Friday, September 4, 2020

Rose-6 Months!

Date: August 20, 2020

Height: 25.6 inches (we measured her on 9/3/20 because they were off at the doctor lol)

Weight: (as of her doctor's appointment on 9/2/20) 16 lbs. 5.6 oz.

Sleeping Pattern: Things are finally settled into a nice pattern! Rose takes 1 long morning nap, a sort of medium length (about an hour) early afternoon nap, and then a short late afternoon catnap. (Of course I changed her schedule after writing this but we'll talk about that next month!) She goes down easy still, immediately into her sleepy pose of sucking her thumb and holding her hair while I put her in her sleepack. And she is officially consistently sleeping through the night! WOOOO! She usually sleeps 10.5-12 hours at night, depending on when her bedtime falls. She's the best girl.

Eating Habits: It's funny how ambivalent Rose is about nursing compared to James. She wants to eat and is happy about it but very quickly gets bored and wants to play and look around and smile at you and talk to her brother...etc. 

Development & Firsts: Rose's talking has been her biggest development of the month. First her babble started to sound more and more intentional and word-like. Then she definitively said "mama" and "bruhbah" (brother) on August 5th--and said "dada" on August 16. She usually says mama when crying/whining and usually calls out "bruhbah" to that whirlwind brother of hers (sometimes it's really funny like he'll walk away from her and it's BRUHBAHHH like "COME BACK HEEERE"). She also has really started twisting and rolling to her side more from her back, but no full rolls yet. I think she probably could but isn't super motivated lol.

Mischief: She's soooo grabby. Wants to grab at everything and everyone. She especially likes to try to take your food...or really anything you're holding. And she's always grabbing and holding (or pulling) my hair. She also still seems fully amused when she surprises me with poops, her little "hehehe" grin is honestly adorable. 

Cuteness: Oh gosh I mean she's just the sweetest sweetie. Rose still makes you feel like the most loved person in the whole world. She somehow manages to make all 3 of us feel equally special. She gives huge INSANELY excited grins to James and he makes her laugh like no one else (she'll even laugh at the memory of him being funny: any time she's on the side of the pack n play or if she sees him climb on the high chair-even if she isn't in it-she'll start giggling because of all the times he's made her laugh). He is clearly the most fun and funny person on this planet. She always gives Michael this slow sweet grin when she sees him like she is ever so pleased he's here and looking at her. And she always wants her "mama", if I leave her she is displeased and she is always just holding me and kissing me. She reaches allll the time now and that is especially true for all of us-little arms are usually being held out for any of us who are near her. And then those open arms turn into sweet sweet hugs (her hugging James is like omg the most adorable but I also love when she's sitting next to me and just opens her arms and puts them around me like "nooope want to be held please"). She's just so affectionate and smiley. She loves kisses SO much that she even is happy to receive them from stuffed animals. There's no such thing as too many kisses for Miss Rosie. Her demanding kiss cough has evolved into a cough of excitement and/or for attention lol. Her hair just keeps getting longer, it doesn't stick up in the back anymore (kinda sad, still so cute though), and I'm seriously starting to debate getting her some hair ties. It's so hard to sum up the cuteness of the cutest little girl. She's so chubby and has the tiniest little nose and the softest hair and such pretty eyes with long eyelashes and happy lips that are almost ALWAYS smiling (and don't even get me started on her many different and perfect smiles) and cute little grabby hands and tiny feets and I just love her.

Nicknames: Rosie, Rosie Rose, Rosie Posy, Baby Rose, Baby girl, Pretty girl, Coy fish, Lady, Ladybug, Chunk/Chunk-a-munk, "Little Chub/Chubby" (James calls her that), Scoots (Michael calls her that), Sweetling, Sweetie-girl, Cutie-girl, Honey girl, Honey bun, Little miss, Missy, Ma'am, Sweetness, Love, combinations of all of the above...

Talking: Constant sound from this one. She's a loud lady. Lots of high pitched squeals and squeaks, she'll straight up yell if she's angry or frustrated (or sometimes just super excited haha) and lots of little bits of babble. And like I said earlier she can now say mama (usually "muhmuhmuhmuhhhh"), bruhbah (brother), and dada! 

Favorites: James, mommy, and daddy. Playing with James (especially in the high chair or pack n play). Being higher up than James (she thinks it's funny to feel bigger than him lol). Anything with a face. Smiling and being smiled at/attention in general. Kisses. Being held and snuggled. Tickles/raspberries. Eating. Sleeping. Toys. Mirrors. Tags (Like the kind on clothes and's weird but true.) Sitting up. Being naked and being dressed up. Getting dirty diapers taken off.

Dislikes: Teething, not getting enough sleep, and not being paid attention to/not having attention from any 1 of us for any length of time. She's become super clingy lol. 

Concerns: Still just the lack of socialization and missing everyone because COVID sucks.

A Day in the Life: She wakes up around 7 (usually I get James then we both get her), nurses, we play for a bit, and then down for a nap after being awake for an hour and a half or so. She usually wakes up again 9:30-10:30ish and I nurse her, play with her, then she and James both go down for naps around the same time (after she's been up like an hour 50). Then she wakes up around 1:30ish usually and I nurse her, we play some more. After she's been up like 2-2.5 hours she has a little catnap and then is usually up around 4:30ish. She hangs out in the high chair while we all eat dinner around 5:30 and then her bedtime is around 7pm, give or take. Honestly the times are pretty variable depending on how her naps are going. For her bedtime routine we read her a book then say goodnight to things on the main floor (including brother) and then one of us takes her upstairs and reads superhero rules to her and then changes her diaper and gets her in her sleeper and sleepsack. I then nurse her (while singing the song "Rosie" by Passenger) and lay her down (sometimes asleep, sometimes awake) in her crib when she's done. Every day with Rosie is a good day <3

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