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La Piuma Bella Review

La Piuma Bella Review
La Piuma translate tells me it means "the beautiful feather". And how fitting a name that is for this fantastic little shop. Feathers are one of a kind and evoke a feeling of fantasy-of flight. Plus...they're pretty. Just like all the things that La Piuma Bella sells!
La Piuma Bella Review
I knew that I wanted all of my bridesmaids to have a matching jewelry item as one of their gifts, as well as for them to wear in the wedding. And...since roses are something of a theme...I wanted something with roses. My first thought was necklace but, due to the necklines of the dresses we're looking at, necklaces wouldn't work. So then my thoughts jumped to earrings! And then I found La Piuma Bella and I fell in love.

La Piuma Bella Review
In addition to various other sorts of accessories (including headbands, hats, scarves, mittens, rings, bracelets, necklaces, and other earrings) I saw that La Piuma Bella made gorgeous red rose post earrings. The only problem? The shade of red was a smidge too bright and I had the added difficulty of wondering if they could make a pair of earrings that would be exactly the same as the rest--but clip-on. Michael's little sister, one of my bridesmaids, doesn't have pierced ears (or any seeming desire to ever get them. Their mom doesn't have pierced ears either so this makes sense, I suppose.)
La Piuma Bella Review
Luckily for me-La Piuma Bella does custom orders! So, I sent Gabriella, the lovely lady behind the shop, a message on Etsy. She responded super quickly and I could immediately tell what a joy she would be to work with. Gabriella was extremely responsive, attentive, and helpful. She was able to help me find just the right color for the earrings AND make one pair clip on-but exactly the same in every way. I loved these earrings so much I even decided to order 3 additional pairs for my flower girls (who, ironically, all have pierced ears. So they can wear the regular backed ones--and, yes, I ran it by their moms first!)
La Piuma Bella Review
Once the order had been placed and processed, the earrings arrived before I knew it! La Piuma Bella sends your jewelry in these darling little boxes-perfect for gifts. No additional wrapping needed! And I was so thrilled to see that yes the clip-on earrings did look just like all the rest (another good thing about the gift boxes they arrive in--they are easy to take out and then put back in without anyone being able to tell you've already opened the gift :P You just shimmy the box out of the ribbon and then slide it back in when you're done.) I also tried on the clip-on make sure Shannan would be comfortable. They felt great!

I seriously cannot recommend La Piuma Bella more highly-Gabriella was a pleasure to work with and she provided me with the perfect gift for my girls and the perfect accessory for my bridesmaids! They are exactly what I wanted and I can never thank her enough!
La Piuma Bella Review
Check out La Piuma Bella's 
(and take a look at Gabriella's blog The Craft Queen!)

Disclaimer-I was provided with a discount on my custom order. I was under no obligation to write a review and received no further incentive to do so. All opinions are, as always, my own.

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