Saturday, November 23, 2013

Something Saturdays (11/23/13)

If you live in know that these things are scuhrrrrryy.


Um whoa....that lil nerdy kid from Full House and The Little Rascals grew up to be smokin' (and apparently gay?)-fascinating.

You may or may not know this about me but...I LOVE THE MUPPETS. So obv. I'm stoked about the trailer for the new movie: 

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Chocolate French Silk Pie (Baker Bettie)
SUCH a gorgeous and delicious pie!!!

Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
Once Upon A Time-WHOA. WHOOOOA. My mind=blown. Dude....I don't care what anyone says I LOVE this plot twist. Ohemgeeee Peter Pan is Rumple's dad. *explosion sounds inside my head*

How I Met Your Mother-best parts of the episode=Zapkatage and the soulful "sexy" version of bangbangbangitybangIsaidabangbangbangitybang!

Supernatural-This was a nice, classic Supernatural ep. Classic case of Dean's self sacrifice for Sammy. Classic case of ghost (except for with a super sad end). I always love an episode that shows more of the boys' past too. That lucky gal got to be Dean's first kiss too! Imagine that, a Dean whose never been kissed *chuckle*

South Park-This Game of Thrones (aka Playstation vs XBox) storyline is HILARIOUS. I especially liked the anime Princess Kenny bit....teheheheeee oh and also that guy who owns the "betrayal garden".

The Big Bang Theory-hehehee Raj and Amy and Bernie were especially funny this ep.

The Vampire Diaries-Stefan's PTSD is sad, as is Katherine's dying (although I enjoy her maternal side with Nadia). Jesse dying was a major bummer. I like Bonnie's new hair. AND omgeee NOOO poor Damon!

Once Upon A Time in Wonderland-ummmm Alice's stepmom sucks.

Parenthood-WHAT an emotional episode. I cried when Kristina talked to the little deaf girl. I'm super worried about the Ryan situation AND Joel and Julia. It makes me super sad.

Reign-I don't care for how things are going. I don't like Francis going to Olivia and distancing himself from Mary. I don't like Bash killin' random dudes to protect his secret. And I don't like the king lying to Kenna.

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