Saturday, March 29, 2014

Something Saturdays (3/29/14)

STUFF IS HAPPENING! Michael has officially been hired, and he'll start work April 13th (and he's gonna be working a super wonky schedule of Friday-Tuesday, 3-11PM). Then, on the 30th, he and my mom will come here and we'll move myself and our apartment. And then we'll move into our gorgeous townhouse in Cuyahoga Falls! It's a part of Yorkshire Woods and I'm SO EXCITED! It's 2 bedroom, 2 bath, it has a walk in closet, a dining room, a fireplace, a dishwasher, hookups for washer & dryer (ugh I am not looking forward to having to buy those though), a patio in the front AND there's a pool, fitness center, tennis courts, clubhouse, and picnic area. It's so amazing and I can't wait to live there. the meantime...I am overcome with anxiety. We have so much to do-packing, seeing people, doing things. And...I'm starting to get sad about leaving NY. I'm still happy and excited, but it's bittersweet, ya know?

Oh...and if you're curious about what our townhouse situation is gonna look like (I'll share my own photos once we're moved in!):

Posts from this week
Peanut Butter & Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies for #chocPBday
Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
Once Upon a Time-Awww the beginning of this episode was really sweet/sad. I also thought the Rapunzel story was kind of meh.

Resurrection-I am constantly on the edge f my seat. Like....what's going on??! Are they themselves?? What and how?! Why did Caleb kill the dude who found him? So many questionssss!

Girls-Adam was literally the single best (and oftentimes the only tolerable) part of this season and Hannah is an idiot for messing it up.

How I Met Your Mother-Thank goodness Ted said he wasn't in love with Robin anymore. Ugh. Robin and Barney's wedding was very sweet. I can't wait until next episode, then it'll all be over.

Teen Wolf-still super sad about Allison, and then Aiden. Glad the nogitsune is gone but now UGH KATE IS BACK! NOOO!

Supernatural-I'm happy there's more Men of Letters stuff. And Crowley. Sad for Dean though. :(

Glee-I feel very conflicted about this episode. For one thing, I'm happy they actually ended the glee club and are going to focus on the NYC stuff. One the other hand....the show is called Glee. I almost cried during Don't Stop Believing because...Finn. Parts of the ep were great, parts were dumb and poorly done. I'm happy Brittana is back though (although I'll miss poor Demi Lovato's character.)

Cougar Town-Grayson is a good guy.

Parenthood-JOEEEEL, NOOOOO!!! (and then, upon watching previews, JULIAAAA WHY YOU SO DUMB??! IF YOU WANT HIM BACK WAIT IT OUT DON'T DATE!) And it's very bittersweet about Mark, good for him getting his family, but I always liked him for Sarah too.

Once Upon A Time in Wonderland-omgosh now they HAVE to turn time back! because-Cyrus!! I'm also really happy with how they're answering the questions perfectly and now wrapping it up. This 1 season series was a super cool idea, and I'm excited to see the finale next week!

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