Saturday, January 4, 2014

Something Saturdays (1/4/14)

So, after many pros and cons lists and in depth discussions, we've decided to have our reception at Occasions Party Centre! It is absolutely beautiful, very light and open and romantic, and I really love the atmosphere and people there (plus the grounds are stunning as well, there's a lake and gazebos, etc.) The picture above is a little different than what it will look like for us (red instead of pink napkins and different centerpieces) but it's the room that we'll have! I'm getting reeeeally excited!

Speaking of excited, it was so nice to get back in the kitchen. I hate leaving home, but it's also nice to get back into my routine.

Did you all have a great New Year's? I spent NYE babysitting and New Year's Day just chilling with Michael. Can't really complain. :)

And on a humorous note, my favorite search term that brought some poor soul to this blog is: "crazy couple photo facebook"'ve obviously come to the right place. I am one half of a crazy couple that does put photos on fb sometimes...yepps...:P

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