 4 DAYS I AM MOVING!

ohhhh my GAWD. S#!+ is getting reeeeeeeeeal!

It's going pretty well. I've arranged for the truck and set an appt. for cable/internet to get installed on Friday. I'm almost completely packed (although I have this whole weekend to do a lot of that). I think I have a few people on board to come help. Pretty much what's happening is this: Wednesday (eeearly morning) mom and Michael (and maybe his cousin Joe) will be driving here in my mom's van. They'll get here sometime late afternoon/early evening. Then we'll get the truck and pack up. Clean up and move on out. Depending on how late we get out we'll either just drive on home and pass out at my mom's or drive until we're in PA and crash in a hotel room and then head home in the morning on Thursday. We shall see. I'm really excited for the whole move to be over and to be with Michael again and be able to see everybody once we're back and to be in our beautiful new home.

But-I'm nervous. I'm not really sure what's gonna happen with my work stuff. And I'm gonna miss my cousin Emily. And-I'm gonna miss little Uma. She's the precious almost-2 year old I've been watching 3-4 days a week for the past 3 months and I have become pretty attached to her. My last day with her is Monday and I'm gonna try to mush her chubby widdle face and cuddle her and listen to her talk and watch her dance and make her laugh as much as possible. And, let's face it, I'm gonna miss NY. BUT I am very excited. And I'm feeling positive overall, I just have a variety of emotions right now lol.
This past Tuesday I met up with some of my NYC food blogger friends: Mallory (formerly of Total Noms, although she has a brand new SUPER exciting blog in the works), Jennifer (Bake or Break), Susan (The Girl in the Little Red Kitchen), Tara (Chip Chip Hooray), and Lauren (Keep it Sweet Desserts-not pictured because she had to leave a smidge early due to her current prego state :D) We met at Inside Park at St. Bart's--we met there because 1. It's adorable 2. The food is delicious and 3. I used to be a hostess there so there was a LOT of nostalgia-plus they took amazing care of us! It was so much fun and I'm glad I got to see these ladies one more time before leaving!

Oh aaaand tomorrow is this little blog's 3 year Blogaversary! Check back on Monday for a post alls about that!

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Garlic Parmesan Chicken Lasagna Bake (Pinch of Yum)
Aside from the peas (I KNOOOW I should leave them but...blech) this is perfect!

Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
Once Upon a Time-It was cool seeing the Cora/Leopold/Ava backstory (even though 1:this ends my Rumple is Zelena's dad theory and 2:I hate looking at Rose McGowen's plastic surgery frozen face)--it's super weird though that Cora wanted to marry Leopold and then her DAUGHTER did....ew. Bright spot=YAYYY FOR ROBIN HOOD AND REGINA! And can you believe it took me this long to realize she was collecting courage, a heart, and a brain (just like in the Wizard of Oz....d'oh!)

Four Weddings-this is a general comment based on various episodes: I don't feel like it's cool to criticize something related to a person's religion. didn't like sitting through that hour long Mass (which brides consistently complain about)-too bad. It's not THAT long and the couple are religious and there's nothing wrong with that. Ruuuude.  (I've already had a comment from my godsisters-which yes, I realize the irony of that-like "You're having your wedding in a Catholic church? Why?" "Uh...because Michael and I are Catholic?" "Well I'm not going to when I get married." "Good for you.")

The Originals-The Kieran/Cami situation was just tragic. And Oliver is a d-bag.

Glee-Aside from Tina and Sue, I liked this episode a lot. It made me a little bit choked up with the Finn stuff though. It's so sad!

Modern Family-Ha! A dingo ate Claire's baby-get it (a wild dog-dingo-took my laptop-which contained info about her work deal, which she referred to as a baby the entire episode). And Murray (from Flight of the Conchords) was on this ep! Yayyy! (although he would have hated having to pretend to be Australian :P)

Hot in Cleveland-Elsa's "lover" was the best part of the episode lol. I liked the Emmy/Melon stuff too. I am, however, so annoyed with the fact that we're doing the whole "all the ladies are single, watch Melanie and Joy have blunders in dating." Like...would it be so bad to actually let a relationship stick (and I don't mean for half a season, I mean like...indefinitely?)

The Vampire Diaries-Well...Enzo's end was just....heartbreaking ( pun intended...) but then ominous with being on the other side and all revenge-y.

Reign-I like Bash and Kenna together. I've decided. Lord Castleroy was such a sweetie to Greer and putting her father in his place! Poor Mary and Francis though.

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