Saturday, August 1, 2015

Something Saturdays (8/1/15)

Week recap: Saturday we had our "friendception" and it was fun but mildly disappointing. The turn out wasn't as big as expected (I had a total of 1 friend show up, the rest were Michael's) and people weren't really mingling or dancing or anything. But it was still a nice time and it was good to see everyone who came! Sunday morning we had to take Christian to the airport and we missed him immediately-we had such a nice visit! Then Michael and I spent some time with my family. Tuesday was Michael's mom's birthday so we spent some time with her and Michael's siblings (and, earlier that day, I officially changed my name to Kayle Crofford! Woo! Kayle Blogna is still being used for all professional avenues but legally, I'm Mrs. Crofford :P) Wednesday I went to Amish country with Michael's best friend-we had fun shopping and walking around and eating! Thursday Michael hung up our amazing new painting in the living room...and I worked. Friday I worked. And today? WORK. Tomorrow, though, is my family reunion with my mom's side, which is always fun! And after that is a farewell barbecue for Michael's brother and sister-in-law, who are moving to North Carolina. Busy busy busyyy.

In other news--we got a preview of our wedding photos! I cannot wait until we get to see all our pictures, but if you want to see the sneak peek then click here to view them!

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Teen Wolf & Pretty Little Liars-I am so bored with these shows it's actually hard to force myself to watch them at this point. And I have not for the past week.

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