Wednesday, December 4, 2013


So um...

I was gonna post a recipe today.

But I got sidetracked.


Technically I sort of knew it was coming...I was involved in getting the ring (my fingers are baby sized so we had to get it custom made. You may remember back when I was in Ohio I said I was doing something that I couldn't share with you guys...that was it. Making my ring!)
BUT I didn't know exactly when it was coming. And that fact has been killing me for the past 2 months. Poor Michael. I've been quite whiny about it.
Anyway, so, yesterday I was out doing Christmas things with my cousin Emily (who as it turns out was a co-conspirator and lied to me at various times throughout the day). I kind of had a feeling Michael might propose to me but then I got all thrown off and decided he wasn't.
BUT when I got home that night and opened the door, there were rose petals and a single red rose with a note tied to it. And going up the stairs were a few more roses with notes, and final one tied to our door. The notes told our story (if you've ever been curious about how we got together, this is a storybook-ized version and feel free to read:P) As I walked upstairs and went into our apartment, I could hear music playing, it was "Storybook Love", the theme from our favorite movie, The Princess Bride.
When I stepped inside our apartment a shower of rose petals rained down on me and the whole place was filled with beautiful roses. And there was my adorable boy, looking bashful.
He turned on the fan and more rose petals floated down. He gave an adorable and charmingly nervous speech, essentially telling me how much he loves me.
 Then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him :)

I, obviously, said YES!

and then I greedily put the ring on.
 ...later we remembered he was supposed to put it on me, so we took it off and he put it back on.

Oops :)
(and for anyone curious, the setting is custom and handmade in a similar style to a vintage ring we found online that we loved. The main diamond is a cushion cut. I think the ring is one of the most beautiful things I've ever see...but I'm biased <3)
and we've been blissfully happy :)

What does this mean for the blog?
Not much, presumably. I'll refer to Michael as my fiancĂ© sometimes (hehe). And maybe (maybe) I'll attempt to be healthier in the spirit of pre-weddingness? And I don't know, if you want I can keep ya updated of wedding planning and suchness. What do you think? What (if anything) would you like to hear about?

Anyway, thanks to all of you who read this super long post that has nary a bit of chocolate or butter to be seen, I love you oodles and am so happy to share my joy with you! And, obviously, to spend the rest of my life with (cliche but...) my best friend :D

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