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Vimbly and 180 Neapolitan Pizza Making Class Review

Vimbly and 180 Neapolitan Pizza Making Class Review
Oh my goooodness you guys, I had the opportunity to do one of the coolest things I've done in my lifetime.

Thanks to this super cool meetup group I'm a part of, Food Bloggers in NYC (created by my girl Mallory, of total noms), me and a small group of other food bloggers were given the opportunity to take part in a Neapolitan Pizza class at 180 Neapolitan Eatery. We booked the class through Vimbly (SUCH a cool and easy way to book fun things to do in NYC, plus Phoebe, one of their interns, came along on the class and she was such a sweetie and so much fun, and she made sure we were taken care of!)

The class was held in this adorable, authentic Italian restaurant in the heart of Little Italy. Our instructors were Nicole (a girl who's been raised on this stuff and trained in the best restaurants in the city) and Chef Chris Nirschel (Food Network's "culinary bad boy"...yes we all teased him about his nickname. He was super cool, and funny, and down to earth considering he's pretttyyyy famous lol). And there were 8 of us food bloggers (plus Phoebe) sitting down to learn from the masters all about the magical ways of Neapolitan pizza.
Vimbly and 180 Neapolitan Pizza Making Class Review
After some wine (for the wine drinkers) and chit chat, we got to learn all the secrets. We were taught step by step how to take some 00 flour, water, and yeast to make the dough. Once it was kneaded and such, all perfect, we put our little dough balls in to-go containers to be able to use our dough to try out pizza at home! Then we were given some dough that had already been given time to rest and we were taught what to do with that...and some people attempted the air toss (which we learned is unnecessary but sort of fun I suppose? I'm a play-it-safe-er, no tossing for me! Lol)
Vimbly and 180 Neapolitan Pizza Making Class Review
Fun tip learned: traditional sauce for the pizza is just some San Marzano tomatoes blended with basil. No cooking. Tastes so fresh and perfect! I've already done it at home and am in love with it. 
Vimbly and 180 Neapolitan Pizza Making Class Review

Just a little sauce, some cow's milk mozzarella, basil, 90 seconds in the hot hot wood oven and boom! GORGEOUS pizza!! (Marco, the man who cooked our pizzas, complimented mine especially. I was pretty much glowing with pride).
Vimbly and 180 Neapolitan Pizza Making Class Review
Pretty delicious. Mmmm pizza. This is my favorite.
Vimbly and 180 Neapolitan Pizza Making Class Review
It was such an amazing experience-the class was fun, informative, and it could not have been with better people. Perfect, really. We all agreed it was just the best class ever! 

Nicole later shared with us her sheet for secrets to making the pizza, so I thought I'd share with you as well:

Vimbly and 180 Neapolitan Pizza Making Class Review
And later, I used some of my dough (too big for my pizza stone so I split the dough in half) to try to make the pizza at home. Obviously my oven can't get hot enough but still...pretty darn good!
Vimbly and 180 Neapolitan Pizza Making Class Review
aaaand I was even able to, to a degree, recreate the entire process, even making the dough at home (I used all purpose flour instead of 00 and it worked out pretty well!)

Disclaimer-Our group of food bloggers were treated to a complimentary class by Vimbly and 180. We were under no obligation to provide a positive review. All opinions, as always, are my own.


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