Monday, October 28, 2013

Over EASY Eggs

Over EASY Eggs
Over EASY eggs...get it? Because...they're over easy eggs but they're EASY over easy eggs...get it...yeah?

Ok. Good. I thought it was funny. Maybe just me. Whatevs.
Over EASY Eggs
Fun story: before I could cook, I could make eggs. That I was able to do. And I learned to make over easy eggs by watching my mom and dad. You see, every Saturday morning was pancakes, and every Sunday morning was over easy eggs or "dippy eggs" as they were called in my household (because we dipped toast in the yolks...get it?) I've heard of people flipping eggs to make them over easy or whatever, but that's risky. I was taught this method because it is easy, virtually foolproof, and awesome.

Now, I can't eat eggs anymore (used to love em, now they make me sick. I have no clue what is wrong with me) but Michael isn't crazy like me, so I can still flex my egg-making skills for him. And now you'll be able to say you can make eggs as well as a 10 year old Kayle. Oh yeah.

 Over EASY Eggs

Author: Kayle, "The Cooking Actress"

Over EASY Eggs
  • non-stick cooking spray
  • egg(s)
  • water
  • Heat a skillet, sprayed with non-stick cooking spray, over medium-high heat. It will be hot enough when a drop of water dances on the skillet.
  • Crack and drop egg(s) onto the hot skillet. Reduce heat to medium/medium-low. Immediately pour a little water in the skillet and cover with a lid, allowing the steam to cook the tops of the eggs. Add more water as necessary until the yolks have a film over them. (Be careful not to overcook or you'll have hard boiled eggs.) (EDIT-some nonstick skillets don't even need water to be poured in, the steam that naturally occurs will cook the tops on its own).
  • Serve with toast.
Over EASY Eggs
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