Friday, November 25, 2011

Smashed Potatoes

Smashed Potatoes
And it's over! My first time hosting my own Thanksgiving and it is done. And I can't wait to do it again next year :D. I'll be sharing, every now and then, the recipes I used, and I decided to start it off with these smashed potatoes. The difference (to my understanding) between "smashed" and "mashed" potatoes is you leave skins on and just use a masher and leave it kind of lumpy for smashed potatoes, whereas for mashed they are skinless and you use a mixer to get them creamy. Anyway, these were great. They were simple to make, especially with my boy helping with the mashing:
Smashed Potatoes

And they had a really different taste from what you get with typical mashed potatoes (I'm guessing that's a combined effect of the Yukon Golds and that there were skins). Michael absolutely loved them! I liked them a lot, but I don't know that they are my favorite. I think there's a recipe I'd like better out there. Maybe it's this one? But see for yourself! These are definitely a must-try.

Smashed Potatoes

Serves 6-8
Smashed Potatoes
  • 3 lbs. Yukon Gold potatoes or baby Yukon Golds
  • 1 stick unsalted butter
  • 1/2 cup heavy cream
  • S&P and other mix-ins to taste
  • Cut baby Yukon Gold potatoes in half (and if regular sized cut into quarters).
  • Add to pot with cold water.
  • Let come to a boil.
  • Slightly reduce heat and cook 20 minutes or until fork tender.
Smashed Potatoes
  • Drain potatoes and add back to the pot. Turn burner to low heat.
  • Add butter and heavy cream.
Smashed Potatoes
  • Mash.
  • Taste and season to your taste, and add any other mix-ins you may choose.
  • Serve warm :)
Smashed Potatoes

I'll be eating these, and the rest of the dinner, for awhile. Do you have a lot of Thanksgiving leftovers too?
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I love it when you try & want to share recipes you found here! Please just rewrite in your own words, use your own photos, & always link back to me! Thanks!

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