Saturday, March 15, 2014

Something Saturdays (3/15/14)

Well, things are moving along. I just booked Michael his tickets to fly back to Ohio next weekend for the next phase (and hopefully final phase) of this process of getting the job. Hopefully they hire him while he's there and then we can reserve our townhouse and get. GOING!
I'm already starting to frantically think about packing and stuff we'll need for the new place...etc. My darling mother has this week bought us 3 new things we'll be needing: a kitchen/dining room table (which will be where I'm planning on doing most of my food photography) and shower curtains (one on left is for our spare bathroom, which will have some darker blues and blue-grays. The one on the right is for our bathroom which will be like an aqua with a few red accents--I want our bedroom to be red with aqua accents so that's sort of where I got that idea). What do ya think? (I think the table is ok, I'd prefer all wood but tables and chairs are EXPENSIVE and these were on sale at Kmart so they'll do for now, until we move into a house that we eventually buy someday.)

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Spinach Pizza Dough (The Spiffy Cookie)
Hiding veggies inside pizza dough, I like it!
Super Swirly Cinnamon Buns (The Sugar Hit)
These look like the perfect cinnamon buns! SO MANY LAYERS!
Chocolate Chip Cookie Crack Pie (Baking a Moment)
Crack pie + chocolate chip cookies! ohemgeeee

Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
Once Upon A Time-Thank goodness Emma got her memory back (although it's still annoying that Henry doesn't have his). And, ew, Emma hooked up with a flying monkey. Poor fairy tale people, cursed again. Although at least they have most of their memories (sans that year) and Snow's preggo and Emma's with her parents (and new soon to be born sibling) so yay!

Resurrection-Well. I'm addicted. This show is I'm so curious and excited and I just need to know what's going on!

How I Met Your Mother-It's adorable that Lily and Marshall have another baby named Daisy, but I don't think they should have gone to Italy (and I LOVE Italy).

Teen Wolf-I am so confused. So like....did the Nogitsune also possess the twins and Derek? are 2 Stiles now? The real Stiles and the Nogitsune one? I'm just....very confused.

The Originals-This episode was sad. Seeing the Original sibs as children was bittersweet. It's not fair Rebekah had to leave (and Marcel and her broke up?) though. Plus the Davina thing is a bummer.

Pretty Little Liars-....I don't even know. Um...I'm happy for Aria's mom. That's all I've got.

Modern Family-I love that Lily is wearing Belle's dress. Also, I hate that apparently giving a young (teenaged) boy a beer is an "important" father/son moment. I think that's messed up. But *shrug*.

Law & Order: SVU-Ugh. Rollins. Sheesh. I love that actor who played the UC lieutenant though. He's always great.

Reign-Is it wrong that I laughed when the Duchess of Bohemia got humped out the window by the king? She like...died by having too crazy of sex. That's just....ridiculous lol. And then the king goes and does the same thing again. With a super creepy look on his face. The whole situation with Lola and Francis' baby makes me sad. And I don't know what is up with Olivia.

Once Upon A Time in Wonderland-WHOA. Cyrus' mom is Amara??! Dude...Cyrus...your mom got really dark. And fell in love with Jafar. Ew.

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