Saturday, March 11, 2017

Something Saturdays (3/11/17)

Hiya! It's been a pretty great week. Let's chit chat.

Last Saturday's charity event went great, it was a lot of work but everything went well! Sunday I worked, Monday I got some things done around the house. Also, over the weekend, my brother finally announced (I've been keeping this a secret for nearly 2 months) THAT HE GOT MARRIED. Yepp, my little brother and new sister-in-law eloped on the beach in Hawaii. It was super fast but they're adorable and great for each other and I'm so happy for them. <3 Plus they promised I could plan them a wedding here in October, so, that helps.

Tuesday was a BIG day. I drove down to Columbus to spend the day exploring and eating with my food blog pal Erin of The Spiffy Cookie. She, brilliantly, started off the fun at Katalina's with NUTELLA STUFFED PANCAKE BALLS. Which also came with delicious bacon. This was maybe my favorite thing we ate all day, they were so perfect. Our next stop was an adorable VEGAN (yes, vegan!) bakery called Pattycake Bakery where we shared a cookie and Erin brought home a slice of French toast strawberry stuffed cake. Everything looked and tasted fantastic. After that we did a little walking around/shopping to re-build our appetites, we checked out Elm & IronWholly Craft and Global Gallery. Then, of course, we combined the two by visiting the North Market. I ate a tasty cocoa nib macaron from Pistacia Vera, bought some delicious salsa from a salsa/hot sauce vendor, and Erin and I shared the BeetleCat Coconut Pie Sundae from Jeni's (with the Salty Caramel ice cream) and it was looooovely. Oh and then Erin got $2 taco-tuesday taco from Dos Hermanos and I tried a bite and it was the best taco I've had since Mexico. Amazing. Then we went back to shopping to once again try to rebuild our appetites, but this time in German village, which I'm obsessed with. We started at Helen Winnemore's and then checked out Vernacular (where Erin got a super cool dress and I bought an industrial vase that looked like it was right up my boss' alley so I had to get it for her!) Then we laid eyes on Lindey's, one of Erin's favorite restaurants, and decided to just drop in and share an appetizer of perfect arancini. I absolutely love that restaurant and intend to come back and fully enjoy a meal there on a less food-filled day. Then we spent quite a while exploring ALL of the ABSOLUTELY GIANT Book Loft. I was in awe. We both bought some books (she bought Carrie Fisher's, I bought a 6 pack of Olivia books for a friend's daughter's birthday lol). By the time we finally found our way out of there we were hungry again and finished out the day with burgers and truffle fries from The Crest. It was a perfect day full of so much fun and food! Erin was an amazing guide. (And scroll down to the Instagram highlights to see some pics from the day.)

The rest of the week I just got stuff done at home and worked. And I'm working more this weekend. Blah blah blah.

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Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
Once Upon a Time-YAY ROBIN! Also yay for Emma not getting killed (yet)! I feel bad about the entire Gideon situation though. But on the flipside....old, drunk, fat Hook=hilarious. "We're switching to water." "What, for drinking?" hahahahaaaa

This Is Us-Kate and Beth (and the postman) gave me all the feels. But, enough about that: OMGOMG NOOOO IT LOOKS LIKE THE TERRIBLE JACK DEATH THEORIES ARE GOING TO BE TRUUUE. Oh my lord...I can't take it.

Shadowhunters-Admittedly I may know nothing, based on how much this show has deviated from the books, but don't worry Jace. This Simon dalliance should be short-lived.

The Vampire Diaries-Well that was a VERY emotional finale. I'm still pretty shook and don't really know how to feel about it all.

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