Saturday, January 23, 2016

Something Saturdays (1/23/16)

This week flew by for me! Did it do the same for you guys?? Michael had Monday off from work, which was nice since this week he started back at school. This is semester is going to be TOUGH. So...on top of his normal 40+ hour work-week he also has his normal 3 classes (3 hours apiece, for a total of 9 hours) he ALSO has practicum, which means he'll be working at the counseling center for another 8 hours a week.'s going to be hard, and I'm going to miss him :(. Luckily he doesn't start practicum until next week so we got a little bit of time together. 

Last weekend Michael called his "farewell tour"--we spent the earlier part of Saturday hanging out with my aunt and cousin, and then spent some time with Michael's mom that evening. Sunday we got to have dinner with and hang out with Michael's dad and stepmom. It was super nice!

I mostly worked on stuff and relaxed. I also got my 1st letter from my brother in basic training! I was so excited, because there's been some drama over the address for him so our mail has been taking forever to get to him--so for awhile he hadn't gotten any letters from me and that made me so sad :(

This weekend I'm working--I'm promoting Gaiam at a local Kohl's. It should hopefully be fairly simple. Wish me luck!

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Michael saw one photo and he immediately demanded we have it!

Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
Shadowhunters-ugh I'm still trying to give this a chance but the writing and acting are leaving something to be desired...

Supernatural-I had a GOOD sized laugh when Lucifer said he'd move to LA and solve crimes (because there's a new show with just that premise that they're apparently referencing, teehee). BUT UGH OMG CAS WHYYYYYYY NOOOOO! However...Misha Collins...good job acting like Lucifer. Top notch.

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