Saturday, March 17, 2018

Something Saturdays (3/17/18)

Hello friends! Great news, I made and photographed a recipe for the blog this week! So that'll be coming soon! Yayyyy.

Last weekend was another busy but fun one. Saturday, we went to church with Michael's dad and stepmom and James did really well-he slept for half of it and just chilled with his binkie in for the rest. Then we went back to their house and had dinner. James definitely didn't get enough sleep, but that's ok. Sunday we had an old friend over that we hadn't seen in awhile which was nice, and Michael's aunt stopped by as well with a sweet personalized baby blanket. Monday I took James to the breastfeeding support group they have at the hospital (last time we went he was only a week old)-mostly so I could weigh him, lol. This is how cool my kid is--he was crying in the car until I started playing music and he dozed off peacefully when Renegade was playing. He has good taste in music. It also became clear that he is almost definitely teething, which I'm so sad about because 1-it hurts him and 2-I love his little gummy grins and I'm not ready for him to have teeth! The fact that he's now pretty much wearing 6 month clothes doesn't help, my little baby is growing up waaay too fast! Tuesday we just did our thing at home but then a friend of Michael's and mine from high school (she was in Michael's class though so I haven't seen her since she graduated when I was 15) came over for a bit to visit and that was super nice. Wednesday Michael left for Columbus where he was presenting at a conference for work on Thursday-and he got home yesterday! We missed him so so much but we were ok. It was so sweet to see HOW EXCITED James was to see him!

Oh yeah and Happy St. Patrick's Day! I've never been a big fan (largely because I don't drink) so it's just a Saturday to me but I hope you guys all stay safe and have fun!

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