Saturday, July 20, 2013

Something Saturdays (7/20/13)

*Phew* I'm finally all back and settled into my normal routine guys, yay! I want to send out another BIG thank you to the 3 amazing ladies I had guest post for me while I was a busy bee: Kristin/Baker Bettie, Hayley/The Domestic Rebel, and Stephie of Eat Your Heart Out! Love you girls!

Ok let's sum up my trip, shall we? I found out a few days before flying out that I was going to be on the same flight as one of my childhood best friends (who recently moved to NYC), Molly. So we made sure we booked seats next to each other and we had such a fun flight because of it! Then I went to my mom's house with her and a bit later my brother and his new girlfriend came over so I could meet her, and we all got some lunch, ran an errand, then came back and proceeded to play Super Nintendo and watch home movies. Good times. We finished the night with dinner with my dad and his parents (hooray steak!) Wednesday was doctor's visits, a haircut, and general running around/bonding time with my mom (and she may have bought me some new clothes from Plato's Closet XD) Then I got to meet up with my best friend Alex and go get dinner with her, then we just hung out a bit. Thursday was lunch with my 3rd cousin Kayla, then another doctor's appointment, then going to my grandma's to see my mom's side of the family (and hold my ADORABLE new 3 week old 2nd cousin-cousin's daughter-, Sophia!) Friday I hung out at Michael's mom's with her and Michael's best friend, David, and his twins Kate and Evie, and then I spent the rest of the time just being with my mom :) Saturday I rode up to Lake Conneaut with Michael's stepmom Jeanne and we met up with his other family members (and, once his dad had picked him up from the bus, Michael too). It was a whirlwind of fun and traditions and I loved every second of it--I haven't been on this annual family vacation of theirs since Michael and I had just gotten together, so 4 years ago (I know, he asked me to go after only like a week or so of dating! We're crazy like that). Then on Monday night we took the 11:45 PM bus back to NYC, arriving at 8:30 AM (WHICH WAS THE WORST IDEA EVER! Ugh it was freezing and uncomfortable and we just did not sleep so well). AAAnd yeah. That about sums it up. I love our families and friends and had an awesome time. :)

Actors That Should Play Disney Princes In Real Life-YESS. Especially for Prince Eric and Beast (OMG DROGO AND BEAST AS THE SAME PERSON??! <3 <3 <3)

OMG you guys...have you tried these Girl Scout cookie flavored Nestle Crunch Bars yet??! They're my 3 fave girl scout cookies, (Peanut Butter Patties, Thin Mints, and Samoas) made into wafer/candy bars. And they are PHENOMENAL! Seriously...the flavors are spot on. I'm in love. (P.S. thanks mom for buying these for me from Rite Aid when we were out and you! :P)

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I trust Averie so even though I swore off avocado brownies...maybe I'll reconsider.
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Movies/TV Talk (assume there'll be spoilers)
True Blood-I'm so sad that 3 of the 4 fairy girls died :( Also...I'm sort of reconsidering all my feeling about Warlow. I kinda like him now. And omg Sookie's dead dad is craaaazy!

Dexter-Man...just...ugh. I'm super worried about Deb and Dexter right now. Also-cannibal, ewww.

Teen Wolf-Ok I laughed so hard during Stiles and Danny's "dream" conversation. I'm super over this Alpha pack business, however, and am so sad that Derek was like forced to kill Boyd :(

Goodwin Games-Awww this episode was pretty sweet :)


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