Saturday, September 2, 2017

Something Saturdays (9/2/17)

Ok first of all let's go back to last weekend and my baby shower. It was thrown by my boss and friend, Val (with input from me) and was held at my house. The food was all brought my moms and aunts, with the exception of the dessert table which I did all of (I made mini s'mores tarts, mini vanilla cupcakes, mini puff pastries with homemade whipped cream, mini cheesecakes, and cookie dough balls--I also made adorable little elephant cut out cookies as favors, but I'll chat more about that later.) It was a beautiful day and everything was so simple yet pretty and so many people I loved were in one room! It was such an amazing time and it FLEW BY. I wish I could've spent more time visiting with everyone!! And we got so darned many gifts, I was blown away by how generous everyone was and all the amazing stuff our little man is getting. He's very very luck to be so loved! As are we :) So it was awesome but omigosh Michael and I were WIPED OUT after it. 

(Oh and also the day prior, Saturday, I worked my tush off getting ready but before that Michael had a couple errands to run that I went along on and we tried out brunch at this place called Twisted Citrus and it was suuuper yummy!)

This whole week was crazyyy too! Monday I mostly just recovered, but Tuesday we had an ultrasound and doctor's appointment + my glucose test (everything is looking good!). Wednesday we had a childcare class at the hospital where we'll be delivering, which was actually pretty fun and very informative. Thursday we had a consultation with the baby's pediatrician (we like her!) and then I worked, and I worked Friday. And today and tomorrow I'm working weddings (yepp a double header, gotta love 3 day weekends!) 

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Garlic Parmesan Chicken Lasagna

Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
Game of Thrones-Ok so things started out kind of slow and then EVERYTHING HAPPENED. Pretty much all stuff I expected but ahhh omg to see it and hear it and have things was epic. Goodbye stupid Littlefinger, good for Jamie standing up to his bish sister, and JON IS THE MOTHER EFFING CONFIRMED HEIR TO THE THRONE WHILST HAVING TENDER YET PASSIONATE SEXYTIMES WITH DANY. (Yes she's his aunt blahblahblah). But on the flip side--eeeeeee zombie dragon.....and ummm is Tormund  (and Dondarrion) dead???

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