Saturday, July 26, 2014

Something Saturdays (7/26/14)


Sunday/Monday I has a slumber party/girl day with my 14 year old cousin Brianna. We made egg-less cookie dough and went shopping and had oodles of fun!

Tuesday I had my first-paid-modeling gig in Ohio-I did a photo shoot for Jay Kossman photography and it was tons of fun! I can't wait to see the shots and show you guys :) PLUS we shot in Chagrin Falls, which is where we took my engagement photos so I had some major deja vu. Plus it meant I got to get myself a treat from Jeni's ice cream again :D This time I tried their chocolate hazelnut ice cream sandwich and ooooh it was SO DANGED GOOD! Amazingly rich and dense chocolate ice cream sandwiched between chewy and nutty hazelnut cookies and then rolled around the edges in chopped hazelnuts (pictured in the instacollage below). Om nom nom!

Wednesday we had our 2nd cake tasting and-while the cake was pretty good and the owner was lovely, we decided that we didn't like the cake as much as our 1st place, and the price was actually higher. So that one was a no. We also went to check out Bocca Grande with some of our parents, as a potential rehearsal dinner location, and I think that is what we're going with! The location is very close to the church, the owners are lovely, the food is good, and the prices are just great. Would I like it if the locale was a smidge fancier? Yes. However, I'm prioritizing money for the actual big day and not worrying too much about the rest of it.

Thursday we had cake tasting #3 and it is definitely in the running! The owner was really nice and the cakes were delicious-great textures all around. The big WOW factor was their buttercream, though: I'm not usually a fan. It's too sugary. But their buttercream was PERFECTION-not too sweet and just so creamy and delicious, I kept going back for more! The price is good too. So #1 and #3 are both in the running (I'd say the cakes from #1 look better more consistently. But the price is better with #3. Hmmm). We have 3 more tastings to go! (this tasting is the one pictured in the instagram collage below.)

Today I'm working a promo job at the Soap Box Derby for the movie Box Trolls! It's going to be a long (10 hour) day but it should be fun :)

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Recipes from the blog that I made this week
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Peanut Butter S'mores Muddy Buddies (Blahnik Baker)
This is the 1st non-original muddy buddy recipe I've ever been like "MUST MAKE!"

Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
True Blood-I'm starting to get little glimpses of the way Season 1 was, which is nice. (On that note: BILL AND SOOKIE GET BACK TOGETHERRRR and BILL NEEDS TO NOT HAVE HEP V! *fingers crossed for a cure for him and Eric*)...and...whoa...mandible. ick. and Lafayette now I suppose? And Jess back with Jason? I suppose I'm cool with that although Violet is gonna freak.

Teen Wolf-Hm I'm guessing the ciphers are all people they care about who died. I feel like Lydia doesn't need another banshee next time she just needs to sit and try all the people who died as ciphers. And hooray they know who the assassins are (2 of them anyway) and Scott knocked one ouuut.

Finding Carter-Ahhh this show is so good! There's so many conflicting feelings going on but this is what I know: I love Max. And him + Taylor.

Pretty Little Liars-Yayyy Caleb + Hannah! That is all.

Hot in Cleveland-I loved Chris Colfer in this ep. I'm also not surprised that they were already poking holes in Joy and Mitch's relationship. *sigh*

Who Do You Think You Are-ahhh I'm so happy this show is back! I'm fascinated by history and genealogy so this show has always been so cool to me. And omgee...this week...Cynthia Nixon (AKA Miranda from Sex and the City)'s great great great grandmother killed her husband, had a baby in prison, and just.....whoa.

Instagram Latel(a few highlights from this week on Instagram)

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