Saturday, March 8, 2014

Something Saturdays (3/8/14)

My Michael is gone. I am allll alone. But crazy insanely busy, so I'm trying to use this time to be ultra productive (because...let's face it...the boy makes me lazy.) His interview yesterday went well. However, not as well as I would have liked--turns out if he passes his background check (which he obvi. will) then he has to do a tour of the facilities and then if THAT goes well he has to do another interview! It's they don't even care that he has to make a whole extra trip to Ohio to do these things. Anyway, fingers crossed we can get through that whole process quickly and he gets hired and then we can get this show on the road!

In other news, Susan (The Girl in the Little Red Kitchen) and I went to see a preview of Rocky the Musical on Thursday and it was actually really good! I got all goo-goo over the super sweet love story between Rocky and Adrian (and Rocky was pretty hunky--and also played very well. He did a great job of being true to the character but not copying Sylvester Stallone-not being a caricature. So, props to Andy Karl!)-and the way they orchestrated stuff like fight scenes and the training montage was just really cool! If you have the opportunity to see it, I definitely recommend it!

and...HEY! I completely forgot to share this last week, but, for any who care about the acting side of my life, I have finally gotten an updated reel showcasing some of my work! Check it out if you have 3 minutes to spare :)

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Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
How I Met Your Mother-Have you seen the online theory that in the future, the mother dies? Well, I didn't put any stock in it...until this week's episode. Now I'm really scared and really sad because there were a couple clues that seemed to point that way and....I DON'T WANT HER TO DIIIIIE!

Teen Wolf-This episode was SO GOOD! I love learning back-stories and this just brought it all together (in a completely sad way, though, of course).

Supernatural-The Ghostfacers were a lot less uplifting than I expected. But I like how they used the facers' relationship to maybe make the brothers see how important theirs is? And that they just need to be brothers again? ....please?

The Originals-oooooh we finally got to see the oft-referred-to Michael running them out of/burning New Orleans (and Celeste is dead! woot!)

Pretty Little Ezra gone forever?

Glee-I found everything in this episode (sans Sue and Emma and Will, surprisingly...and Adam Lambert) SO annoying.

Criminal Minds-I learned that I might be susceptible to hypnotism, and Michael would definitely not be.

Modern Family-I loved how sweet this episode ended with Haley and Phil. And Lily being hilarious as per usual. And I would totally meddle like Claire in my kids' love lives! lol

Law & Order: SVU-This episode did nothing to improve my feelings on football. And I am SO over Rollins' stupid gambling storyline...ugh.

Parenthood-Sarah shouldn't have dumped Carl. That was dumb. Drew shouldn't go after Natalie. She's skanky. Julia shouldn't have gone in for dinner, but I really really hope it's ok and that Joel and her work things ouuuut. Also....I'm excited about the charter school Kristina and Adam are starting, and that she's cancer free. the end.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland-I don't care what anyone says, I love this show! Cyrus gave Alice her engagement ring, Ana is proving herself to Will, the Jabberwocky is kind of cool, Cyrus' brothers are the other two genies, SO MANY THINGS!

The Vampire Diaries-Dude....did Katherine just get sucked into hell??? That's intense. Nadia dying was actually really sad and the memory Katherine gave her was really sweet (which also makes me feel like, despite everything, she doesn't really deserve to go to hell. But I'm forgiving like that). Is Elena like a ripper vampire-thirsty person who also infects everyone with werewolf venom?

Reign-So many bittersweet feelings! So happy Mary and Francis are married and consummating in front of everyone ( weird/kinky is that?!) but obviously very sad that Francis is gonna die. And I feel bad for Bash. *sigh*

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