Saturday, April 18, 2015

Something Saturdays (4/18/15)

My bridal shower was SUPER nice! Michael's family is very sweet and it was nice seeing people (and meeting some new ones) and spending time with all our moms and my grandma. There were lovely potted tulips at every table, which we got to take home one! They also had little organic vegetable seed/planter things that were being given as prizes and-after my grandma won and gave me her prize-I'm now the proud owner of s soon-to-be tomato plant! It was also really fun opening presents with Michael (who brought me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers)--he even enjoyed it! (Which was surprising since he hates attention.) I've already written up all my thank you cards and am excited for the next 2 showers!

Monday Michael and I had a final check in with our priest, which is always nice. We adore him and it's a shame he can't marry us (different diocese than the church where we're getting married and he's already performing a wedding that day)--he's so funny. He joked that if he could get married he'd wear a white dinner jacket, or just change into one for the reception--and then he grinned and declared himself high maintenance. Ha! Cracked me up.

Wednesday was one of my final wedding dress fittings--this one actually went pretty well. It looked great and there was even a comment that maybe I have slimmed down a bit. Triumph!

Thursday night we went out with Michael's work friends-which is fun. And last night I probably worked the easiest job ever (I just handed out free Regal gift cards and they gave me popcorn to snack on and I was done as soon as I ran out of gift cards. Which was pretty quick--but I got paid for the whole shift. Woot!)

Today we're meeting with Michael's uncle to go over our programs and maybe some other details for things like escort cards, etc. We're also probably gonna do  little shopping for Michael and get some dinner at Outback Steakhouse :P

And tomorrow night we get to go out to dinner with my friend (and bridesmaid) Carrie and her boyfriend Jon! They haven't met Michael yet and I've only briefly met Jon so I'm excited!

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