Saturday, March 22, 2014

Something Saturdays (3/22/14)

First of all, I want to give you all a heads up: Next week I'll be posting on Tuesday and Thursday (as opposed to my usual M-W-F schedule) as a part of celebrating in #chocPBday (uh yeah, obviously it's gonna be good!)

Secondly: Michael is in Ohio (again). Today he's going on a tour of the facilities for where he would be working, with his would be supervisor. If all goes well with this (and if they get every part of his background check in time) then on Monday he will go in for another interview and HOPEFULLY get hired. And then hopefully he can go and get our townhouse. And then we'll finally know what's happening! In the meantime I'm gonna be trying to do as much and see as many people as I can! Like, tomorrow I'm finally going to meet up with Ashley from Baker by Nature! We're gonna go to Chelsea Market and it's going to be so much fun-eeee!

Oh and--have you seen this video of this guy singing Katy Perry's Dark Horse in 20 different styles (including Boyz II Men, Michael Jackson, John Mayer, Metallica, Nirvana....etc.)???! IT IS CRAZY COOL!

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Croissant Doughnuts (Doughmesstic)
Instead of standing in line for a cronut, I can just make them!

Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
Resurrection-Um....I have no clue what's going on. That girl's dad...I don't know if he was generally the type to go after people and with a hammer or kill people or whatnot...or if he's not actually her dad? And I think Barbara might be back too and staying with that dude she had an affair with. Maybe.

Once Upon a Time-I am so excited about the current storyline. It feels like season 1 again. I had actually read an online fan theory that Cora and Rumple were the Wicked Witch's parents so it seems like that's actually true, which is coool. Super sad about Henry not remembering anyone though. I hope they can fix that eventually.

How I Met Your Mother-I love that we saw Ted and the Mother's first date and we found out what happened to a bunch of the supporting characters from the show. That's nice :)

Teen Wolf-OH MY GOD. THEY KILLED OFF ALLISON! I am...speechless. This is incredibly sad (like...yes...I've been sort of blah about her character for awhile now but....still....this is so sad.)

Supernatural-I'm glad we're dealing more with the Men of Letters stuff. Crowley got the blade. Bummer. Um..Snookie was in the episode. And was a completely waste. It was such a dumb stunt. Most importantly=ABADDON KEYED BABY! SHE MUST BE STOPPED!

Cougar Town-All the faux-CSI stuff was hilarious but then Jules' dad was :(.

Criminal Minds-Well. That was a complete mind f***. Poor, messed up, girl.

Pretty Little Liars-Literally no clue. But.....EZRAAAA NOOOOO!

Law & Order: SVU-Ahhh Alec Baldwin. I love him (and if you're going to cry foul about him being homophobic, read this article first)

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland-Oh nooo Ana!! (although...all that stuff before....classic Cora.) How sweet that Amara in scepter form saved her son!

Parenthood-Drew's song was pretty, but he needs to stop with that Natalie chick. She's a slut. And the entire Joe/Julia situation is still heartbreaking. As was Max's breakdown about mean teenagers.

Glee-This is the best Glee episode in awhile. It was nice to have people back. and I'm happy Quinn/Puck are (hopefully) back together.

The Vampire Diaries-Poor Stefan. Poor doppelganger. I'm wondering what the deal is with blonde witch and her brother, now-that is certainly ominous. Aaaand...I'm not a Delena fan but still...even I thought that ending was steamy.

Reign-I'm sad for Greer and her servant boy. And Mary's whole situation with Lola. Additionally-the King has lost his dang mind. He's a sociopath!

Whose Line is It Anyway-is back! YAYYY!

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