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Easy-NO ICE CREAM MAKER-2 Ingredient Ice Cream-Take 2: Holiday Recipe Exchange: Week 11 (Vanilla/Vanilla Beans)

Ice cream is okay.

I mean, it's good. I like it. It's just...
I could have chocolate instead.

Don't get me wrong, sometimes that mood hits me and I really want some ice cream like right that second. But in general, there are desserts I'd prefer (like this or this.)

The boy, however, he loves him some ice cream.
It's a part of that whole "refreshing" obsession he seems to have.

Anyway, I'm becoming a big fan of having as much of stuff I make be as homemade as possible. 

Then I saw something about ways to make ice cream with only 2 ingredients (plus mix-ins). Then I saw it again. I was intrigued. Not only because of the short ingredient list, but also-it requires no ice cream maker of any sort. Which is good, because I don't have one (still holding out on getting that KitchenAid Stand Mixer someday, then the ice cream attachment :P)

I had a recipe for a mixed berry milkshake I had been planning to make for Michael (like the nice girlfriend I am). And I decided that was the perfect time to attempt this ice cream.

I only needed vanilla ice cream for the milkshake (as opposed to the various different flavors I'd read about)-so I decided adding some vanilla extract to the base would create what I was looking for.
It worked!
It's awesome. Doesn't taste different than any other ice cream. 
I'm super excited to attempt the different, fun kinds!

(oh, and the boy approved)

(Holiday Recipe Exchange posts: Week 1 Parts 1 and 2, Week 3, Week Six, Week Seven, Week Nine , and Week 10 Parts 1 and 2,Week 11 Parts 1 and 2, and Week 12 Part 1)

2 Ingredient Vanilla Ice Cream

Easy-NO ICE CREAM MAKER-2 Ingredient Ice Cream

  • 14 oz. can sweetened condensed milk
  • 2 cups heavy whipping cream
  • Whatever add-ins you desire (in this case about 2 teaspoons vanilla extract or 1 vanilla bean)
  • Whisk condensed milk with whatever add-ins you may have.
  • Whip heavy cream until stiff peaks form.
  • Fold whipped cream in to the condensed milk.
  • Transfer to an airtight container and store in freezer (at least 6 hours)

Easy-NO ICE CREAM MAKER-2 Ingredient Ice Cream

Come join the fun at the My Baking Addiction and GoodLife Eats Holiday Recipe Swap sponsored by Beanilla.

Update: I made Michael and myself some peanut butter, chocolate chip ice cream. I just guessed at the amounts of peanut butter and dark chocolate chips that I mixed in to the sweetened condensed milk. It is DELICIOUS! Michael freaked out. Look at the beautiousness.
Easy-NO ICE CREAM MAKER-2 Ingredient Ice Cream

AND--This photo has been featured on Dessert Stalking . Yay!

ALSO-- I now made strawberry ice cream by mixing strawberry preserves in with the sweetened condensed milk. (and later-per Michael's request) stirred some chocolate chips in, as well)
Easy-NO ICE CREAM MAKER-2 Ingredient Ice Cream

AND--I made dark chocolate ice cream by melting dark chocolate chips and mixing into the sweetened condensed milk. Then, after folding in the whipped cream, I also added some solid dark chocolate chips.
Easy-NO ICE CREAM MAKER-2 Ingredient Ice Cream

AAAAND-I made coffee ice cream by dissolving instant coffee granules in a little milk and adding that and some sugar to the sweetened condensed milk. Depending on preference play around with adding more sweetness to balance the coffee. Serve with chocolate syrup for mocha :)
Easy-NO ICE CREAM MAKER-2 Ingredient Ice Cream

And the super easy option of vanilla + crushed candy bars
Easy-NO ICE CREAM MAKER-2 Ingredient Ice Cream

AND the amazing Browned Butter Pecan Ice Cream--brown 4-8 tbsp. (depending on your capacity for richness) unsalted butter. Toast pecans and chop. Cool the browned butter and pecans, then combine with sweetened condensed milk. Do the rest the same. SO YUMMY.
Easy-NO ICE CREAM MAKER-2 Ingredient Ice Cream
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I love it when you try & want to share recipes you found here! Please just rewrite in your own words, use your own photos, & always link back to me! Thanks!

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