Saturday, March 30, 2019

Something Saturdays (3/30/19)

Alright it's late but I'm getting this post in under the wire!

I realize I suck at blogging these days. I'm sorry. I have no idea if or when it will get better but all I can say is I'm living my life and when I can post I will <3

Now, speaking of life. Last weekend we did a little shopping and also went out to dinner at our favorite Mexican place, Tlaquepaque. James and I hung out and ran some errands Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday I took him to story time at our local library for the first time (it was fun but crazy--and most of the kids were a bit older than him). Today was super fun because our friends Amanda and Brian came over and we always love to see them (and we found out what their baby's sex is! So fun!) Tomorrow we're just going to church and finishing up tax stuff. Fun funnnn.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Something Saturdays (3/23/19)

Well last weekend was a real adventure. I skipped last week's Something Saturday because poor little James caught his first stomach virus (I presume from his doctor's appointment on Wednesday, it was only a day and a half later that it hit him). Then-I got it. Then-Michael got it. We were a mess. And poor James was all better on Sunday while I was weak from a night full of awful and Michael had just been hit. So we called his mom to come help us. And then she caught it Monday night! Gosh we felt awful. This bug is no joke. But, luckily, now we're all healthy and are just working on cleaning everything and playing catch up. Ugh. Wish me luck!

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Something Saturdays (3/9/19)

Well last weekend was super fun. Last Saturday we had so much fun at baby Ava's 1st birthday (James especially) and then James woke up Sunday with another new molar (we're up to 10 teeth!) We went to dinner with friends of ours and their kids and it was fun-the best was that it was James' first time out in the falling snow and he loved it. He laughed and reached his hand into the air. The rest of our week was mostly just hanging out and running errands. I had an appointment with my new OBGYN's office (I switched because I didn't love my birth experience with James and heard amazing things about the midwives at this office) and I really liked it so fingers crossed! I had to work yesterday and today and tomorrow which is lame but I'm still making sure to get lots of time with my guys :) 

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Something Saturdays (3/2/19)

Hiiii. What are you doing today? I'm super excited because we're going to Michael's cousin's daughter's 1st birthday party (so clearly she's only a couple months younger than James) and it should be fun!

Last weekend was fun too-James GOT HIS FIRST HAIRCUT (*sob*) He was not a fan but the sweet boy, through his tears, still thanked Patrick (our hairdresser-he cut mine and Michael's hair too. Yay for family haircut day! Lol) with a cute little teary, "tank ooo" It took some getting used to but it honestly looks mostly the same, just a smidge shorter (and more uneven because the dang kid wouldn't stay still). Here's a fair summation in photo format:

We then stopped by Studio Bakery (our fave) and bought all the treats. Later on we went out for dinner at our favorite restaurant Table 6 so all in all, a good day. Sunday we just hung out. James and I ran a couple errands on Monday (including picking up birthday presents for this Saturday's party) and Tuesday we just played and then my dad came over for a bit after he got off work. Wednesday I worked so my mom came over to watch James but then I was off Thursday and we went to dinner with Michael's dad and stepmom. And yesterday I worked and my mom babysat again. 

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