Friday, March 21, 2014

#MrsTsPierogies for Girl's Night! #MC

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Millennial Central for Mrs. T’s Pierogies. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.
#MrsTsPierogies for Girl's Night! #MC
I'm not the kind of person who goes out. I'm a stay in kind of gal, and one of my FAVORITE things is to have a big slumber party!! I do NOT have them enough (and I'm really pushing for that to be my bachelorette party main premise :P). They're always the best: you just need your girls, some great movies (preferably of the chick flick variety or--if you were me and my bestie in high school--old movies from the 40's and 50's), and good FOOD!

You may recall a previous blog post where I talked about one of my favorite quick meal/appetizer/snack/I'm hungry/ solutions: Mrs. T's Pierogies! They are the PERFECT addition to any get-together (whether you're the kind of person who is going to watch the game, or have a fancy dinner party, or enjoy a big slumber party, or just a Tuesday!) I always have at least 1 box in my freezer, guys. For emergencies.

And no matter your group, Mrs. T's is sure to have something for everyone! I mean...we're talking delicious whipped potatoes inside a perfect pasta shell. They have 11 varieties (including whole grain and mini sizes) with different additions-such as different cheeses, onions, etc. You can prepare them in SO many different ways, and the serving possibilities are endless-you can serve them as is, or with a sauce, or as a part of a recipe! My current favorite is the 4 cheese blend Pierogies with a dipping sauce of melted butter mixed with a little garlic powder and some scallions. Mmmmm....

So, my girls came over, we pajama'd up, I brought out 3 of my fave slumber party movies (27 Dresses, 13 Going on 30, and 10 Things I Hate About You), and brought out the food! We had a big assortment of Mrs. T's Pierogies, some popcorn, some cookies, some drinks (water for me, and whatever adult beverages my ladies brought for themselves :P) and settled in to laugh, girl talk, and half watch/half mock/half ignore our movies. All while chomping on food and pigging out. It was a GOOD. NIGHT!

If you want to have your own amazing night, I definitely recommend some Mrs. T's Pierogies. They could NOT be simpler to prepare, and they're always a hit! And check out Mrs. T's Facebook and Twitter pages too, let them know how YOU'RE eating your pierogies!


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