Saturday, April 11, 2015

Something Saturdays (4/11/15)

Today is my first bridal shower!!! *squeal*! This one is for Michael's mom's side of the family and is in Youngstown, about an hour away (where much of his extended family lives). I'll fill you all in on how it went next week :D

And let's take a look back at this last week, hmm?

So Easter was a crazy busy but fun day! We had Mass with Michael's mom and sister and then found our Easter basket with them and Michael's youngest brother. Then we went to Michael's stepmom's family's Easter lunch. Then we went to my grandma's house to see my family. Then we drove an hour+ to go to Youngstown to Michael's grandpa's house to see his mom's extended family. And it was all very fun but very busy. And there may have been some minor wedding crankiness/drama, but all is well-mostly lol.

On Monday Michael's mom and I went shopping and bought her a dress for the wedding and one for the rehearsal dinner! That was fun and she looks super cute in both of them :) Tuesday I had a little outing with Michael's stepmom and aunt and that was tons of fun and we ate oodles of delicious food (AND I finally got to try Insomnia Cookies! The s'mores cookie was FAB.) My brother's car had some problems this week so I helped him out and ran him around a bit. And Wednesday night Michael's youngest brother had a concert for his program in college (he's in the music dept.) and it was FANTASTIC. Like...he sounded so great. His rendition of "I See Fire" (by Ed Sheeran) was so incredible and then the finale with everyone in the program made me grin so big because the girls sang "Wannabe" by Spice Girls and the guys sang "I Want it That Way" by the Backstreet Boys! The girl Christopher is sort of seeing was there and, in a brilliant move, he pointed at her when he sang his line of I Want it That Way. She squealed. That was some good game. I was proud, lol.

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