Saturday, January 11, 2014

Something Saturday (1/11/14)

Ok, so, everyone says once you're engaged you need to have extra pretty nails and stuff BUT...I fail at having my nails done. They're just so aggravating! I'm too broke to pay for manicures and doing them yourself takes forever and then they chip like RIGHT AWAY (this is true, for me, even when manicured. I had a gel mani once and it lasted for 5 days, which is less than half the time it's supposed to). And I just feel like it makes cooking and baking harder. I dunno I like how pretty nails look I just can't seem to have them myself. If anyone has tips or tricks (that won't break my already essentially empty bank account) please share!

Michael and I have been doing some more detail work on the wedding. We've agreed on what we want flowers to look like for bouquets and centerpieces, and that we want the table #'s to be named after movies. And...*gulp*...we made our first draft of the guest list (using the list from Michael's brother's wedding which had already been cut down, and lists I got from my parents) and we were at 350. YIKES! We're not inviting more than 300 (the venue can only hold 325, and I'd prefer to have about 275 show up) so that means we are in the process of making some extreme cuts and it is hard and stressful. We knew this would be the hardest part. I always knew I had a pretty big family, but compared to Michael's mine is downright tiny. So..yeah...lots of work. But lots of fun stuff is happening too!

Tomorrow my mom and MoH are going to a local bridal show (since I'm in NYC and can't be there) I'm so jealous but hope they get me some good info and maybe some freeeebies!

And, on the funny side of wedding planning: I was just looking around at some registry stuff, just for ideas, and I saw on Target's website the EXACT flatware set I grew up with (and now currently own, I was given them when I moved out, since my mom has since updated her flatware).'s freaky. How are these still being sold like 20 years later? Hilarious.

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Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
Teen Wolf-soooo everyone's going insane? I'm pretty PO'd that Allison seems to be moving on with Isaac and Scott is clearly gonna fall for Kira...grrrrrr

Modern Family-Awwww baby Joe is so cuuuute.

Law & Order: SVU-ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH! That is all I have to say about this. !!!

The Big Bang Theory-omigosh Josh from Drake & Josh cameo'd! And Bernadette is my favorite. (And I wish Leonard & Penny would have that convo, whether Sheldon is gonna live with 'em forever or not)

Parenthood-I just feel like this show does the best job of depicting real life of any show on TV. Not necessarily in the plot but in the range of emotions, it just always feels very natural and very much like how real life is. (Additionally: Joel NOOOO don't say thaaat! :'()

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Note--the first photo is of my mom (when she was around 18?) and John Stamos. Yepp.
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