Saturday, January 25, 2014

Something Saturdays (1/25/14)


....I don't really know what to say this week, all. Um...I've got stuff in the works but nothing really to share

See you all on Monday?

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Chocolate Wafer Cookies

Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
Dracula-I've decided to just comment on Dracula even though I'll always be 1 week behind: I'm liking it more and more, especially now that Alexander and Mina's relationship is kinda going somewhere. And I LOVED the moment where he turned Lucy because "if you insist on behaving like a monster I'll make you one" YESSS! (of course now I'm finding out the episode from yesterday-which I haven't seen yet-is the season finale and may be the series finale if it doesn't get picked up. *sad sigh*)

How I Met Your Mother-sooo good!!! I loved asking Barney all the questions (and his vengeance!!! Legen-waitforitforasuperlongtime-DARY!) and all of the stuff with the Mother being in labor with Luke (!!!-does this mean the daughter is named Leia?) I do not like Lily's behavior over the whole Rome vs. Judge issue (although Marshall did make a very harsh comment-may or may not be true, either way-harsh.)

Teen Wolf-What is Kira? I hope Scott lets the twins into his pack. What did Derek's mom say? Even though I want Allison and Scott together I do adore Isaac. And...yepp.

Supernatural-I LOVED this episode. Some super good (and quotable) moments with Crowley and Cas (all the PB&J stuff in particular). Some lovely thoughtful moments. And I really enjoyed all the stuff with Cain, it's sad, but cool. I'm curious about what the price of having the mark of Cain will be for Dean, though.

Pretty Little Liars-Gahhhh nooo I want Caleb back buut...I mean...Travis is nice too....gosh darn it, leave it to PLL to make every single guy option awesome. There are not nearly that many perfect guys in such a close radius to each other in the real world. Aaand...I've said it once and I'll say it again...I know that apparently Ezra is bad or whatever but I still like him! And I am just so unsure of where the storyline with Ali is going...this is just so ridiculously far from the books at this point...

The Originals-I'm super sad about the poor dead little witches (esp. Davina) and that Elijah and Hayley didn't kiss. I'm very intrigued and confused by the witches that WERE risen and WHY IN THE HECK CELESTE IS APPARENTLY SIOBHAN?!

Criminal Minds-JJ!! WHAT IS GOING ON?!

Law & Order: SVU-I like Olivia as sergeant but I am getting annoyyyed with Rollins and Amaro's crap.

Parenthood-So much crying. I really want the distance to make Joel miss home and come baaaack!

The Vampire Diaries-Things I liked: Caroline and Klaus getting it onnn. Alaric and Vicky checking in via the other side. Stefan and Elena being all forgive-y and such. Things I did not like: Damon and Elena seeming like they're gonna get back together/Stefan and Elena making no moves to getting back together, and KATHERINE EFFING HIJACKING ELENA'S BODY!! Just when ya think she's dead....grr

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