Saturday, February 16, 2013

Something Saturdays (2/16/13)

Hi you guys!!

So, this was a big week! First I had the Walker's Shortbread Challenge, and won that so-yay! I will be doing a full post about the event as soon as I can, but here's a lil sneak peek:
Susan, The Girl in the Little Red Kitchen, me, and Mallory from Total Noms! Love these girls!

Anyway, then, Tuesday was Fat Tuesday, Wednesday was Ash Wednesday/the beginning of Lent. Michael and I, as usual, are trying to give up cursing (I am not doing so well so far...I keep forgetting!), and I'm trying to just be better in general about other stuff. What are you guys doing for Lent (if you celebrate it)?

And Thursday was Valentine's Day! I hope you all, single or steady, had a great day! Michael and I are celebrating Sunday, so I still have my day to look forward to :) What did you guys do?

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Garlic Chicken
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Caramel Corn Chocolate Chip Cookies (Averie Cooks)
I just....can't......I WANT.
Ricotta Meatballs (Sarcastic Cooking)
These meatballs look incredible!
Chicken and Biscuit Waffles (The Little Kitchen)
I just think this looks amazing.

Movies/TV Talk
I finally saw Wreck-It Ralph! The first time we ever saw a preview Michael was super stoked to see it and I really really wanted to, too! And we finally did. It was awesome, super cute, great characters, great story, and even some fun little plot twists that I didn't see coming. Definitely lived up to all my expectations-and now it's on our list of movies we want. :P

Once Upon A Time-Ahhhh I adore this show. You guys, Jack's a girl! (And for people who watched Smallville & The Vampire Diaries you know this girl as Tess or Sage). And from a giant to a "dwarf"-I like Tiny :). Also omg omg omg-do you think Rumple's son is Emma's baby daddy??!

Girls-I don't even know what to say about this episode, I am so confused by it.

How I Met Your Mother-Mike Tyson is in everything lately. Weird.

Cougar Town-Fact. Kisses solve all problems.

Pretty Little Liars-What the fudgsicle??! (SPOILERS) Aria why did you lean in to kiss Wes??! OMG Jason fell down an elevator shaft-that was freaky. And now he's somehow missing?? Spencer lost it on Mona. Daddy issues for Caleb. Not to mention Cece isn't even a character in the books so I have no idea what her deal is. And what was with that twisted A game of spin the bottle?

Supernatural-I'm so happy that Dean finally had a room. I love him in his cute little "nesting" mode. He is just the sweetest big brother, and I'm sad that he's sad about this whole Sam/trials business.

Law & Order:SVU-It's official. My mind is blown.

Modern Family-So funny! Esp. the nose bleed and all the Cam/Mitch/Lilly stuff.

The Office-I want Angela and Dwight back together. Also, Andy's insane. Also, omg the realty Michael Scott. And I hope Pam & Jim can work stuff out :( And finally, how great was it seeing the ad for the documentary they've been making? Awesome.

Glee-So much stuff happening! (SPOILERS) Hey, Ali from the Glee Project (as the blonde wheelchair girl)! YAYY Kurt/Blaine hooking up! Yay-Kurt telling Tina that she's lost it and "vapo-raped" Blaine! Boo Emma left Will at the altar :(. And it's super weird how everyone else is so self centered they still go on with the reception and worry about their issues and sing love songs and it's like "Um...LEFT AT THE ALTAR?!" I do like the Finchel end game, however. I'm not a big fan of what's going on with Marley and Jake and Ryder. And Quinn and Santana? Weeeeird. And um is Brody and escort?? PREGNANCY TEST??!!

The Vampire Diaries-(SPOILERS) Ok, so on one hand, I'm not surprised that there's only 1 dose of the cure. However, the original 5 seemed to think the cure would rid the world of vampires sooo...did they just not know there was only 1 dose, then? Seems pretty irresponsible of whoever educated those hunters, to me. There was a lot of really sad stuff but all I can really think to say right now is: NOOOO JEREMYYYYYYYYYYY!

The Big Bang Theory-Sheldon's craze-o but funny :) And I can't wait for the day Penny sweeps Leonard off his feet lol.
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