Saturday, July 28, 2012

Something Saturdays (7/28/12)

Hello again!

Now, let's talk about my new baking friend, my buddy: The Chip Clip Cookie Scoop.
I first read about these on Averie Cooks and knew I had to get to Bed Bath and Beyond and buy myself some, ASAP. These little beauties are a Godsend. They're super cheap (coming in 2 sizes, the smaller for 3.99 and the larger for 4.99...I bought the larger one...I like big cookies), and work better than I could have imagined! They're very simple: you just scoop the dough, press the big button on the back of the scoop, and the dough easily releases! And you're left with gorgeous, uniform cookies! I'm in love. I've made 1 batch of cookies with the new scoop and I can already tell they are superior in appearance and baked more evenly than any cookies I've made in the past. This was a very, very, very good buy! Yay!

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Homemade American Cheese (From Away)
Finally-a way to satisfy Michael's strange love of Velveeta, without shoving chemicals into our lives. *sigh of relief*
Mini Flourless Chocolate Tortes (Baker Bettie)
So cute! So chocolatey!
S'mores Ice Cream Cake (Annie's Eats)
Graham crackers...toasted marshmallow ice fudge...actual toasted marshmallows on top...O_O

Movies/TV Talk
The Dark Knight Rises was really good! Michael and I really enjoyed it! Anne Hathaway really exceeded my expectations and made a great Catwoman. I liked Bane, although his voice was odd, and Joseph Gordon Levitt was also one of my favorite things. The only things that I wasn't pleased with were how rarely Batman got to actually be...Batman. And the ending--well, let's just say it is not something the real Batman would ever do. But...whatever Christian Bale isn't Batman, so eh.
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