Saturday, June 4, 2016

Something Saturdays (6/4/16)

OHMYGOSH. Can we just talk about the long weekend?? It was already set to be busy but then we got a big surprise Saturday morning--the doorbell rang and I ran to get dressed (cuz it was hot and I was wearing like...underwear lol) and then when I opened the door I was shocked to see MY BABY BROTHER!!! Josh flew home (from training in Texas for the air force) to surprise all of us! I was so so happy and Michael and I were able to spend the early afternoon with him (he showed me how to use the workout machine in my gym and we all got lunch). Then we went to Michael's sister's graduation party which was so fun! Sunday was my cousin's graduation party and my brother was there so we spent all day there: from 1 until 9-10ish. It still wasn't long enough but it was so good to see him and spend time with the rest of my mom's family as well. Josh had to fly back to Texas Monday morning but Michael and I still went over to my grandma's house for her Memorial Day party. We only spent a few hours there but it was so nice-and we got to meet my cousin's new baby (who is TOO CUTE and such a chub!)

I then spent the next couple days getting stuff done. Thursday I got lunch with my friend Angela, then I went to work. Yesterday I had a couple meetings with brides and also the rehearsal for today's wedding that I am working. Wish me luck!

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Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
Game of Thrones-BENJEN YESSS! AND DROGON! And now we shall have to see what's gonna happen with Arya, Sam and Gillie, and the Lannisters/Tullys/Frays/Kings Landing as a whole.

Supernatural-This is a week late but YAY God is not dead! And OMG WHAT IS IT GONNA BE LIKE WITH MARY AROUND??? I CANNOT WAIT! (and fingers crossed everything with Sam is ok--I'm assuming he won't be dead, at least not permanently).
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