Saturday, November 26, 2011

25 Things About Me

One of the blogs I frequent, The Baker Chick, posted 25 things about her, and she said it's starting to circulate the blog community. Like her, I remember when that was a big thing on facebook, and I almost wrote it off. However, I think she has a point. How much do we really know about bloggers? If you're like me, you visit their blogs every day, eager to read and see if you can obtain a new recipe. And you barely know them. Seems silly. So, I'm going to join in!

25 Things about Kayle (The Cooking Actress)

  1. When I love something I LOVE it! I become obsessed! My obsessions include: The Muppets, The Princess Bride, Supernatural, Vampires, roses,
  2. I've always been a little over the top. Loud, girly, and dramatic!
  3. I absolutely love to read-ever since I learned I've been attached to books. And I read extremely quickly so I just zoom through them.
  4. I'm honest to a fault. I hate to lie, and usually don't unless I've pre-planned, spontaneous lies are very difficult for me, and more often than not, lying leaves me guilt ridden. I simply cannot lie to someone i care about. My mom tells the story of how one time I accidentally broke something while playing, but I lied and said it fell by itself. Less than an hour later I came crying back to her, needing to confess. She thought this was especially hilarious since my little brother lied constantly. He would always say "Kayle did it."...even when I wasn't home. :P
  5. I like pumpkin pie-but I don't enjoy other pumpkin desserts (this comes up because, it has been the season for an incessant amount of pumpkin recipes).
  6. I'm also not a fan of fruit pies. If I'm going to have pie give me chocolate, Oreo, peanut butter, etc.
  7. I took dance classes when I was younger (it was part of my desire to be a triple threat-back when my  dream was to be the next Britney Spears), and I really really miss it. I love to dance.
  8. I'm more or less a house wife. Michael works full time, and I don't work a lot. So, usually, I'm home alone all day. And that is when I do the cooking, shopping, cleaning, laundry, etc. The weird part? I kind of like it.
  9. I cannot wait to get married and have babies. Darn money is all that's standing in my way.
  10. I watch a lot a lot a LOT of TV shows. Seriously, I love TV. My Pinterest board doesn't even cover all of them. I like to call it "research".
  11. I multitask, constantly. I have a hard time only doing one thing.
  12. Disney's awesome. I don't care what you say (even you Michael!)
  13. I was never exactly...popular growing up. More like "weird, crazy, nerdy, out there girl who talks all the time and finishes her tests first." I actually have always had a hard time having friends. I'm fairly sure the reason one of my best friends, Alex, has stuck with me all this time is partially because we grew up virtually across the street from each other and are more or less sisters.
  14. I'm only 22. But in some ways I'm simultaneously 6 and 30. I am trusting and get very excited about things and am in touch with my inner child (OMG DISNEY WORLD XD!). I also spend virtually all my time doing house-wifey duties or sitting on the couch watching TV and movies. I do not go out. I don't "party". And I like it that way. I've never really seen the point in pretty much going out looking to make errors in judgement. I've pretty much been this way since birth.
  15. I was the only baby in the hospital when I was born. So my mom can't claim I was switched at birth (her words). I think it made me pre-disposed to getting a lot of attention.
  16. I love to swim-but I'm what I like to call a "free spirit swimmer". I never took swim classes so I don't really know the proper strokes and kicks, etc. My maternal grandparents have a pool, where I spent virtually every moment of my summer from infant-hood. When I was 3 I taught myself to swim-took of my little "swimmies" and I never looked back :P.
  17. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!! Every morning I would wake up around 2 AM (you heard me), go downstairs, see the presents, etc. then go back upstairs to wake my brother. We would then proceed to kill time until we were allowed to wake up the parents (around 6 or 7 AM). I also love giving gifts-it's so fun to try to guess what they will like, and see their faces when they open it. Michael calls me the "gift-whisperer", it runs in my family though-my Mom and brother are both great also.
  18. My parents got divorced when I was 17, but honestly--I almost forget what it was like when Dad lived with us. They never really made sense as a couple anyway. 
  19. I lived in the same house my entire life, and I loved that. Any talk of moving meant I was going to start wailing. My mom is now going to sell the house. While I understand her need (the yard is too big and the house too old for her to take care of on her own), I'm still really upset.
  20. I slept with my blankie and a stuffed Nala for nearly my entire life. (they now have a prominent position in my bedroom, just not on the bed)
  21. I'm so picky. It's awful. I'm getting better, but if you notice a slight lack of variety on here-I apologize. Michael empathizes with your boredom.
  22. I hate the fall. I know I'm practically the only one (except for Michael-he agrees), but I just hate it! It means summer is over, and it is dreary and cold and rainy and just gray. At least winter is crisper, and there's snow. But I really just love spring and summer.
  23. I wear a size 5 shoe. It's really hard to find. That is sad.
  24. My 2 favorite vacations I've been on are Disney World and Treasure Cay, Bahamas. My mom's parents have had 2 condos (upstairs&downstairs) there since she was little, and it is this very small, completely un-touristy, beautiful tropical escape.
  25. I love to reminisce. I adore watching old home movies, looking at photos, etc.
That was a lot longer than I thought it would be! I sort of just wrote whatever came to mind first, and things that I don't think I've touched on in previous posts. I hope you enjoyed this, and I'm now inviting you to join in! What are 25 things about you?
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