Saturday, October 26, 2013

Something Saturdays (10/26/13)

Other Supernatural fans: ever wonder about Adam? He was a d-bag so I don't even care. Humph.

Speaking of Supernatural...OMG (Michael saw this as a solicitation to sell at the comic store/company he works for and I WANT THEM!)

Oh and Guess what? Divine Chocolate has launched a “World of Divine” photo competition--and we can all enter!

Just submit a photo with a short caption describing where you can find/buy or enjoy Divine and your photo will be entered into the World of Divine photo competition. Grand Prize winner receives a new iPod Touch and runners-up will receive a gift basket of Divine chocolate favorites.

There are four different ways to enter your photo (and you can enter as many times as you want!):
1) Enter via the World of Divine Facebook App here: 
2) Or, enter via Divine’s website here:
3) Or, enter via Twitter mentioning @DivineChocUSA and including the hash tag #WorldofDivine
4) Or, enter via Instagram tagging @DivineChocolateUSA and including the hash tag #WorldofDivine

Super fun, right??! Good luck all!!

Posts from this week

Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
This is the End-this is that movie starring a bunch of comedic actors playing themselves during the end of the world...and it was pretty hilarious. I especially enjoyed that The Backstreet Boys were singing in heaven....sounds about right :P

Once Upon A Time-Here's what I like about Peter Pan being the pied piper: he's playing a pan flute...get it?? I'm curious to find out more about his and Rumple's history. It completely blows, though, that Neal had Henry and then lost him again...ugh. And THEN he became looost and could hear the music. Gah!

How I Met Your Mother-Yeahhh, I like Robin & Barney's story too. Even more so...I like seeing it with Marshall and Lily pretending to be them...hehehe.

Supernatural-Whoa. Castiel got laid. Craziness. Annndd what the eff is up with Ezekiel?? I'm so just like....unsure of what's going on. And super sad poor Cas is getting kicked out :(

Criminal Minds-aaaand this ep. made me cry. And not even cuz of the Hotch stuff, but because of the criminal father/daughter final scene. I just....I can't.

The Originals-what is up with all the people after Haley? Is it her were-family?? And what's the deal with Cami's brother who like murdered all those seminary students? And how is Elijah up and about...that feels very continuity error-esque....but I like Klaus' paternal side, and I like how nice he is to Cami. So that's all good.

Law & Order:SVU-well this episode was obvious in what it was referencing in the real world. I liked learning more about Barba though, he might be my fave ADA that they've had.

Modern Family-hehee I love the new "Manny!"

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland-I loved learning Will's origin story! And I KNEW his "Anastasia" was the red queen!...well...I mean I knew it during the course of this episode anyway. And, lastly, poor Grendel.

Parenthood-Max has it tough. And awwwww Ryan!

The Vampire Diaries-WHAT IS THAT DOCTOR'S DEAL??! And yay Tyler's back (although it doesn't seem permanent?) and the Bonnie funeral blah blah blah ELENA YOU ARE SUCH AN IDIOT FOR BREAKING UP WITH STEFAN HE LOVES YOU EVEN WITHOUT HIS MEMORY AGHHHHH! That one almost kiss they had was more exciting than like anything she has with Damon ever. I love ya Damon but not for Elenaaaa.

Reign-I'm still a little unsure, but so far I'm liking the show. I want a happy ending for Mary (and Francis) so badly, though, and it stinks because I know it ends up going.
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